Michael Gaynor
Glenn Beck exquisitely admonished for ridiculing "birthers"
By Michael Gaynor
January 17, 2010

"Stopping things which can be proven unconstitutional is praiseworthy and I applaud you for your efforts. Stopping persons, however, who may be proven unconstitutionaly elected, could stop and possibly reverse those same actions which you, I and millions of others rightfully abhor." B. Quinn

Perhaps Fox News's Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly figure that ridiculing "the birthers" makes them seem "fair and balanced."

Are they as gullible as they seem?

In the aging O'Reilly's case, it may be that he's just not as bold and fresh as he used to be. The "war" he dramatically declared on The New York Times last spring quickly fizzled, because the story that ACORN had served for years as an unoffical arm of the Democrat Party was too big for him after the dawning of the Age of Obama.

In Beck's case, the answer appears to be yes, as Beck's fawning over radical ACORN 8 leader Marcel Reid ("Rosa Parks" to the Beckster) shows him to be easily gulled and Beck's enormous ego serves to keep him gulled.

In a compelling letter to Beck on the subject of Barack Obama's presidential eligibility dated January 15, 2010, B. Quinn set forth facts Beck had blithely ignored without belittling Beck.

The text of Quinn's letter follows.

"On Jan. 4, I viewed your five pm show on Fox and was impressed by your impassioned manner and command of facts on the issues. For that, I admire you. Please keep up the good work. Sadly, however, on your radio show that same day you castigated those questioning whether Barack Obama was a Constitutionally elected President. I would like to respond to your assumptions of that day and pray that my words will help change your outlook on this issue and induce you to so notify your radio and tv audiences.


"Assumption: You said: '...there is a concerted effort on all radio stations to get birthers on the air'

"Response: For a long time stations refused to allow Constitution defenders, including 'birthers' (and 'Beck-ers' I might add) to air their grievances and questions. You now enjoy that privilege....why can't others?

"Assumption: You claimed 'birthers' and, by extension, all Constitutional defenders 'may believe Obama brainwashed Hillary Clinton into not exposing his fraud.'

"Response: Obama simply had his Hawaiian birth certificate copy locked away from view, thus making it inaccess[i]ble to all, including Mrs. Clinton.

"Assumption: 'Birthers' (there's that word again) 'believe Obama's KGB Control may have put his birth announcement in 1961 Hawaiian newspapers with a roadmap of getting an African man into office.'

"Response: Let's be serious, Glenn. Hawaiian birth announcements, whether of 'naturalized' or 'natural-born' status, were automatically sent to newspapers by the Hawaiian Dept. of Health. A 'Certification of Live Birth' (COLB), which Obama displayed on a website to justify his Presidential eligibility, if legitimate, confers 'naturalized' citizenship status. It does, however, have one serious limitation. Only a 'Certificate of Live Birth' may qualify one for 'natural-born' status, the only status permitted for one seeking the Presidency of the United States. (U.S.Constitution-Article 2, Section 1) Therefore, unless the Hawaiian vault copy is a 'Certificate of Live Birth,' Obama, a Constitutional scholar, was ineligible to seek the Presidency....and knew it!

"With his continued refusal (to the tune of 2-4 Million Dollars in personal legal fees) to permit disclosure of the Vault Birth Certificate copy to anyone, including Military members who risked their careers for this disclosure, what does that tell us?

"Assumption: You defended Obama's refusal to produce the Hawaiian vault birth certificate with 'why do that when these people (birthers) are so discrediting themselves?'

"Response: That was a non-answer Glenn, since producing it might have avoided about 75-100 lawsuits which, not incidentally, the Major Media has quietly kept hidden from the Public. Was this the 'Freedom of the Press' which our Country's founders fought for?

"Assumption: You referred to the actions of those questioning Obama's eligibility as 'Dumb.'

"Response: We are speaking about Presidential eligibility, an issue which our beleagured Founders felt important enough to become the second article in our Constitution-not a footnote or suggestion. How dumb is it to insist that Obama resolve this issue by authorizing release of the vault certificate, as well as other relevant documents (1981 Passport to Pakistan, College records, etc). The actions which you decry are simply demands for 'TRANSPARENCY'-a term Obama often uses....yet more often abuses. Are people like Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs,etc. and all the Plaintiffs in the legal challenges (including one hundred servicemen and women, ranging from NCO's to Generals who receive my e-mails) considered dumb for seeking the truth?. You yourself repeatedly exhort your audiences to QUESTION!,QUESTION!,QUESTION!

"Assumption: 'Why don't we go after the things provable, go after the things that actually you need to stop right now?'

"Response: Stopping things which can be proven unconstitutional is praiseworthy and I applaud you for your efforts. Stopping persons, however, who may be proven unconstitutionaly elected, could stop and possibly reverse those same actions which you, I and millions of others rightfully abhor.


"Though simply a layman, I have spent one and one-half years studying articles, e-mails, etc. on this issue and would like to emphasize some points which I believe must be addressed by Obama to confirm or deny his eligibility:

"1.Obama has never, I repeat, never been "vetted." Remember, the birth certificate which he put on a website was not a Certificate of Live Birth and was obviously a deliberate deception on his part since he knew it would not justify his eligibility.

"2. The passport used by him to enter war-ridden Pakistan in 1981 was not a U.S.passport since U.S. passports were not issued in 1981 to regular American citizens. Also, his school and medical records, etc. were all blocked from public access by him.

"3. Who would spend $2-4 million dollars in legal fees rather than simply produce a legitimate Certificate of Live Birth when seeking the office of President, unless the Certificate would confirm his ineligibility?

"4. Three million members in the Armed Forces yet only one, I repeat, one, has refused to let anyone see his birth certificate....The Commander-in-Chief....Barack Obama! THIS STATEMENT, ALONE, SCREAMS FOR JUSTIFICATION. Going further, every Serviceman or woman who challenged Obama's eligibility in court was abandoned by their supposed leader. His attorneys have blocked every attempt to force disclosure of any records, birth or otherwise!. How's that for transparency and, more importantly, for concern of our Military?

"5. Bill O'Reilly of Fox claimed on TV that Fox could have very easily obtained a copy of Obama's valid birth certificate from Hawaii. This was a serious falsehood since no one has ever been given permission to view it-and many have requested it. I presume that Mr. O'Reilly was either misinformed or uninformed by Fox. So much for 'fair and balanced' reporting on this issue. Incidentally, why didn't he request a copy?

"Glenn, you have just read the words of one of the millions you obviously consider 'dumb' about this issue. I trust that you will now view us in a better light. There is an old saying: 'Where there is smoke there's fire.' Has Obama started a conflagration in an attempt to smother the truth by any possible means? He may deny it but his actions are speaking louder than his words. To quote Bill O'Reilly 'What say you?'"

Quinn graciously closed "With Kindest Regards, A Faithful Viewer R. Quinn-New York and added these postscripts:

"I'm following this letter with copies of the two letters which I previously sent to the Supreme Court and Bill O'Reilly of Fox, and copied to my entire e-mail list. Glenn, your thoughts reach millions, mine only a few thousand. Feel free to collate the two, if you wish.

"Any recipient of this letter wishing free copies of the above-mentioned two letters need simply e-mail their request to me."

After receiving a copy of the letter, I emailed for and received permission to post the letter.

I don't conclude from Obama's concealment of his birth certificate that he was born outside the United States, but I do believe that the burden of proving eligibility is on the claimant and the logical conclusion from Obama's concealment is that he's either hiding SOMETHING significant or too weird to be President.

Unless arrogance and buffoonery are prerequisites for hosting "Beck," Fox News would do better by substituting Quinn.

© Michael Gaynor


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