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Adam Graham was Montana State Coordinator for the Alan Keyes campaign in 2000, and in 2004 was a candidate for the Republican nomination for the Idaho State House. He and his wife live in Boise, Idaho. Graham writes about U.S. and Idaho politics on his blog at Graham hosts "The Truth and Hope Report," a Political Podcast focusing on important stories you need to know about. You can subscribe to his podcast at

My Candidate is Nobody
Adam Graham
June 25, 2013

In 2005, I was sure who I wanted to be President in 2008. Mike Pence, now Governor of Indiana, then Congressman, was my choice and I made it known. Pence . . .

It's time for John Boehner to go
Adam Graham
January 2, 2013

In 2008, then-Minority Leader John Boehner urged Republicans to vote for the TARP- a $750 billion Government bailout, calling it a "crap sandwich" but he voted . . .

The American crisis: it's not just a political problem, it's an educational problem
Adam Graham
November 27, 2012

I wrote in a previous piece that the problem that has led America to its current state is not just a political problem, it's a spiritual problem. While this is . . .

The American crisis: it's not just a political problem, it's a spiritual problem
Adam Graham
November 15, 2012

As I mentioned in my previous piece, the political animals of our culture dream that the re-election of Barack Obama was primarily a political failure . . .

The America crisis: enough with the nonsense
Adam Graham
November 13, 2012

The American political scene on both sides of the aisle is inhabited some relatively shallow individuals in their understanding of the world. To most . . .

Is Newt Gingrich helping or hurting Mitt Romney?
Adam Graham
March 15, 2012

Newt Gingrich in the wake of two losses in deep South States is seeking a justification for remaining in the race. When challenged by Brett Baier, Gingrich was . . .

An appeal to Ohio Gingrich supporters
Adam Graham
March 6, 2012

It's tough to change candidates in order to do the right thing for the country. Tennessee State Senator Stacey Campfield was (until Saturday) Tennessee Co . . .

Letters to conservatives #7: it depends on what the meaning of grandiose is
Adam Graham
January 31, 2012

Dear Fellow Conservatives, In our previous letter, we discussed the general character of Newt Gingrich. In this final piece, I want to focus on one . . .

Letters to conservatives #6: character is destiny
Adam Graham
January 29, 2012

Dear Fellow Conservatives, Having explained in the previous four letters why I support Rick Santorum for president, in these last two letters I will turn to . . .

Letter to conservatives #5: Santorum's faults
Adam Graham
January 28, 2012

Dear Conservatives, In the last three letters, I've taken a look at how I see Rick Santorum being able to win the presidency, his vision for America, and his . . .

Letters to conservatives #4: Santorum the steadfast warrior
Adam Graham
January 27, 2012

Dear Fellow Conservatives, Having examined, in the last letter, Senator Santorum's proposals, we turn to the issue of Santorum's character and capacity to be . . .

Letter to conservatives #3: Rick Santorum's vision for America
Adam Graham
January 25, 2012

Dear Conservatives, In the second piece, I offered my opinion as to why I thought Senator Santorum could win the Republican presidential nomination. Now, we . . .

Letters to conservatives: Santorum's path to victory
Adam Graham
January 24, 2012

Dear Fellow Conservatives, In my first piece, I responded to the call of certain supporters of Newt Gingrich, as well as Gingrich himself, for Senator Rick . . .

Letters to conservatives: a plea for reason
Adam Graham
January 23, 2012

Dear Fellow Conservatives, There is a time when it is time to put aside what Speaker Gingrich's aide once called "tweets and trivia" and lay out our concerns . . .

Rick Santorum for President
Adam Graham
January 5, 2012

Rick Santorum finished eight votes behind Mitt Romney in Iowa, a virtual tie. If this were a general election or even a primary where votes were binding, there . . .

Herman Cain is pro-life
Adam Graham
October 23, 2011

Leon Wolf of Red State did something rare among bloggers and columnists. He admitted he was wrong when he stated Herman Cain was pro-choice on abortion over . . .

How conservatives kill tax reform
Adam Graham
October 13, 2011

Conservatives like rail against our current anti-growth tax code. Despite loathing the tax code, conservatives invariably end up killing any fundamental . . .

Five things I hate about unions
Adam Graham
September 6, 2011

This Labor Day weekend, liberal union leaders throughout the country will likely be askings, "What is that conservatives have against unions?" The popular . . .

Religion in politics: what matters and what doesn't
Adam Graham
August 17, 2011

Sunday morning religion wasn't limited to churches this past week. NBC's David Gregory spent the last third of his interview with GOP Presidential Candidate . . .

Intervention: a political satire
Adam Graham
July 24, 2011

Editorial Note: It is rare that my interest in politics and my fiction writing interest intersect. However, the current political debate provided inspiration . . .

The real lesson of the government shutdown
Adam Graham
July 16, 2011

In light of the debt ceiling debate, many are warning that a failure to raise the debt ceiling which leads defaults or to a partial government shutdown would be . . .

As the vultures swoop down
Adam Graham
January 9, 2011

There's a familiar pattern to the crime in Tucson and its aftermath. The same pattern could be seen in acts of violence in Oklahoma City, Jonesboro, Columbine, . . .

The danger of doing good things
Adam Graham
May 19, 2010

The fall of Rep. Mark Souder (R-In.) will certainly raise the hackles of many on the left. "There goes another 'family values' guy. *snicker*" The Congressman . . .

Defining the opponent: pragmatic neo-Marxists
Adam Graham
May 17, 2010

Before discussing the left and how social liberalism serves its ends, we need to clarify terms. It is popular, and perhaps politically advantageous to define . . .

Time to face reality about Vaughn Ward
Adam Graham
May 14, 2010

In the national conservative blogosphere, Marine Lt. Colonel Vaughn Ward, a former employee of the CIA and a combat veteran is considered the candidate who will . . .

Social conservatism is fiscal conservatism #2: The folly of social libertarianism
Adam Graham
May 13, 2010

In our first part, we began to look at the essential nature of strong families and strong faith communities to the resolution of fiscal problems. In this number . . .

Social conservatism is fiscal conservatism #1: Introduction
Adam Graham
May 12, 2010

If you want to cause eyes to instantaneously roll on a conservative forum, raise a social conservative issue. In the midst of a heated discussion that will . . .

Scorched earth
Adam Graham
May 8, 2010

Is it time for the left to get some well-deserved payback? The Conservative site, Respect the Great Game thinks so. They want to know why is allowing . . .

Democrats pledge passage of bill through hidden gavel trick
Adam Graham
March 17, 2010

Washington, DC (Satire) — Realizing that the Slaughter Rule may be too controversial to obtain 216 votes, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democratic leadership . . .

Romney's sacrifice to the health care god
Adam Graham
March 10, 2010

With the Stupak Amendment and the hot topic of abortion funding back in the news, some people are beginning to remember that after RomneyCare was approved in . . .

Why I'm not an environmentalist
Adam Graham
February 7, 2010

At a Christian conference I attended this weekend, a fellow attendee suggested conservative Christians don't want to be identified with the environmentalist . . .

The congressman and the bishop
Adam Graham
November 26, 2009

Former Governor Howard Dean (D-VT) was raised Episcopalian, but the moment of truth came when he could no longer in good conscience call himself a member of . . .

It's time for a real peace prize
Adam Graham
October 12, 2009

Does everyone remember the year that Yankees #1 draft pick Brian Taylor was awarded the Cy Young Award for intending to be a great major league pitcher, or when . . .

Don't mess with Sarah Palin
Adam Graham
July 7, 2009

Some conservatives fear Sarah Palin's political career is over with her recent decision to resign as governor of Alaska. Captain Ed Morrissey has even ripped . . .

Smile when you say that
Adam Graham
May 28, 2009

If duplicity is noble, then President Obama's speech at Notre Dame was as praiseworthy as Jim Kearney said it was on Sunday. I'm all for civility and . . .

We are Miss California
Adam Graham
April 25, 2009

The Miss USA contest was decided, not because of beauty or style points, but because of the political and religious views of one of the contestants. Miss . . .

Huckabee's strategy
Adam Graham
March 10, 2009

David Hill, at the Hill newspaper, alleges that Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee has an extreme risk of "catching a cold" in his "breezy" role as host of . . .

The meaningless CPAC straw poll
Adam Graham
March 1, 2009

At the CPAC straw poll, Mitt Romney won for the third straight time with 20% of the vote, Governor Bobby Jindal finished second with 14%, Sarah Palin and Ron . . .

Reagan in perspective
Adam Graham
February 20, 2009

Two schools of thought exist regarding Ronald Reagan. One venerates Reagan as the pinnacle of conservatism, whose legacy holds the key to Republican renewal. . . .

Grading Bush
Adam Graham
January 15, 2009

Six days away from the end of the Bush Administration, it's time to look back on and evaluate the Bush Administration. I'll divide my grade up into three areas: . . .

Yes, he
Adam Graham
January 13, 2009

Flying over the Capitol in Marine One for the last time, President Barack Obama waves to the cheering crowds below. The day is January 20, 2013. Obama leans . . .

The man to bring back the GOP
Adam Graham
January 8, 2009

At long last, I'm going to announce my choice for Republican Party Chairman. I will not talk about the five candidates I choose not to support at this time. We . . .

Coulter: Congratulations, unlearned fool, you're the conservative of the year
Adam Graham
December 23, 2008

In what amounts to one of the most bizarre columns I've read by Ann Coulter (and with Coulter, that says something), Coulter hands out Human Events' . . .

The Dark Knight of conservatism
Adam Graham
December 21, 2008

The office of Senator Tom Coburn (R-Ok.) released a report of outrageous pork and wasteful programs. The Government spent $15,000 to provide voicemail to the . . .

A giant on whose shoulders we stand
Adam Graham
December 20, 2008

The great Paul Weyrich passed away at the age of 66. He was not known by most Americans, but he was one of the most important conservatives of our time. As is . . .

It's our inauguration, too
Adam Graham
December 19, 2008

Behind the radical left's reaction to Rick Warren speaking at the inauguration is a fundamental misunderstanding of what the inaugural event is about.  . . .

Things too wonderful
Adam Graham
December 13, 2008

President Bush is creating some confusion over the issue of religion. The president has declared Christianity but one avenue to God among many. This has left . . .

We call it the Fair Tax--not the Perfect Tax
Adam Graham
December 8, 2008

Recently on his radio program, Hugh Hewitt raised two objections to the National Retail Sales Tax (i.e. the Fair Tax.) That it would eliminate the charitable . . .

Do the right thing--ignore phony reviews
Adam Graham
December 3, 2008

Six months ago, I wrote a scathing critique of National Review's treatment of Mike Huckabee and warned that there is media bias from those on the right. To my . . .

Screwtape: This year, I'm thankful for Republicans
Adam Graham
December 1, 2008

From: Dave Screwtape To: Subscribers Subject: Thanksgiving Thoughts As Democrats, we should be thankful for many things this year. I'm of course . . .

It's 1992 all over again
Adam Graham
November 19, 2008

America elected a new Democratic President with more than 360 electoral votes. Liberals streamed to power, leaving the conservatives downcast. The Republican . . .

Understanding Palin power
Adam Graham
November 11, 2008

In a CBS Poll after the 1992 election, 12% of Republicans supported Dan Quayle for President. In 1996, no one clamored for Jack Kemp to run in 2000. After the 2 . . .

Center of confusion
Adam Graham
November 10, 2008

One of the statements coming out of Washington from both sides of the aisle is that Barack Obama will govern from the Center. Centrist governance will be the . . .

With unhingedness towards none
Adam Graham
November 7, 2008

After the crushing defeat, Republicans face a tough road back. How do we get there? I'll be addressing this in the next few columns. The first thing is to . . .

Why McCain lost
Adam Graham
November 5, 2008

John McCain ran an honorable campaign, but still came up short. Any Republican would have trouble in this environment, with the state of the economy, the . . .

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