Armand C. Hale
January 9, 2011
It has started
By Armand C. Hale

The shooting of Rep. Giffords is a travesty and the hearts and prayers of all go out to the family members and the victims touched by this horrible shooting incident. Now the blame game is emerging, in force. (JMJ)

From Patriot Action Network;

"What occurred in Tucson Arizona is a travesty and our hearts and prayers go out to the family members and victims involved by this horrible shooting incident today. The Tea Party does not condone violence. Our ideological battle has always been and will always be at the ballot box. Furthermore, we vehemently disagree with obtuse statements blaming the Tea Party's influence for the shooting in Tucson Arizona. Again, we pray for the victims and their family members and offer our condolences to those that lost loved ones today in this senseless, tragic event."

Darla Dawald, of Arizona
National Director
Patriot Action Network

A comment by Silver Farr on the Patriot Action Network board

"Of course they will try and blame the Tea Party. When I hear some of the venom being spewed by extreme leftists, I'm inclined to believe that there will sadly be retaliatory incidents. You can't even carry on an intelligent conversation with some of them because of the emotional outbursts they make. I fear what may happen in the wake of today's shooting."

A comment by Ray M Schmidt on the Patriot Action Network board"

Well, you know the lefts motto: never let a catastrophe go to waste. Even though everyone, including them I think, know that the tea party type people do not condone this awful tragedy, the left will use it to their advantage!"

Please read more on patriot action network board.

As much as the socialist/communist forces, main stream media and left try to pin this on "radical Americans" we must all raise our voices in great indignation to this shooting in general and those mention previous who would use the catastrophe to silence us and further their own leftist agenda to cling and hang on to power.

How low will they go?

From the Director of the National Organization for Marriage;

"Two weeks ago, NOM — and thousands of good people like you-called on national homosexual marriage groups to stop using shocking images of children spewing angry obscenities to raise money for their cause. NOM's "Pink T-shirt video" is opening a lot of eyes to the hatred-inciting tactics of some prominent homosexual marriage organizations who've reportedly accepted more than $200,000 raised by this disturbing video. Watch the video, with this warning: even with the profanities muted, it is still deeply disturbing. Make sure no children can see it, please, when you play it. And pray for the children on this video mouthing the hate- and obscenity-filled scripts adults gave them to say-hatred against their friends, neighbors and fellow citizens who believe that marriage is the union of husband and wife. NOM's demand is simple: Stop using small children shouting obscenities to make your case and raise money for your cause. Thousands of people just like you have signed this petition to protect the kids." But so far, not a single so-called "mainstream" homosexual rights group has refused to accept the money.

Brian S. Brown
National Organization for Marriage

We must stay permanently active in politics. We could lose all the ground made with the socialist/communist back in control of Congress again. We must be vigilant, not arrogant but humble and pray for God's help in this battle of good against evil. And each individual must ask the Lord God's mercy and repent of their sins. God will not deny mercy. In fact, the greater the sinner, the more you have a right to his mercy. Amen.

Please read "Do you really want your kids exposed to this?" on Patriot Action

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Armand C. Hale

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