Bryan Fischer
The real lesson from gay penguins
By Bryan Fischer
November 10, 2011

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The zoological world is all atwitter over "gay" penguins. Two penguins at the Toronto Zoo, Buddy and Pedro by name, have been buddies for some time, and have formed some some kind of bond. They "preen" each other and spend a lot of time alone together.

It's an exaggeration to say they're gay, though, since there has been no observed sexual behavior between them.

But homosexual activists, never ones to let facts or science get in the way of the truth, not only celebrate "gay" penguins, they write books about them. Tango Makes Three is the story of two male penguins who incubated an egg together and raise it together for a time, before they were tragically and cruelly separated by their human overlords.

But zookeepers have run into the same biological fact over which the entire homosexual agenda trips and falls: males cannot mate. Males cannot conceive children together. Males cannot reproduce.

It takes, as it has since the dawn of creation, a male and a female to conceive offspring, whether in the world of humans or animals.

So, sadly, zookeepers have been forced to bust up this loving homosexual couple because if they don't, penguins might continue their march to extinction.

As the Toronto Star puts it, "the zoo intends to separate them from each other and pair them with females for breeding."

According to the Star, the African penguin population has been declining by about two percent per year, and concerns have been raised about their long-term sustainability.

So, as should be the case in human politics, reality has trumped political correctness.

In truth, evolutionists should be even more ardent opponents of homosexual behavior than evangelical Christians, for one simple reason: homosexuals cannot propagate.

And evolution is supposed to be all about the survival of the species. For a true believer in evolution, homosexuality represents an evolutionary degrade, an lunge backward, an evolutionary nightmare, evidence of a species that is de-evolving and headed toward extinction.

For true Darwinists, homosexual behavior must be stopped its tracks so the great cosmic dance of life can continue in its inexorable climb toward evolutionary perfection.

So unless a Darwinist is a raving, irrational, self-contradictory hypocrite, he will oppose the normalization of homosexual behavior with every fiber of his being.

But I'm not holding my breath and neither should you. Since the theory of evolution is both morally and scientifically bankrupt, it should not surprise us that its devotees are as well.

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