Gabriel Garnica
Political Farce: The musical
By Gabriel Garnica
April 24, 2019

Thanks to my two Broadway-loving daughters, I know more about Broadway now than I ever did as a young adult much less a teen far too many years ago. I remember thinking musicals were stupid because people would suddenly break out in song and prance to the bathroom and I do not recall ever seeing anyone do that in real life. Fortunately, I introduced my oldest to Broadway two decades ago as a way of getting her involved in something cultural she could enjoy her entire life. The rest, as they say, is history. Now I know far more about West Side Story, Les Mis, Oklahoma, Guys and Dolls, The Phantom of the Opera, and Miss Saigon than I care to admit. Always looking at the quirks of life, however, my attention is a bit drawn to theatrical disasters whose very creation is still a mystery. Did you know that musical catastrophes have been based on everything from Stephen King's Carrie to the Biblical flood? Obviously, someone, and enough people, believed that these flops were good ideas. Alas, getting enough people to support something or someone does not guarantee that good taste, respect, and decency are protected.

I remember watching horrible singers on American Idol screech classics into oblivion and marveling at just how delusional people and how wimpy their so-called friends can be. Didn't these clueless dreamers hear themselves? Just how much did their friends, for that matter, care about them to let them make utter fools of themselves in public? Considering the above theatrical and televised disasters, it occurred to me that such shipwrecks occur due to what I will call The Trojan Emperors with No Clothes.

Utter incompetence wrapped in obnoxious, insolent, disrespect is introduced into our public forum. Between warped perceptions of individual worth and disdain for convention, this toxic stew is allowed to simmer and gain some twisted validity. Insidious values and codes of conduct are hidden beneath a veneer of self-confidence and progressive views. Critics, no matter how qualified, are brushed off as evil or dangerous. This is why the worse singers on Idol were often the most disrespectful and arrogant when confronted with their incompetence. This is why the three congresswomen noted below can trample intelligence, common sense, decency, and many American values as if they owned the place two minutes after reaching Congress. They are toxic viruses allowed to fester in an environment which increasingly pretends it cares an iota about America and the values that made it great.
What living, conscious American has not heard of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib. In just a few short months, these three have received more media coverage and scrutiny than half, if not most, of Congress combined. The Left and its pet media fawn at every foolish and downright despicable thing these three spew because they each serve the Leftist, so-called progressive agenda that thumbs its nose at this nation's moral, political, social, and economic identity. These three socialists only wear the clothes of radicalism while fomenting the kind of class and social unrest that would make Saul Alinsky proud. They have been made famous by a fawning, flattering media which makes the teenagers fainting at the sight of Sinatra or the Beatles look mature by comparison.

The Emperor with No Clothes is the classic tale by Hans Cristen Andersen in which an entire kingdom is too afraid of looking stupid to admit what their eyes can clearly see. Convinced that the popular, safe thing is to pretend that the Emperor is wearing clothes and not butt naked, alleged adults swim in pretense and denial. Present-day America is a bit like that kingdom regarding the three Leftist puppets above. There is considerable evidence that these three are political puppets recruited and marketed by radical leftist and socialist forces in a Trojan horse attempt to eventually take over Congress. These claims are supported by the fact that not only do they seemingly parrot the agenda of these forces such as the Justice Democrats, but they particularly sound foolish or blatantly controversial when they seemingly veer of script spewing their own drivel.

I sometimes think that these forces regret choosing these three. It would seem to me that if you were going to insidiously invade American government, you would want to use the most unassuming agents possible who could infiltrate and slowly spread their venom across the society. These three are anything but unassuming. They are like three drunken musicians playing Marxist hymns marching down main street at midnight while the media admires their uniforms. Given the sheer audacity of their disrespect and insolence, one can only wonder and worry about just how dumbed down and delusional this nation really is.

Like the naked ruler, these three political puppets parade around obnoxiously making fools of themselves under the shield that they are women of color. Anyone who dares to criticize or point out their foolishness is automatically a misogynist, racist steeped in privilege out to stifle free speech. Never mind the fact that many prominent women and minorities are among their critics. Armed with their shield of color, these insolent, disrespectful, and dangerous pawns of insidious forces prance about mocking everything that America stands for and worse, get away with it with ease. These congresswomen with no respect march about trashing fact, human decency, and America's very essence with unabated and unchecked impunity.

Consider AOC stating during a town hall that the Twenty-second Amendment, passed in 1947, was designed to prevent FDR, who had died two years earlier, from getting another term. Consider Omar disrespecting 9/11 as "some people did something" while exaggerating Somali casualties in the Black Hawk Down mission. Consider Tlaib referring to a sitting president as a "motherf...r." Consider that these outrageously stupid, disrespectful, and vile comments were made by three people with a combined Congressional experience of one year or less. Finally ask yourself why they have not been forced to apologize or recant any of the despicable things or clarify any of the stupid things they have said. Most of their own party seems too scared and cowardly to directly stand up to their clueless venom. They are seemingly immune to any kind of legitimate accounting for what they utter.

While these three may seem too radical, delusional, and clueless to be a legitimate threat to this nation to some, there is a far greater concern here. We have a Trojan horse made of glass, too transparent in its sinister motives, wheeled into our political, economic, social, and national midst. That transparency is made too obvious by the sheer stupidity and insolence of these three pathetically hidden pawns. Like the naked Emperor, they prance around displaying their agenda for all to see, yet nobody truly calls them on it. The media pretends that half the rubbish they spew is truth and ignores the garbage that is too malodorous to sanitize. Any critic is evil, intolerant, or full of hate.

The tragic reality, my friends, is the present-day America is much worse than that delusional and cowardly kingdom envisioned by Hans Cristen Andersen. In that tale, a brave youngster free of pretense made it acceptable to tell the truth. Increasingly, this nation's biased educational system is churning out brainwashed drones too blinded by Saul Alinksy to see that socialism is the death knell of this nation. Nearly half of young people think that socialism is a viable option, if not downright preferable, to democracy. How they can believe this in view of Cuba and Venezuela is your guess as good as mine. How these three pathetic puppets of radical socialism can spit on America while a fawning media kisses their feet only demonstrates that the forecast for this nation is only more delusion, stupidity, and cowardice.

It is midnight. As the media pretends that the mindless noise these three blast is music and marvels at how shiny their garb is, one may very well wonder if the noise is nothing less than America's funeral dirge.

© Gabriel Garnica


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