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How to take a break from the hopey-changey by watching Sarah Palin and Jay Leno
By Kevin Fobbs
March 2, 2010

The American late-night icon Jay Leno will be welcoming Sarah Palin on the second night of his comeback week. Whether you like Palin or not she and Leno will be entering into millions of American homes on Tuesday night as The Tonight Show re-launches with its old host. The howls from her political and social detractors who feel that maybe, just maybe, this political dynamo just might have the right stuff to stir a nation much in the same way that Ronald Reagan — another down-home governor — convinced the doubters and nay Sayers of his rugged commitment to a new morning in America have already started

Sitting down to watch The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Sarah Palin is an event that perhaps lends itself to a degree of preparation as well as creating a comfortable setting. After all it was just over a year earlier when a new president had been sworn in and many in the upper elite of the liberal Washington punditry felt Sarah Palin had been summarily dismissed from our national consciousness...or so they wished.

Now a year-plus later, "Sarah Who" is now "Sarah Wow." Like President Reagan who rose from the wreckage of the 1976 battle with then-President Gerald Ford to capture the White House and recapture the soul of America thirsting for change and clarity, Jay Leno will host and America will witness on Tuesday night Sarah Palin as a true heartland comeback.

Here are some terrific ways to prepare to watch Sarah Palin:

  • Prepare your TiVo, DVR, or video recorder at least a few hours in advance so that there are no last-minute problems.

  • Have a notepad so that you can write down the name of the advertisers that are on during her segment — see who you may want to support.

  • During the day send an email to at least 5–10 of your friends and family and ask them also to have their "Palin Patriot Pen and Pad" ready.

  • Invite those who are fence sitting to watch as well. Who knows maybe they may learn something.

  • Make a list of the five best things you liked about the Palin interview and mix and match with your friends and family the next day.

  • Send Sarah Palin a note after the interview and let her know how you felt.

  • Send Jay Leno a note as well to let him know you appreciate a host who shows class.

  • Lastly relax and watch and listen with an open mind while you take a break from the hopey-changey stuff!

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