Harold Witkov
The Netanyahu speech
By Harold Witkov
March 3, 2015

Today, Benjamin Netanyahu will speak bluntly before a joint session of Congress about Iran, a nation that denies the Holocaust and calls for the destruction of Israel. He will share with Congress his fears regarding the danger that a nuclear-armed Iran would pose to his nation, and the likelihood of it happening due to the course being chartered by the present White House. Benjamin Netanyahu is here today to speak on behalf of the Jewish people and Israel, and at the invitation of John Boehner. What he is doing is exemplary. But there are those in power in this country who would have him not speak.

They are the ones who told us he is only coming to help his election campaign in Israel. They are the ones who told us he was wrong about Iraq. They are the ones who told us he broke protocol. They are the ones who told us they won't meet with him. They are the ones who told us they will be out of town. They are the ones who told us his speech would be destructive to U.S.-Israeli relations. They are the ones who told us they will boycott. And they are the ones who told us he was a chickens##t.

For years, the White House has tried to blacken Netanyahu's good name with character assassination. Now, with the help of many Democrat allies in the Congress, they try to stifle his speech with the silent treatment and by boycott.

Tomorrow, starting at sunset, Jews everywhere will be celebrating the holiday of Purim and listening to the Book of Esther read aloud; a narrative commemorating a litany of "coincidences" that led to our last minute deliverance from the evil Haman and his extermination plot hatched in ancient Persia. Throughout history, there have been many Hamans and many Haman-type genocidal plots against the Jewish people. Unfortunately, the mullahs of modern-day Persia, now known as Iran, appear to be of that same cloth.

Perhaps it is the destiny of the Jewish people that there will always be Hamans in the world. It is something, apparently, that we have to live with. What is hard to swallow for me is I never thought there would be so many Haman enablers right here at home.

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