Gabriel Garnica
Waving at windmills wearing vulgar hats
By Gabriel Garnica
January 24, 2017

We all know Don Quixote as a quintessentially complex character in literature. Drifting between apparent sanity and madness, Quixote nevertheless remained a mystery to the very end of the novel. Many scholars suspect that Quixote was more sane than mad given his apparent ability to shake off his madness to make some point. Others see Quixote as a red flag of sorts, reminding us that foolishness claims victims regardless of their actual intelligence. Ultimately, many see the story of Don Quixote as a warning regarding what happens when people grasp to outdated myths and lies that have long since worn out their welcome.

The Mythical Message

We have long outgrown the notion that abortion is the core sacrament of womanhood, the last vestige of respect which women must cling to as they face the relentless onslaught of evil men. Biology and modern medicine clearly dictate that the unborn child is a separate, living human being who only needs time and opportunity to extend that existence to the outside world.

Those who claim that the unborn are merely part of the woman's body ignore the fact that each have clearly separate DNA, proving that they are not exactly one in the same.

Those who argue that a woman's body is her property and she can do whatever she wants with her property and to anyone or anything in her property might have trouble explaining why we cannot murder invited guests to our home simply because, after all, they are in our property.

Those who compare pro-lifers to Nazis seem to forget that the Nazis exterminated millions of innocents by pretending that they were not persons and by using noble-sounding euphemisms to conceal the barbaric murder which they were perpetrating on society. I would think that those who promote and defend abortion resemble that evil much more accurately than pro-lifers do.

The fact remains that more and more Americans are realizing and accepting the fact that abortion is blatant murder of innocent lives for selfish reasons under the guise of mythical rights waved by increasingly marginalized radicals mired in their own personal hell.

The Mythical Messengers

The people in this pathetic march claimed to be representing women everywhere despite the fact that they themselves excluded pro-life women, championed a politician in Hillary Clinton who accepted millions of dollars from governments that oppress women, and further ignored the fact that Clinton herself tried to destroy any women who accused her philandering husband of rape or sexual assault.

Furthermore, 42% of women voted for Donald Trump knowing full well that Trump would seek to dismantle abortion. Feminists for Life present intelligent and historical support for the notion that abortion actually disrespects feminism and renders its core and most important message null. That message is that women do not have to become more like men or flee from motherhood to fulfill their dreams and goals.

Simply put, these marchers claim to represent a group half of which totally rejects their message and whom they themselves completely reject, ignore, and disrespect. The truth is that these marchers only represent women who support the increasingly unpopular evil of abortion.

Finally, how is it that any women seeking greater respect would want to be represented by vulgar, arrogant, crude, often ignorant celebrities and so-called entertainers who only intensify the disdain of average Americans who already voted against the values of California and New York in the last election? One would think that a good message to little girls is that one can lose with dignity and fight for one's causes without resorting to vulgarity and threats.

The Mythical Target

These marchers claimed Donald Trump as their target, as the object of their greatest scorn. They claimed that Trump is the greatest threat to women and thereby that Hillary Clinton was their greatest savior. However, the facts show that Clinton accepted millions of dollars from governments that abuse and mistreat women in many ways, and herself tried to destroy any woman who would get in the way of her and her husband's ambitions. How then, is Hillary Clinton anything close to a role model for any women? Perhaps the message that women who rejected Hillary wanted to give is that women deserve more than a corrupt, power and money hungry liar as their first president.


The recent women's march has been hailed by the usually biased press as a great event. Its leaders and celebrity voice boxes chime the message that it is a call to action and sheds light on the continuing abuse and marginalization of women in this country.

While it is true that women should always continue to fight for greater respect and opportunity, it is likewise true that a bit over half of them seem to be unwilling to take that fight without including their abortion support. Given the failing justification for this great evil, I suggest that those who truly respect and appreciate women join those who would fight for women's rights without throwing out the unborn child in the process.

Don Quixote wailed aimlessly at his imagined foes, enslaved in a mythical sliver of chivalry increasingly out of tune with the values of his society. Rather than garner forces for his mission, he only succeeded in highlighting its pathetic disconnect with the reality around him.

Likewise, the confused and deluded women of the recent march for women only wave at the supposed enemy in Trump while not doing or saying a thing against governments which abuse women daily and a favored female candidate who become rich by engaging and favoring those very same governments. If that is not delusion and madness even Quixote would admire then I do not know what is.

© Gabriel Garnica


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