Gabriel Garnica
The left's Ph.D.s in hypocrisy
By Gabriel Garnica
September 10, 2010

Accusing the Left of hypocrisy makes shooting fish in a barrel look like calculus. Each time I think I am going to run out of examples of liberals' hypocrisy gene, they honor us with new examples. The three latest illustrations have a distinct Big Apple tone and run the gamut from the Ground Zero Mosque situation to Charles Rangel's latest booster to Fashion Week in New York's Lincoln Center.

As usual, most media and liberals ( redundant?) define anyone who opposes the Ground Zero Mosque as intolerant, hateful, and even evil. The same people who would have a coronary if a cross was placed next to the Hollywood sign have no problem with building a building for a religion that fanatics used as the basis for mass murder on the very site of that murder. Imagine the Left's reaction if, for example, a Catholic church was proposed for the very site where ten fanatical Catholics blew up an abortion facility. In fact, aren't these the same people who found the time and place of Glenn Beck's rally in support of our troops "insensitive," "insulting" and an effort to mock Martin Luther King's message while having no problem with allowing people to build a mosque within a short distance of the human remains of victims killed by fanatics of that faith? Please forgive me, for I am only a naïve conservative hick, but how is it insensitive to support our troops on the site and anniversary of Martin Luther King's famous speech but not insensitive to build a monument to an ideology used by fanatics to kill on the very site where they committed those murders?

Add to this the current furor over the Florida pastor threatening to burn the Koran despite the fact that these same people had no problem when the U.S. military was ordered to burn Bibles sent to Afghanistan in May of 2009. Apparently, it is wrong to offend Muslims by burning the Koran but acceptable to offend Christians by burning the Bible in order to not offend Muslims by having Bibles around, have I got that right? How about not burning any religious books from any religion? The Florida pastor is wrong and those who ordered the Bibles burned were wrong, but you would not know it from the Left's twisted logic and hypocrisy. I just read a litany of media detail concerning the extreme views and practices of this pastor's "cult," which allegedly prohibits visiting family and friend events; phone calls without permission; unmarried romantic relationships; and alcohol, candy, or restaurant food. We are told that students "will be put on the scale once a week." Worst of all, apparently, these people are forced to, brace yourself, focus on God and read the Gospel every day! While some of these practices are clearly extreme, it appears that the Left is equally horrified by dietary responsibility and thinking about God too much. I guess advocating violent protest and murdering opposition is acceptable to our Left Ph.D.s, however. The Florida pastor is a nut but those who run around howling in outrage and demanding death over every perceived slight are merely defending their rights.

The media and the Left bend over themselves to avoid violent Muslim outrage yet mock and ridicule peaceful Christian anger over perceived insults to their respective beliefs. Dipping a crucifix in urine and an image of The Virgin Mary in dung is art but heaven forbid somebody dares to try anything similar involving the Muslim faith. Feminists twist in outrage over the Right's perceived oppression of women but do not utter a peep about women being stoned and honor killings. Apparently, this absurd double standard is only visible to those of us too deprived to possess the venerable Liberal Ph.D. in Hypocrisy.

Our tour of New York Left hypocrisy continues as we take the subway from Ground Zero up to Harlem where we see New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg calling Democrat Charles Rangel the "go-to guy in Washington" who has brought great benefits to New Yorkers and all Americans. Apparently, Rangel has been able to do these things despite facing 13 alleged ethics violations. In case you just came out of a cave, Bloomberg is as liberal as they get regardless of what letter he puts after his name. I wonder how many liberals would call a Republican facing 13 ethics violations a go-to guy. I guess if you bring money to New York City while robbing the American people and providing a spectacle of corruption, the benefit outweighs the allegations. Perhaps Maxine Waters will be called the go-to girl for her district next.

Finally, we conclude this New York trip with a quick jog over to Lincoln Center, where dozens of trees were apparently cut down starting six months ago when the site was chosen for Fashion Week, which started recently. While the Parks Department described these trees as "declining," others argued that they just needed watering and care and should not have been cut down. Where are our Liberal environmental friends, many of them often so eager to hug a tree? What about all those celebrities who tear up whenever speaking of our rape of the earth? I guess they are too busy eyeing fashions where trees once stood. Geoffrey Croft, head of NYC Park Advocates, called the move "a massacre." This should not surprise anyone, since Pro-Life advocates and the current news remind us that ignoring massacres, hypocrisy, and corruption when convenient seem to be pre-requisite courses on the way to a Liberal Ph.D. in Hypocrisy.

© Gabriel Garnica


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