Michael Gaynor
Man up, Bob and George. Debate Wendy Long
By Michael Gaynor
June 8, 2012

If Turner and Maragos are too old to do a few debates, they shouldn't be running.

It's hardly surprising, but it is disappointing: the two men that Wendy Long crushed for the New York Conservative Party nomination (91% of the vote, then made unanimous) and dominated at the New York Republican Party Convention (with a near majority of more than 47%, compared to the less than 53% than they divided nearly equally) are not eager to debate.

Hey, we need to replace Senator Kirsten Gillibrand with a principled, articulate conservative who will fight for traditional American values, not a man who's trying to win a low-term out summer primary because too many voters aren't paying attention and is no more eager to debate Long than Gillibrand is.

The following Long press release tells us that the guys are shy and/or sly.

Long: Maragos and Turner Debating to Debate


Long is the only candidate to accept requests to participate in at least three debates

New York, New York — In late April, U.S. Senate candidate Wendy Long challenged her GOP primary opponents George Maragos and Bob Turner to a series of three debates across New York State to take place prior to the June 26th primary. With less than three weeks until the primary election, Wendy Long has been the only candidate to accept requests to participate in three debates.

Long said, "There is still time, but it is getting short. My opponents need to agree to these debates. New York voters need to hear from us about the problems facing our state and country, and about the policies that we believe in."

In a letter sent to her opponents in April, Long wrote, "This is one of the shortest primary schedules in modern New York electoral history. It's important to hold a series of debates across the Empire State so that Republican primary voters can make an educated decision as to which one of us they prefer to face the U.S. Senate's number one liberal, Senator Gillibrand, on the GOP line in the November election."

With only weeks until the primary election on June 26th, it appears that Long's opponents are not eager or willing to reach out and educate Republican voters on the crucial issues New Yorkers are facing. Wendy Long has readily agreed to participate in the following debates throughout the state: * June 17th, hosted by NY1 and YNN (all parties have agreed) * June 19th with the Erie County Federation of Republican Women *June 21st, sponsored by the New Yorker's Family Research Foundation.

In addition, the Long campaign has requested that the Buffalo News host a debate and has accepted an open invitation from the Long Island Federalist Society to debate.

With time running down on a historically short Senate primary sprint, Wendy Long calls on her opponents to step up and accept these important opportunities to educate Republican voters on the issues and the differences between the candidates.

Earlier Maragos issued this grossly deceptive press release:

We Have Waited Long Enough; Wendy, Where's the Beef?

May 11, 2012 — U.S. Senate Candidate Maragos: Almost 3 weeks ago, Ms. Long issued a challenge to at least 3 debates. To date Ms. Long has not announced any arrangements to such debates and the primary on June 26, 2012 is rapidly approaching. Was her announcement an empty challenge typical of many of our politicians?

Ms. Long should know better than to issue empty challenges and promises. Her credibility with New Yorkers is at stake if she cannot deliver 3 debates. Mr. Maragos is ready!

Did Maragos expect the lady in the race to make all the arrangements for him?

Maybe, but he probably thinks he's better off blaming Long for a lack of debates than having a few debates with her.

On that, I think that he's right.

But...what a wimp!

If Turner and Maragos are too old to do a few debates, they shouldn't be running.

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