Jim Terry
Too much candy
By Jim Terry
October 20, 2012

The second presidential debate is behind us, and, as we knew would happen, the mainstream media has proclaimed the incumbent president the winner.

When you handicap the debate, however, Mitt Romney was clearly the winner. He performed wonderfully against his two opponents. And, once again, he and we caught President Barrack Obama in a lie-a big lie.

The other opponent, Atetoomuch Candy Crowley, the pretend moderator of the debate, wasn't even subtle in her role as Romney's other opponent: she interrupted Mitt 28 times, Obama 9 times; she allowed Obama three minutes more than Romney; and she defended Obama's answer to a question on Libya. And it was the question that called out Obama's, and Crowley's lies.

It wasn't really necessary to take up the president's challenge to "read the transcript" of his Rose Garden statement the morning after the terrorist attack on the American consulate in Benghazi. Obama said that he had called the attack an act of terror in that statement. Romney disagreed. Nevertheless, he challenged Romney to read the transcript.

Atetoomuch Candy chastised Mitt at this point and called a foul on his assertion that Obama had not called the attack a terrorist attack until about two weeks later. She became the instant fact checker and ruled the president was correct in his assertion that he had called the attack an act of terror.

Never mind that Obama's administration, within ten days of the attack, began running ads on Pakistan television apologizing to Muslims for the American made Youtube movie which they found offensive-an ad which cost American taxpayers $70,000- and the premise on which Obama blamed the attack in Benghazi. And he set up that premise in his day-after statement in the Rose

Garden when he stated in the fourth paragraph of his speech:
    Since our founding, the United States has been a nation that respects all faiths. We reject all efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others.
So, how did Obama characterize the attack in his Rose Garden performance? Obama, with the pre-accepting total blame Secretary of State Hillary Clinton standing beside, read his script in a serious manner. He called the attack "outrageous and shocking," "senseless violence," and "brutal acts."

Obama went on to mention that the day of the attack was the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the United States and how he had gone to Arlington Cemetery to honor America's heroes and to Walter Reed Hospital to visit wounded soldiers. Then, with no direct tie to the previous day's event, he stated, "No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation..."

The highlight of the debate for Obama was his cowardly attack on Romney in his last two minute statement, which he knew could not be rebutted under the rules, when he got in the infamous 47% Romney comment his minions at ABC, NBS, CBS, PBS, Washington Post, NY Times-aka the mainstream media- have been coaxing him to unload on Romney since the first debate. Obama finally dropped the 47% nuclear bomb on Romney.

But when the smoke cleared; when the radiation fog lifted; and when the mainstream media began to write their stories of the Great One's overwhelming victory in the debate, they didn't write much about how Obama nuked Romney.

Their story got interrupted when Atetoomuch Candy made a comment about her previous night's defense of Obama. Their story got interrupted when Atetoomuch Candy admitted that she was wrong in her defense of Obama and that he, indeed, did not brand the attack on the Libyan consulate a terrorist attack in his day-after speech. She confirmed that the president, once again, lied to America and her attempted cover up of that lie was inaccurate.

What we have read about the most since the debate is how Romney's two opponents were caught in a lie and cover up-not about Obama's 47% nuclear attack on Romney.

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Jim Terry

Jim Terry has worked in Republican grassroots politics for 40 years. Terry was an administrative assistant to a Republican elected official in Dallas for twenty years. In 1996, he ran for and was elected to Justice Court 2 in Dallas County where he served eight years. Contact Jim at tr4guy62@yahoo.com


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