Bryan Fischer
Let's have "graphic warning labels" at Planned Parenthood clinics
By Bryan Fischer
November 13, 2010

The New York Times is all aflutter with the happy news that the FDA is going to put graphic warning labels on cigarette packs to scare people straight when it comes to smoking.

A total of 36 scary warning labels have been proposed, including one showing a toe tag on a corpse, another with smoke pouring out of a hole in a man's throat, and another with a mother blowing smoke on her baby. The FDA will choose the most frightening nine by next June.

The labels are designed to cover half the surface area of a pack or carton of cigarettes, and a fifth of any cigarette advertisements. The idea, according to the Times, is to provide "graphic reminders of tobacco's dangers."

In Europe, some of the labels are even more gruesome, featuring photos of blackened teeth and decaying mouths.

Fine. I've got no brief for cigarette smoking. But if we're going to put graphic warning labels on cigarettes, which is a legal product, it's time we put graphic warning labels on the front door of every abortion clinic in America.

If people are going to be faced with pictures of diseased lungs and toe tags and tracheotomies every time they buy a pack of cigs, then they should be faced with pictures of dismembered babies and breast cancer victims every time they walk through the doors of Planned Parenthood.

The FDA campaign is directed at keeping children and teenagers from picking up the habit, as every day 1,000 young Americans become regular smokers, and 4,000 try smoking for the first time.

Fine. Let's do the same thing with baby-killing. Let's keep our teenagers from picking up the habit by showing them what abortion does to the baby and what it does to the mother.

Over 440,000 people die every year from smoking-related problems, hence the urgency the FDA feels. Well, every year over 1.2 million babies die from abortion, and every one of their mothers is wounded both physically and psychologically. How about a little urgency here?

According to the Times:

    "Studies suggest that pictorial warnings are better at getting the attention of adolescents than ones that feature only text; make smokers more likely to skip the cigarette they had planned to smoke and more likely to quit; and make adolescents less likely to start smoking."

Terrific. If pictorial warnings will work with smoking, they are sure to work with graphic displays of babies ripped limb from limb in the wombs of their mothers.

Kathleen Sebelius, the secretary of health and human services, said, "Today marks an important milestone in protecting our children and the health of the American public." I'll believe she's serious about the health of our children when she starts protecting them while they still have the chance to be born.

The casualty count every time a pregnant woman walks into a Planned Parenthood abortuary is one dead, one wounded. It's about time we provided some "graphic warning labels" about that.

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