Harold Witkov
Get ready for split screen coverage of the Republican Convention
By Harold Witkov
August 29, 2012

I heard Wolf Blitzer "lamenting" yesterday (Monday) that when Isaac hits shore CNN just might have to go split screen coverage during the Republican Convention.

Oh heavenly gift from above! Who needs Biden heckling Romney shouting distance from the convention center when you can have Isaac split screen with Romney delivering his acceptance speech!

Well, I guess, the media has to do what the media has to do.

Like the time of the BP Deepwater Horizon explosion, and the wellhead oil leak that gushed unabated from the Gulf floor for months? The television networks hooked up to the live feed and showed "spillcam" on their news stories. Hey! How about a live interview with a high ranking BP official? How about an important presidential speech on the subject? How about let's do them split screen with the gushing crude! It was powerful, it was relentless, and with the help of the liberal media, it unfairly helped shape American public opinion against oil, the world's most valued and most necessary source of energy.

Personally, I love the split screen. I love it so much, I hope we will have it at the Democratic National Convention. There are lots of ongoing news stories just as important as Isaac. Let's see, we have 16 trillion dollars of debt, and it keeps growing and growing. We have southern borders that are not secure and being overrun. We have a domestic energy problem. We have the Iranians developing nuclear weapons. And, we have a horrible unemployment situation.

Perhaps, just perhaps, the media could do split screen of our President while at the podium at the National Democratic Convention. For instance:

How about a split screen of the President with the National Debt Clock?

How about a split screen of the President with a live feed of gun runners and drug dealers crossing into Arizona?

How about a split screen of the President with a live feed of the Keystone Pipeline not being built? Or a live feed of gas pump prices from around the country?

How about a split screen of the President with a live feed from an underground Iranian weapons facility?

How about a split screen of the President with winding lines of people at unemployment insurance offices?

As I stated earlier, I love the split screen. I just hope I get to see it at the Democratic Convention as well.

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