Birth of the anti-American American: why some Americans no longer believe in victory or America
By Toby Westerman
December 9, 2009

Americans may wonder how the freedom-loving "shining city on a hill" of former U.S. President Ronald Reagan produced a presidential administration which is ambivalent regarding victory, informs our enemies when we will be leaving the battlefield, and which identifies so closely with Communist tyrants Mao Zedong and Hugo Chavez.

There is a clear answer. America did not always produce citizens who loathed the nation and identified with mass murders and dictators. The America-hating elite of the Obama administration is part of an ongoing process to turn America against itself.

It is a process which also produces a nexus of propaganda and espionage. The two are never far apart.

The process which results in the anti-American American began with the efforts of a truly evil genius who killed millions of his own countrymen, and his close protégé, the pioneer of the modern propaganda campaign, who, incidentally, also became personally wealthy from anti-capitalist disinformation.

Until around 1920, the United States of America was the universally acknowledged land of opportunity and beacon of freedom to the world. While certainly not perfect, America stood out proudly from the social chaos and dictatorial regimes which held sway over much of the earth.

While the promise of America made life more difficult for oppressive political elites around the world, only one dictatorial leader decided to take action.

Shortly after the communist seizure of power in Russia in 1917, Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin commissioned a tough fellow revolutionary, Willi Münzenberg, to establish a propaganda network in the West, with the United States as one of its prime targets.

The message Lenin wanted spread around the world included the concept of revolution carried out by a trained, politically correct elite.

Lenin was the first Marxist to demand that revolution be led by a trained cadre of communists. In other words, the "masses" must be led by those who demonstrate correct thinking, and, in 1902, he published What is to be Done?, in which he advocated revolution led by an uncompromising elite. Lenin had implicitly broken with Marx's idea of inevitable class insurrection.

Socialism would never be the same, nor would the world. Lenin's idea of a revolutionary elite spread among Russian revolutionaries, and Lenin's followers claimed to be the majority of Russia's revolutionary socialists, in Russian, the Bolsheviks.

Around the world, including the United States, all socialists, even non-violent socialists, have adopted Lenin's political elitism. The uninformed "masses" must be guided.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Lenin's elitism is its unassailable self-righteousness accompanied by a missionary-like zeal. For Lenin's elite, the end justifies any and all means to obtain communism's ultimate victory.

Along with political elitism, Lenin demanded that religion, if it was allowed to exist, would serve the state. Today's socialists/communists around the world similarly seek religious submission to the demands of government. In the United States, the attack on personal conscience regarding abortion is one example of socialism demanding primacy over belief.

After the Bolsheviks came to power in 1917 and finally destroyed all attempts at counter-revolution , Lenin realized that he needed to both change the image of the Russian communist government and spread the message of Marxist-Leninist ideology.

Both Lenin and Münzenberg were keenly aware of the power of the emerging media, especially the development of film presentations. Münzenberg's network quickly grew and spread into the United States. Lenin's revolution and policies were presented in the best light possible — mass murders and imprisonments were ignored — and anti-communist governments were assailed.

In the United States, Münzenberg's network worked to attack every social defect. The admittedly flawed 1920 murder trial of two Italian born anarchists, Fernando Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti, became the vehicle for the first truly world-wide anti-American propaganda campaign.

Accusations of prosecutorial misconduct and anti-Italian bias marred the trial, but provided Münzenberg with a propaganda bonanza. The Münzenberg network worked unceasingly to tarnish the image of the United States around the world, and when Sacco and Vanzetti were execution in 1927, riots erupted from London to Tokyo. America's beacon of freedom now shone less brightly.

Münzenberg's propaganda empire made him the "Red Millionaire." His financial success and influential communist propaganda, however, earned him enemies in western Europe and Josef Stalin's Soviet Union. Münzenberg was murdered by person or persons unknown in France in 1940. The propaganda machine founded by Münzenberg, however, outlived him, and took on a life of its own, a kind of Frankenstein's Monster of propaganda, lies, and distortions, most of which was firmly targeted at the United States.

The later propaganda campaign on behalf of atomic spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, the decades-long attempt to protect the reputation of communist perjurer Alger Hiss, and the present world-wide battle being staged by Cuba to free its convicted spies held in the United States ("Free the Five") are all based upon Münzenberg's use of Sacco and Vanzetti.

The most damaging aspect of Lenin's attack on the United States is what is referred to a as "The Politics of Self-Loathing," in Lies, Terror, and the Rise of the Neo-Communist Empire: Origins and Direction. In many ways Lenin's anti-American propaganda has become part of American life.

Generations of literary, film, and theater artists, as well as academics, school teachers, and journalists have accepted and propagated the line of hostility to America which extends back to Lenin and his revolutionary elitism.

This anti-American campaign also produced individuals willing to injure the security of the United States in favor of Communist powers. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were part of a very large international espionage effort to supply the Soviet Union with information that gave Moscow the ability to build atomic weapons. When Josef Stalin's Soviet Union finally tested its own atomic bomb in August 1949, the U.S. monopoly on nuclear weapons was broken, and Stalin felt confident enough to give his support to North Korea's attack on South Korea, which was launched on June 25, 1950.

Without atomic weapons, Stalin felt that he would not have had the ability to counter any possible nuclear threat from the U.S. after a North Korean invasion. Through the actions of the Rosenbergs and many other pro-Soviet and anti-American spies, Moscow was able to develop nuclear weapons and give its backing to a war which eventually killed more than 30,000 Americans.

More recently, anti-American propaganda enabled Communist Cuban recruiters to obtain the services of Ana Belen Montes, an influential Defense Department Analyst, who admitted in 2001 that she was spying for Cuba, and Walter Kendall Myers, a State Department veteran, and his wife, Gwendolyn, who plead guilty in 2009 to serving Cuban intelligence for thirty years.

The similarity of the anti-American theme is striking: the the source of the world's problems, society must be transformed with wealth spread more equitably, all opposition must be silenced, and God must be banished from the market place of ideas. It began with Lenin, initially propagated by Münzenberg, and continues to this day.

The theme of America, a land of racism and greed, as the perpetrator of evil around the world is an accepted secular gospel to many Americans. To protect the world, some "liberals" advocate the surrender of American sovereignty to an all-powerful world Socialist/Communist government.

God, the necessary author of all "human rights," has been ejected from nearly all political discussion, and all reference to social morality, which underpins everything we do as a nation.

Because most private and public schools are more interested in advocating "politically correct" modes of thinking than teaching even an elementary knowledge of America and its past , many young adults share "liberal" misconceptions about our nation, its institutions, and history.

Lenin's plan, to a remarkable extent, has been successful. America's liberals remain lost in a web of lies and misinformation which sprung decades ago from a now defunct communist system. Socialism/communism has never worked, it is not working now for the Obama administration, and it will never work.

The necessary truth is that all "human rights" come from the God who loves us — what the state gives, the state can take away. Absolute "rights" can come only from an absolute authority — God. The state is a necessary evil which must be kept within strict bounds.

How did Anti-Ameican American journalists help Communist dictatorships in Russia (even before the establishment of the Soviet Union), China, and Cuba get a "good press" in the United States? Read LIES, TERROR, AND THE RISE OF THE NEO-COMMUNIST EMPIRE: ORIGINS AND DIRECTION.



By Toby Westerman.

The author reveals the origins and direction of the terror alliance between militant Islam, resurgent neo-communist nations and revolutionary groups. This work focuses on questions the media dare not ask, including:
Who controls Russia? Did the Cold War really end? Is it possible to negotiate with radical Islam? How does radical Islam work with neo-communist nations and rebel groups? What does history teach us? Westerman's book is essential reading for these times.


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Toby Westerman

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