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July 26, 2015
NEW YORK POST If Hillary Clinton were a cartoon character, she'd be Snidely Whiplash, forever muttering to herself, "Curses, foiled again." And she'd be right. The lady in waiting will have to keep waiting. Probably forever. Fate has spoken.... (more)

July 26, 2015
NEWSMAX Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump says he isn't worried about polls that suggest he can't beat Democratic frontrunner in a general election. "I think I'll beat Hillary easily," Trump said Sunday on CNN's "State of the Union." "I don't think these other guys will."... (more)

July 26, 2015
NEWSMAX Sen. Ted Cruz drew rebukes Sunday from fellow Republicans for attacking Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on the Senate floor and using the chamber to advance what one lawmaker called "personal ambitions." The anger at Cruz, a 2016 Republican presidential candidate, came after the Texan called McConnell a liar on Friday for allowing a vote on an amendment to a highway funding bill that would re-charter the U.S. Export-Import Bank.... (more)

July 26, 2015
WASHINGTON TIMES The Islamic State executioner known as Jihadi John has allegedly fled the militant group's territory and gone on the run in Syria.... (more)

July 26, 2015
WASHINGTON EXAMINER Sen. Dean Heller, R-Nev., says fellow Arizona Sen. John McCain, R-Nev., blocked an amendment he submitted weeks before the horrendous Chattanooga shootings at a military recruiting center that would have allowed "military base commanders the authority" to authorize "service members to carry personal firearms."... (more)

July 26, 2015
DAILY MAIL In one photo, then-Vice President Dick Cheney rests his feet on his desk as he watches a live TV news report of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. In another, he sits beside his wife after they were both frog-marched by Secret Service agents to a secure basement in the White House. And in a later shot, he takes his glasses off and clasps his hands together before he and his spouse are flown to an undisclosed location.... (more)

July 25, 2015
WASHINGTON EXAMINER The White House is now denying that there was a side deal to the Iran agreement, just a day after National Security Adviser Susan Rice acknowledged that there was an agreement between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency that falls outside the main Iran nuclear agreement.... (more)

July 25, 2015
THE HILL Secretary of State John Kerry says he told Iranian officials during the nuclear talks that "death to America" chants at public rallies in their country were "pretty stupid."... (more)

July 25, 2015
BOB UNRUH Activist lawyer Larry Klayman, a veteran of courtroom battles with presidents, including Bill Clinton and George Bush, is suing President Obama and others over the newly announced deal with Iran, alleging its ratification process is unconstitutional.... (more)

July 25, 2015
WASHINGTON EXAMINER The chairman of the top House committee probing the IRS political witch hunt of President Obama's foes said documents prove that the agency targeted conservatives and then tried to destroy the evidence and he promised "news" on the panel's investigation next week.... (more)

July 25, 2015
BOB UNRUH The state of Kentucky has begun imposing a religious test on volunteer pastor counselors in its youth division, insisting that they refrain from calling homosexuality "sinful" and dismissing those who cannot bend their religious faith to accommodate the state requirements.... (more)

July 25, 2015
BOB UNRUH The lesbian mayor of Houston, whose legal defense of a "transgender" ordinance passed by her council escalated to a national scandal when she subpoenaed the sermons of local pastors, has lost her fight in court.... (more)

July 25, 2015
MICHELLE MALKIN "All cops are bastards!" "F**k cops!" "This is what white supremacy looks like!" On a tranquil Sunday afternoon in Denver, hate-mongering zealots hijacked a rally held by citizens and families of fallen police officers, who had gathered to pay tribute to Colorado's honorable men and women in blue.... (more)

July 24, 2015
NEWSMAX US Secretary of State John Kerry faced accusations Thursday that he had been "fleeced" and "bamboozled" by Tehran as he defended the Iran nuclear deal publicly for the first time on Capitol Hill.... (more)

July 24, 2015
DAILY SIGNAL Representatives from Coca-Cola, Ford Motor Co. and Xerox say they've asked Planned Parenthood to remove their names as corporate donors to the embattled organization.... (more)

July 24, 2015
BOB UNRUH House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., is offering a new response to the undercover videos that reveal Planned Parenthood executives haggling over the sale of body parts of unborn children: Investigate the people who made the videos.... (more)

July 24, 2015
JOSEPH FARAH Democratic presidential candidate Martin O'Malley, the former governor of Maryland, was confronted last week at the Netroots Nation conference in Phoenix by "Black Lives Matter" activists. When they began chanting their favorite slogan, O'Malley responded: "Black lives matter, white lives matter, all lives matter." Such a sensible retort was shouted down angrily. O'Malley later apologized for his "insensitivity."... (more)

July 24, 2015
PJ MEDIA The murder of Kathryn Steinle on the Embarcadero in San Francisco by an illegal alien is the most familiar example of a crime committed by an alien. But an unreleased internal report by the Texas Department of Public Safety reveals that aliens have been involved in thousands of crimes in Texas alone, including nearly 3,000 homicides.... (more)

July 24, 2015
NEWSMAX Donald Trump is unlikely to be elected president, Conservative HQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie tells Newsmax TV, but his supporters want to send Republicans a message.... (more)

July 24, 2015
NEWSMAX The Justice Department has been asked by two inspectors general to launch a criminal probe of Hillary Clinton's use of a private email account for government communication when she was secretary of state, The New York Times reported late Thursday, citing unnamed senior government officials.... (more)

July 23, 2015
CLIFF KINCAID In the fight between Donald Trump and John McCain (R-AZ) over the senator's military service, the liberal media have taken McCain's side. But since when did the media get concerned about the noble cause of fighting communism in Vietnam?... (more)

July 23, 2015
NATIONAL REVIEW ONLINE President Obama won't allow Congress to review two key aspects of the Iranian Nuclear deal, Republican lawmakers learned from international partners last week.... (more)

July 23, 2015
NEWSMAX Protesters poured into New York's Times Square on Wednesday to denounce the Iran nuclear deal as a threat to Israel and global security, demanding that the U.S. Congress reject the pact.... (more)

July 23, 2015
CHERYL CHUMLEY One of the Marines killed in last week's assault on a military facility in Chattanooga, as well as a Navy officer, reportedly returned fire on the attacker via their personal weapons.... (more)

July 23, 2015
WORLDNETDAILY In the wake of two undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthood executives' nonchalance in discussing prices for "donated" baby body parts, momentum is increasing in Congress to defund the organization, which is the leading provider of abortions in the U.S.... (more)


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