Bryan Fischer
Newest member of American Association of Religious Bigots: Western Washington U
By Bryan Fischer
November 16, 2011

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The roster of the AARB, the American Association of Religious Bigots, is expanding virtually by the day.

We find it necessary to add Western Washington University to this Hall of Shame for revoking an invitation to Liberty University to participate in a law school information fair.

Liberty's crime? The worlds' largest Christian university holds to a Christian view of sexuality and marriage.

The nattering nabobs in the homosexual movement complained to school officials about Liberty's time-honored views of natural marriage, and school officials meekly capitulated without so much as a whimper regarding either freedom of speech or a college campus as a marketplace of ideas.

The Gaystapo pressured WWU bureaucrats to expel Liberty in order to "protect students from hostile or intolerant academic situations." Ah yes, let's protect students from "hostile or intolerant...situations" by being, well, "hostile" and "intolerant" our own selves.

In other words, they are creating the very environment from which they claim tender young students must be protected. Come into my parlor, said the spider to the fly.

So while accusing Liberty of being "infamously homophobic," the bureaucrats of this government institution turn out to be "infamously" Christophobic bigots themselves. WWU will be graduating religiophobes and haters of the First Amendment by the droves.

Consider Western Washington University a Focal Point-certified member of the American Association of Religious Bigots.

The roster of the AARB is now up to seven. But we only started admitting members on October 20, meaning we've been evaluating applicants for less than a month. But we've got plenty of room to expand this hall of infamy, and the way things are going, it looks like we're going to need the space.

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