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June 29, 2013
MICHELLE MALKIN Forget Paula Deen. There are far more dangerous bigots and poisonous haters spoiling the American landscape. They cook up violent rhetoric and murderous plots against our troops, our citizens, and our allies 24/7. And they have direct access to the White House.... (more)

June 29, 2013
WORLDNETDAILY In a partisan vote today, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee set the stage to force IRS official Lois Lerner to testify about the agency's targeting of conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status.... (more)

June 29, 2013
WASHINGTON EXAMINER New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo pushed hard to ensure that lobbying groups would have to disclose their donors, and bragged about the sunlight the law would bring. Now the state government has exempted exactly one lobbying group from the ethics laws: NARAL, the leading lobbyist for legal abortion.... (more)

June 29, 2013
WORLDNETDAILY Several students are demanding a Tennessee community college psychology professor be disciplined for persistently pushing her pro-"gay" views on her students and even forcing students to identify themselves as in favor of the LGBT agenda in a mandatory project.... (more)

June 27, 2013
CNSNEWS Associate Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy is the "first gay justice" for writing Wednesday's majority opinion in the Defense of Marriage Act case, after already writing the opinion in two other homosexual rights cases, a Cornell University law professor said.... (more)

June 27, 2013
ALAN KEYES Under the name "Freedom Federation," a number of prominent Christians recently issued a statement boldly declaring that "the Supreme Court has no authority to redefine marriage...." They go on to say that if the Court presumes to do so, there should be "no mistake about our resolve... (more)

June 27, 2013
CLIFF KINCAID The mouthpiece for NSA "whistleblower" Edward Snowden is having the whistle blown on him, and he doesn't like it. Glenn Greenwald of the Guardian says "smears" are being circulated about him owing back taxes, financial debts, and investing in a homosexual pornography business.... (more)

June 27, 2013
FRED HUTCHISON, RA ANALYST Democratic politics is ultimately a battle of worldviews. A rising worldview will eventually prevail over a declining worldview in elections and in the market place of ideas. This essay will review the rise of conservatism and the decline of liberalism over the last fifty years from the standpoint of the slowly changing worldviews of Americans... (more)

June 27, 2013
LOS ANGELES TIMES The Supreme Court struck down a key part of the federal Defense of Marriage Act on Wednesday and declared that same-sex couples who are legally married deserve equal rights to the benefits under federal law that go to all other married couples.... (more)

June 27, 2013
NATIONAL JOURNAL Dissenting from this morning's opinion on the Defense of Marriage Act, Justice Antonin Scalia -- as expected -- holds nothing back. In a ripping dissent, Scalia says that Justice Anthony Kennedy and his colleagues in the majority have resorted to calling opponents of gay marriage "enemies of the human race."... (more)

June 26, 2013
JOSEPH FARAH The news is reporting the U.S. Supreme Court has found the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional. But that is not true. That is not what happened at the U.S. Supreme Court at all.... (more)

June 26, 2013
JOHN FUND Chief Justice John Roberts has done it again. His twisted reasoning in last year's Obamacare ruling wasn't the only unpleasant surprise he's sprung on supporters of the rule of law.... (more)

June 26, 2013
JIM SIMPSON On Monday, June 24, 2013, the U.S. Senate passed a cloture motion (which ends debate) on the Schumer-Corker-Hoeven Amendment to the Gang of Eight's horrifying illegal alien amnesty bill -- mislabeled "immigration reform."... (more)

June 26, 2013
VICTOR DAVIS HANSON By a.d. 200, the Roman Republic was a distant memory. Few citizens of the global Roman Empire even knew of their illustrious ancestors like Scipio or Cicero. Millions no longer spoke Latin. Italian emperors were a rarity. There were no national elections.... (more)

June 26, 2013
WASHINGTON FREE BEACON Intelligence agencies in China and Russia gained access to highly classified U.S. intelligence and military information contained on electronic media held by renegade former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden, according to U.S. officials.... (more)

June 26, 2013
NEWSMAX Texas Governor Rick Perry called the state legislature back into session July 1 to give lawmakers another chance to approve a measure that might close most of the state's abortion clinics.... (more)

June 26, 2013
PHYLLIS SCHLAFLY Under the media's radar, Obama has been aggressively promoting one of his fiscally extravagant projects announced in his 2013 State of the Union Address: "preschool available to every single child in America." The plan for the federal government to take over the care of preschool children, a longtime goal of the feminists that used to be called universal child care, is now (probably to sound academic) called Pre-K.... (more)

June 26, 2013
WASHINGTON TIMES Liberals are trying every tool at their disposal this year to go after guns. They have failed on Capitol Hill to restrict the Second Amendment, so they are moving through the states to enact their agenda.... (more)

June 26, 2013
CLIFF KINCAID Some in the media are aghast that NBC's David Gregory asked Glenn Greenwald a perfectly reasonable question on Meet the Press: "To the extent that you have aided and abetted [NSA leaker Edward] Snowden, even in his current movements, why shouldn't you, Mr. Greenwald, be charged with a crime?"... (more)

June 26, 2013
NEWSMAX Edward Snowden, the confessed leaker of the National Security Agency's top-secret phone and Internet surveillance program, says he took his consulting job specifically to gain access to the agency's surveillance activities.... (more)

June 26, 2013
WASHINGTON TIMES The Pentagon on Tuesday toasted gays in the military, with a top adviser to President Obama declaring the country is "safer" now that they may serve openly in the ranks.... (more)

June 26, 2013
THE HILL President Obama angrily blasted climate change skeptics during his energy policy speech Tuesday at Georgetown University, saying he lacked "patience for anyone who denies that this problem is real."... (more)

June 26, 2013
WASHINGTON TIMES President Obama on Tuesday used a hyped speech on climate change to signal -- with a wink and a nod -- that he's likely to approve the $7 billion Keystone XL oil sands pipeline.... (more)

June 26, 2013
WASHINGTON EXAMINER Republicans wasted little time in stepping up attacks on President Obama's choice to head the Environmental Protection Agency Tuesday after Obama announced new climate-change restrictions.... (more)

June 26, 2013
WND In a decision that returns power to states, a split U.S. Supreme Court struck down parts of the landmark 1965 Voting Rights Act, which was enacted to stop Jim Crow-era practices that hindered blacks from voting.... (more)


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