Cherie Zaslawsky
The firebombing of Maui: Part One
By Cherie Zaslawsky
September 19, 2023

The recent conflagration in Maui’s Lahaina Town shocked the nation. Some have called it an act of war—if so, one might argue that it has a predecessor.

Although the Allies in World War II clearly needed to stop Hitler and to aid Russia in its advance on Germany from the east, many have questioned whether the firebombing of Dresden, the “Florence on the Elbe,” was justified. It was certainly horrific. Historian Donald Miller paints a vivid picture of the cataclysmic scene:

“People’s shoes melted into the hot asphalt of the streets, and the fire moved so swiftly that many were reduced to atoms before they had time to remove their shoes. The fire melted iron and steel, turned stone into powder, and caused trees to explode from the heat of their own resin.”

History may not exactly repeat, but it often rhymes. The above description sounds eerily similar to the effects of the inferno in Lahaina. Of course, Dresden was a major European cultural center in the midst of a world war, while Lahaina is a small town in Hawaii, so there the comparison ends.

And, in the case of Dresden, the apocalyptic ruination of that beautiful city resulted from incessant Allied bombing including incendiaries that created a firestorm, killing tens of thousands of civilians and leaving only charred remains of the exquisite architecture that had graced the city.

Whereas in Lahaina, there were no visible bombs, no readily discernible enemy, and for the most part, not even any rubble. Only ash.


But how can one say this fire was an act of war? Wasn’t it an accident? Can’t we call it a natural disaster?

We’ve long used the terms “acts of nature,” “acts of God,” and “natural disasters” to describe earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and wildfires. Yet ever since our own military fulfilled its goal of “owning the weather,” all bets are off.

Some people still think geoengineering, aka chemtrails, is a “conspiracy theory” rather than believing their own eyes when they see planes spewing long white plumes that expand till they cover a clear blue sky with a pale, sickly haze. And perhaps, if you’re old enough, you remember what the night sky filled with stars looked like—truly dazzling. Because in many places, we don’t see that anymore.

And beyond chemtrails, technologies exists today that can cause earthquakes and tsunamis, and even amplify and steer hurricanes. An hour or two of diligent research online can yield plenty of examples. But let’s focus on fires.

Here in California, we’re all too familiar with forest fires. Summer is also known as “fire season.” In the past, such fires were often caused by careless campers leaving a camp fire untended, or tossing a lit cigarette on the ground. There’s also the issue of neglect of our forests, which need controlled burns to thin them out. Overgrown, mismanaged forests are certainly part of the reason we’ve had worse fires than in past decades.

But in the past seven years or so, something new has been added to this picture: fires intentionally started using a form of high tech energy warfare. This technology, known as Directed Energy Weapons (DEW), is similar to that of your microwave oven. If you’ve ever had a piece of tinfoil in that oven, you know how metal reacts to microwaves. And if you do an experiment, as YouTuber Max Mogren did, and put leaves and fronds in your microwave, you’ll also learn that plant matter doesn’t burn. This explains why these modern day weaponized fires melt metal but leave trees standing with all their foliage. The trees die, but they don’t burn. They’re cooked from the inside, like your potatoes.


Here’s what many researchers have learned: Fires that vaporize houses and melt glass and metal while leaving nearby trees standing tall—not even blackened or striped of foliage—are deliberately set using DEWs.

That this technology exists is well known, as is its footprint. Take a look at the ashen remains of Paradise, California as an example. The infamous Camp Fire in 2018 wiped out the wine country towns of Paradise and Concow. Prior to that, there was the 2017 Wine Country Fires, aka the Northern California Firestorm, a series of 21 major fires, including the disastrous Tubbs Fire. Here’s another shot of the aftermath of the Tubbs fire that clearly shows trees standing while homes and buildings have been burned to the ground as ash and rubble—nothing left standing at all: no walls, no chimneys, no charred remains—nothing.


While some DEWs deploy microwave technology, others use high-energy lasers. How else than by laser could the perpetrators have drawn a perfect fiery ring around Lahaina as revealed in an aerial drone view in this one-minute video on Rumble?

What is so telling about it is that the two main fires, the one in Kihei and the horrific Lahaina fire, have very distinct and geometric outlines—something not possible in nature. Note the oval-shaped circle of fire with clear perimeters around Lahaina—evidence in plain sight of a high-tech DEW attack.

Heart-wrenching before and after photographs of Lahaina can be found on the San Francisco Chronicle’s website, including another drone aerial video of the Maui fires.

And what makes the assault on Lahaina particularly heinous is the fact that this town is a repository of Hawaiian history as the capitol of the Hawaiian Kingdom for twenty-five years in the 19th century. Now a substantial trove of that history has been summarily eradicated. This is an accelerated version of what we see on the mainland with the tearing down of important historical statues and monuments: the erasure of a people’s history.

Screenshot from the New York Post:


Take a look at some of the “anomalies” and “coincidences” and you’ll see why Occam’s Razor suggests we need an explanation that accounts for them all.

  • Mysterious green lasers beamed down over Maui in January 2023, supposedly from a Chinese satellite. According to University of Hawaii Institute of Astronomy’s Roy Gal, it had instruments for “topographical mapping.” Coincidence?

  • Schools were closed on August 8th, due to high winds from Hurricane Dora, though the hurricane was 500 miles away; or was the wind manmade perhaps using VLF waves as some have suggested?

  • Maui’s state-of-the-art disaster warning siren system was never used, though the Lahaina firestorm was arguably the worst disaster the island has ever experienced.

  • On July 17th, Governor Josh Green signed an Executive Order declaring a “housing emergency” in Hawaii due to housing shortage, skyrocketing house prices and homelessness. Under this “emergency,” (which sounds a lot like life in California) he suspended a number of laws, including the all-important safeguard of “Historic Preservation.” That means historic Lahaina is ripe for a land grab. Amazing timing, Governor. Says he: “I’m already thinking of ways for the state to acquire that land so that we can put it into workforce housing, to put it back into families, or make it open spaces in perpetuity as a memorial to the people who were lost.”

  • The single road out of the path of the encroaching inferno was subject to a police barricade, presumably on orders from the Chief of Police, none other than John Pelletier, a Police Captain during the Las Vegas Massacre. Hmmm…disaster seems to follow him like a magnet. He’s not only Maui’s Police Chief, he’s also the Coroner! Here’s a statement he made about the barricades: “So there was a point when we didn’t let traffic into Front Street because Front Street was on fire. But we did not impede people from exiting the area.” Tell that to the people stuck in their cars trying to leave as the fire roared down Front Street. Oh, that’s right, you can’t. They perished.

  • Unbelievably, Lahaina’s water was turned off! Deputy Director for the State of Hawaii Commission on Water Resource Management, M. Kaleo Manuel, waited five hours to release desperately needed water to combat the fires. Here’s a statement he made last year: "My motto is always like: Let water connect us and not divide us. We can share it, but it requires true conversations about equity." I’m wondering what would be an equitable recompense for his criminal collusion in the incineration of so many innocent Hawaiians. By the way, Kaleo is one of 200 inaugural Obama Leaders representing the Asia-Pacific region with the Obama Foundation.

  • Hawaii Electric claims the power was turned off by 9am on August 8th and stayed off, while Pelletier claims the police used barricades to save people from driving over dangerous downed power lines. So were the power lines energized or de-energized? And why wasn’t it a top priority to remove them if they presented a hazard?

  • Boats that were 50 yards or more out in the harbor waters caught fire. In fact, some said the sea was on fire! And in some videos taken during the conflagration, it seemed the ground burst into flames.

  • “Gosh, what a coincidence that the only parts of the island affected were the ones with all the poors. [sic] You know, the same ones who have been fighting with property developers over the sale of land from natives/locals......” Quote from a reader on a New York Post article about celebrity estates on Maui—all unharmed. Oprah’s estate in Kula remained untouched by fires both north and south of Kula, including one that was a mere 2 miles away, which with 80 mph winds, would take less than 2 minutes to reach her home. What a lucky break.

  • The aftermath: FEMA’s fencing off of the burned areas. Why the secrecy? Why keep the locals from surveying what’s left of their own homes? And why forbid citizens from using drones to observe what the government is doing? Destroying evidence, perhaps?

And we’re just getting started.

Stay tuned for Part Two!

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Cherie Zaslawsky

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