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February 29, 2012
NEWSMAX U.S. Senate candidate Pete Hoekstra of Michigan tells Newsmax that Mitt Romney "dodged a bullet" Tuesday night by squeaking out a narrow victory over Rick Santorum in his home state. "It could have been very damaging to his campaign if he had not won in his home state," Hoekstra said in an exclusive interview Tuesday night... (more)

February 29, 2012
DAVID LIMBAUGH The First Amendment to the United States Constitution contains two clauses addressing religious liberty: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof"... (more)

February 28, 2012
On Feb. 24, Amy Contrada, author of Mitt Romney's Deception, was interviewed by Pastor Brad Brandon on his 'Word of Truth' radio program, broadcast by Salem Radio Minneapolis. Click here to listen to an MP3 of the outstanding 20-minute interview — which begins 59 minutes into the show.

February 27, 2012
WES VERNON, RA ANALYST Many viewers scratched their heads during a Republican presidential candidate debate when George Stephanopoulos, an erstwhile Clinton administration official, suddenly brought up the question of contraception... (more)

February 27, 2012
PATRICK GARRY, RA ANALYST The framers' belief in limited government pervades the entire constitutional structure. It is the continuous theme of The Federalist Papers. Until the New Deal agenda tried to wipe away limited government principles from the political and constitutional consciousness, those principles controlled American political and constitutional governance for a century and a half... (more)

February 27, 2012
WASHINGTON TIMES Mitt Romney's presidential campaign and the super PAC accepting million-dollar contributions to support him are barred by law from coordinating, yet they share many of the same top-level workers, a fact both groups have helped mask by paying high-level aides through companies that appear to exist largely as conduits to avoid disclosure... (more)

February 27, 2012
NEWSMAX The pictures of presidential candidate Mitt Romney delivering a speech in a mostly empty Detroit stadium on Friday were played and replayed over the weekend as yet one more example of how his campaign may not yet be ready for prime time... (more)

February 26, 2012
RICHARD A. VIGUERIE The Obama administration's recent moves to force religious institutions, particularly those associated with the Catholic Church, to pay for medical procedures that are contrary to church teaching has ignited a firestorm among Catholics. But the fear of where Obama's flagrant violation of the Constitution is leading America is not limited to Catholics... (more)

February 26, 2012
JOSEPH FARAH Barack Obama has a curious idea about the way freedom of religion is supposed to work. He mandates that everyone should be forced to provide services and funding that a significant percentage of the population finds morally objectionable. Then he backpedals and suggests that some institutions, such as the Catholic Church, be exempted from those requirements... (more)

February 26, 2012
WASHINGTON TIMES Since former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich pointed out in the Republican presidential debate on Wednesday that President Barack Obama supported infanticide, the media has been in an uproar. Many outlets are wondering where such an accusation could possibly come from... (more)

February 26, 2012
DAVID LIMBAUGH So we should all be grateful that President Barack Obama is just now coming out for a corporate tax rate cut? But does anyone really believe he's had a supply-side epiphany? That this is an election year surely wouldn't have anything to do with his apparent change of heart, would it?... (more)

February 26, 2012
MICHELLE MALKIN If you like how the Obama administration's multibillion-dollar "investments" in bankrupt solar companies have turned out, you'll love the latest federal loan program to nowhere. It's the Obamacare loyalty rewards program for progressives... (more)

February 26, 2012
WORLDNETDAILY A bipartisan team ranging from former Al Gore consultant Naomi Wolf to Ronald Reagan Justice Department official Bruce Fein have committed to working with state and local governments to make sure the citizen detention plans signed into law by Barack Obama are not enforced... (more)

February 26, 2012
SEN. JEFF SESSIONS As solicitor general of the United States, Justice Elena Kagan served as the head of an office responsible for formulating the Obama administration's legal defense of its domestic agenda priority -- Obamacare... (more)

February 25, 2012
WASHINGTON TIMES The Islamic regime in Tehran is believed to have given the go-ahead this week for the execution of Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani for the crime of apostasy against an Islamic religion he never held. The international attention his case has attracted may be the only thing keeping him alive... (more)

February 25, 2012
JOSEPH FARAH How can Ron Paul be so right about domestic economic issues and so wrong about ... well, just about everything else? It's puzzling to me. And sad. A perfect illustration of what I'm talking about came recently in an interview Paul did with CNN... (more)

February 25, 2012
TOM TANCREDO One of the most reliable truisms in politics is full of irony: When it comes to predicting presidential elections, conventional wisdom is nearly always wrong. Washington pundits talk and write mostly for themselves, and certainly not for the history books. If they were paid according to their track records as political prognosticators, they would all be on food stamps... (more)

February 25, 2012
WEEKLY STANDARD In order to make sure gays and lesbians are adequately represented on the judicial bench, the state of California is requiring all judges and justices to reveal their sexual orientation. The announcement was made in an internal memo sent to all California judges and justices... (more)

February 24, 2012
EXAMINER Something gives this writer the sneaking suspicion that Mitt Romney did not personally condone the following ... Nevertheless, an unusual level of almost-cutely-naive oh-am-I-doing-something-wrong shamelessness was recorded for posterity in Shelby Township, Michigan earlier today... (more)

February 23, 2012
BRYAN FISCHER The mainstream media, as obtuse as they are, do not realize that they are playing right into Rick Santorum's hands. They are doing a better job than Santorum ever could of getting his message of unapologetic social conservatism out to the American public. The mainstream media have now become the Santorum SuperPAC... (more)

February 23, 2012
RICH LOWRY The media has unleashed the hounds on Rick Santorum. He was last seen a step ahead of the braying pack, trying to explain that he hadn't accused President Barack Obama of being a crypto-Muslim. The former Pennsylvania senator criticized the president's environmentalism as representative of a "phony theology"... (more)

February 23, 2012
RICK SANTORUM Santorum: I fully support the 2nd Amendment rights of gun owners in the United States, and completed the Gun Owners of America 2012 Presidential Candidate survey. You can download the survey and read my responses here... (more)

February 23, 2012
THE BLAZE The people have spoken in Houston and forced a school to change a its decision to use an over-the-top poem praising President Obama... (more)

February 23, 2012
MICHELLE MALKIN Rick Santorum is right. Pushing back against Democrats' attempts to frame him as a religious menace, the GOP presidential candidate forcefully turned the tables on the White House: "When it comes to the management of the Earth, they are the anti-science ones"... (more)

February 23, 2012
LOS ANGELES TIMES A judge on Wednesday declared the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional and ordered the federal government to ignore the statute and provide health benefits to the wife of a lesbian federal court employee... (more)


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