Jim Terry
More Democrat hackery
By Jim Terry
August 12, 2016

During its 108 year history, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has been looked up to by most Americans-most law abiding Americans.

Just as he has politicized, or made irrelevant, most American institutions, such as the Constitution of the United States, Barack Obama has managed to turn the FBI into just another political joke over the matter of Hillary Clinton's private email server. The office of President, the Internal Revenue Service, the entire Department of Justice (DOJ), and now the FBI, under James "Homie" Comey, are now just political machines of the democrats.

The bright spot many politicians, news analysts, and aware Americans saw was the director of the FBI, James Comey, who they thought wouldn't allow that agency to be dictated by politics. They also thought the many career law enforcers of the FBI, who had pride in the ability of that organization to steer clear of politics, would keep it on the level. Apparently, they were wrong.

Obama's second attorney general, Loretta Lynch, in her short time as head of the nation's law enforcement agency, has moved the DOJ further into the role of a left wing political agenda enforcer than her predecessor, Eric Holder.

As the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton's fraudulent term as secretary of state drew to a close, most legal experts saw an indictment on the horizon, based on facts that had been leaked to the press over the past year.

But, things happened, and things turned out differently. A criminal skates, and a once highly respected government bureaucrat turns out to be nothing more than a political lackey.

Thing number one:

On Monday, June 27 (some news accounts say the meeting took place on Tuesday, June 28), Bill Clinton, husband of the mendaciously challenged Hillary Clinton, was in Phoenix, Arizona, at Sky Harbor Airport. Attorney General Loretta Lynch flew into Phoenix from a meeting in Baltimore. Philandering Bill, with assistance from the FBI, boarded Lynch's airplane for a friendly chat. Both have admitted the meeting took place. Both have said the discussion they had was about grandchildren.

There is no reason to believe Lynch about the content of the friendly chat. She refused to tell congress whether it is legal or not legal to lie under oath. And, Philandering Bill is a documented liar-he lied under oath, then admitted he had lied under oath. So, how much was Lynch enriched, or what promises were made in that coincidental meeting in Phoenix?

Liberals, and these two are liberals, have no problem looking people in the eye and lying. Morality of liberals is measured by the answer to this question: Will whatever I do or say help me achieve my goal?

Thing number two:

On July 5, eight days after that chance meeting between Philandering Bill and Lying Loretta, FBI director James "Homie' Comey held a news conference outlining the evidence the FBI had discovered in its year long investigation of Hillary. He said, "...there is evidence of potential violation of statutes." Clinton and her staff, "...were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information," he added. His explanation was more of a technical explanation of what was investigated and how it was investigated. In the end, Comey said, "...our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case." Comey probably meant to say that no corrupt prosecutor would bring such a case.

Two days later, Comey appeared before a House committee to answer questions about the FBI investigation of Clinton. There, while he still maintained there was not evidence to prosecute Hillary, he revealed what a liar she is. Clinton told congress there were no classified emails on her private server- lie. Clinton told congress that she did not email any classified material to anyone on her email- lie. Clinton told congress she had used only one email device-lie. Clinton told congress she had returned all work related emails to the State Department-lie. Clinton told congress her lawyers had read all her emails-lie.

What did James "Homie" Comey get out of this deal? Continued rebukes from Hillary in the form of her interpretation of what he said, which includes more lies. And, he got a reputation as either: another Washington political hack; or another Clinton gull.

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