Arlen Williams
Barack Obama -- 'the future of this movement'
By Arlen Williams
January 18, 2009

While some of Obama's moves may be viewed as "liberal" and others as "moderate," or even "conservative," by America's self-confident pundits, essentially, there are only two objectives he must meet, to be a successful neo-Marxist, neo-Fascist (albeit, fictitious) president:

  1. Continue to build the armies of the "proletariat" and their movement comrades

  2. Continue to increase governmental control of some businesses, especially in big business, while imposing punitive taxes and regulations upon others, especially the SMB's (small to midsized businesses) of the "bourgeoisie"

The following email from this man and this movement is chiefly about the former. Remember, as he told his followers on that eerie night of his acceptance speech, this may be a long process, before ultimate goals are attained.

    Saturday, January 17, 2009 12:57 PM
    From: "Barack Obama"
    To: "XXX"


    I have some exciting news to share about the future of this grassroots movement.

    I recorded a personal message for you. Please take a minute to watch the video:

    What you built can't stop now. Together with our partners at the Democratic National Committee and its new chairman, Governor Tim Kaine, this movement will continue organizing and bringing new people into the political process.

    The challenges facing our country are too great, and our journey to change America is just beginning.

    I look forward to working side-by-side with you in the months and years ahead.



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