Gabriel Garnica
The GOP and The Catholic Church
Two peas in a pod
By Gabriel Garnica
March 16, 2013

One of the most insidious, and effective methods used by socialists and Leftists alike to neutralize and destroy their opposition follows a familiar and despicable pattern which we are presently witnessing in two institutions whose predicament grows more similar by the minute. Those two institutions are the Republican Party and the Catholic Church, and the dangerous pattern they are following is as predictable as it is malignant. This latter word is used with the clear intent to characterize both infiltrations as the cancerous attacks they are. Like that deadly disease, these infiltrations have invaded both institutions and, with diabolical subtlety, are fomenting division, distortion, and dilution within both the Republican Party and the Catholic Church.

In the Republican Party, we are increasingly seeing organizations claiming to be conservative yet promoting and defending abortion and non-traditional family positions under the guise of being the "enlightened," "progressive," or "new" voices within the conservative movement. They are either doing this by claiming that there is room within true conservatism for their views or by attempting to shift the conservative focus on such things as the economy and other areas to the exclusion of issues more typically characterized as having a moral basis such as abortion, traditional family, and the proper role of Judeo-Christian foundations in our country. I was going to use the word "religion" instead of "Judeo-Christian foundations" in the previous sentence until I realized that many of these infiltrators mimic the typical Leftist/socialist tune of selectively protecting and defending a preferred religion over Judeo-Christian faiths.

In the Catholic Church we see similar infiltrations by liberal, secular, socialist, Marxist, and feminist organizations as well, all under the guise of being the "enlightened," "progressive," or "tolerant" arms of the Catholic Church. I have written of this infiltration of the Republican Party and the Catholic Church before and, sadly, the cancer is spreading. In both cases, these infiltrating moles pervade each institution, present themselves as the moderate voices of reason within each institution, and find a predictably gleeful media ready, willing, and able to present their presence within the institution as a sign of division, confusion, or tension within both the conservative movement and the Catholic Church.

Anyone looking for a reason why these despicable trespassers have been able to even get a foot in the door need look no further than the compromising cowardice, spineless indecision, and spreading confusion within both the Republican Party and the Catholic Church. Alleged leaders in both organizations have not only betrayed their respective core principles and traditions, but have actively engaged, compromised, and criticized the very foundations upon which their respective institutions were built. All too often, we see members of both institutions speak of unity, compromise, and tolerance as if these traits and tactics were profoundly noble and universally necessary approaches consistent with their institution's core beliefs. Under the guise of drivel such as the "common good," "social justice," and "progressive thinking," these betrayers and the moles they enable have literally hijacked a significant portion of both the Republican Party and the Catholic Church. True conservatives, Catholics, and Christians must seek precision rather than blur, as well as clarification rather than obfuscation, so that they can effectively distinguish themselves from the frauds who have squatted under their mantle and now threaten to overthrow their legitimate claim. If either of these institutions continues to passively allow this spreading fog of confusion to continue unabated, they may well find themselves effectively labeled as the intruders themselves. We already read and hear how the Left, its fawning media, and their usefully mindless drones equate fervent conservatives and Christians with the Taliban and Nazis, despite the fact that they so often defend the first group and mimic the second group's ability to paint genocide and loss of individual freedom in euphemistic lies.

I believe that the Republican Party itself may be too far gone to save, and that conservatism will have to survive under its own, separate banner, publically calling upon the significant, yet perhaps dormant, conservative underbelly of this nation to mobilize, actualize, and proactively save this great nation. It will not be an easy task, and it may take many years to accomplish, even as the nation we all love and cherish is further diluted, distorted, and tarnished, perhaps even to the brink of total ideological annihilation.

Unlike the Republican Party, however, the Catholic Church has the promise of ultimate survival in the words of Christ himself. We know that, no matter how grim things may look today, and they will probably get even worse, Christianity will ultimately prevail.

Ironically, many of the core and true foundations and principles of both conservatism and Catholicism are similar, including respect for God, family, life, individual freedom, and personal responsibility. It should be no surprise, then, that both of these institutions are under attack from a society whose increasing hatred of these foundations and principles grows more virulent by the day. While the external enemies of these institutions are significant and numerous, their respective internal enemies may prove to be the most damaging and effective.

Given the supernatural assurance of Christianity's ultimate survival and triumph, true conservatism's eventual survival may well rest on its ability to remain proximate to that very same ally. To the extent that true conservatives, like true Catholics and Christians, allow the mantle of their respective institutions to be carried by those intruding frauds described above, the future of both institutions will remain shrouded in doubt.

Imagine a society where illegitimate intruders are allowed to rampantly invade until the legitimate become the minority. Liberals have already made considerable progress in hoisting such a situation on our nation. Whether they will likewise enjoy similar success with respect to conservatism and Catholicism in this country is currently very much in play.

© Gabriel Garnica


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