Armand C. Hale
We are in high gear
By Armand C. Hale
June 7, 2011

The summer is on and the heat is on for the race to the White House. The summer is just beginning and I'm already tired. Please remember our goal is not to get along. Our goal is to win! We are at the threshold of this country becoming a socialist communist failure. Did I say we are about bankrupted too? It is ok. D.C can just print more money! (JMJ)

No opt-out for opponents of homosexual in military: Gates

Okay, we've totally changed the rules on you, and you have no recourse? Not sure I'd tell that to the marines! What about you? Please refrain from homosexual bashing.....(the management) Discussion posted by Admin II/Promotions, Dee: By David Alexander | Reuters FORWARD OPERATING BASE DWYER, Afghanistan (Reuters) — Defense Secretary Robert Gates bluntly told Marines on Sunday they won't be able to opt out of their enlistment just because they disagree with a government decision to end a ban on homosexuals serving openly in the military.Discussion link: No opt-out for opponents of homosexuals in military: Gates Note: Heterosexuals have become less then 2nd class citizens because the needs of the few have been allowed to outweigh the needs of the many!

We won't back down to the liberal media!

The single most important thing that Conservatives across the country can accomplish in 2012 is electing a true Conservative as President! As a country, we face very serious challenges, and we need true leadership to right the ship.

Yesterday, we announced our commitment to putting a Conservative in the White House with our "Stop Romney" campaign. Our supporters are 100% behind our efforts to stop flip-flopper Mitt Romney from getting the Republican nomination. Unsurprisingly, though, the liberal media is trying to discredit our efforts by belittling our organization and launching baseless attacks against our Chairman. You can see a rundown of the liberal media's attacks at our blog.

We commit to you today that we will not be deterred by these attacks from the liberal media! They want the Republicans to nominate a squish like Mitt Romney because it will help make sure Barack Obama wins a second term. They will prop up Mitt Romney — just as they've propped up liberal Republicans in the past — because they know that he won't be able to mount an effective campaign against their darling in the White House! You can help us combat the liberal media. We know this: Mitt Romney lacks the leadership this country needs, and if he wins the nomination Conservatives will have no voice representing their concerns in the general election! Will you help us ensure there is a Conservative in the White House?

Mitt Romney has changed his stance on issues from gun rights to homosexual rights, from abortion to immigration, and even on his own Romney-Care! Tea Party voters across the country are looking for real leadership, and we won't find that in Mitt Romney. Please support our efforts to elect a true Conservative as President of the United States by making a contribution — HERE — Source: Bryan Shroyer, Executive Director, Western Representation PAC. Post Script: Electing a true Conservative during the primaries to run in the election of 2012 should be the most paramount goal for "We The People." I have said this before. Our goal is not to get along. Our goal is to win!

Jonathan Ball Executive Director, Americans for Life

Dear Concerned American;

The unborn. They need protection. You see, almost 4,000 babies are aborted every day in America over 1 MILLION defenseless lives ended each year. This has to stop. The Life at Conception Act gives legal recognition to what you and I already know unborn children are living humans with the same right to life as you and me. Ironically, this legal way to stop abortion in America is within the very Roe v. Wade ruling that overturned state laws against abortion back in 1973.

The Court noted if Congress ever declared that life begins at conception, then unborn babies would have the protections of the U.S. Constitution. The Life at Conception Act does exactly this. But to pass the Life at Conception Act, it will take an outpouring of support from pro-life Americans like you and me. Please give a few minutes of your time to help Americans for Life move closer towards passing a Life at Conception Act by completing the Committee to Save 1 Million survey prepared for you. And after you complete your survey, I hope you will chip in $10 or even $20 to help Americans for Life grow the Committee to Save 1 Million. Can one million unborn babies count on you today? Source: Jonathan Ball, Executive Director, Americans for Life

Continuing to fight against illegal immigration and Amnesty

Friends of ALIPAC,

We need everyone to help us get our current funds drive off to a better start. We must raise $5,000 before next Tuesday to meet our operations costs for early June. Our funds are now critically low and we must tend to the task of raising funds, as all national organizations must do. If you value ALIPAC's efforts to fight against illegal immigration and against Amnesty for illegal's, please take just a few seconds to make a donation today. Times are very tough, but if everyone will make an effort to give a little something we can continue the fight and announce new strategies next week. The illegal's have started winning battles in the states for the first time and we need ALIPAC to fight back using new strategies. Please consider a small donation via our secure donations page at this link. Source: ALIPAC, PO Box 30966, Raleigh, NC 27622

I Will Not Stop Spending

There was an important vote on the debt ceiling. The vote was on a piece of legislation that would have raised the debt ceiling without ANY spending cuts. This move by House Republicans was specifically designed to get the Democrats on record demanding that they be allowed to keep spending on credit without taking any measures to handle their budget. It should be unbelievable that elected members of Congress could have that mentality but have you seen the Democrat party recently? This shrewd move from the Republicans deserves to be recognized; we'll get to that later. One of the tools that we are excited to roll out is software that helps you contact your member of Congress. We need to let the Republicans know that we are paying attention and that we will not accept raising the debt ceiling without addressing the underlying spending problem. Click here to use one of the many tools we offer to take action now! Source: Todd Cefaratti Freedom Organizer

Stop This Great Injustice!

Hello fellow Patriots! It's Lloyd Marcus here, Vice Chairman of The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama. A great injustice is taking place in Wisconsin. Democrats in the legislature fled the state to avoid having to vote on Republican Gov. Scott Walker's budgetary reform bill. But instead the Democrats sunk to a new low. They launched RECALL campaigns that have now been certified against six Republicans. And if they are successful in just some of these RECALL campaigns they will take control of the Wisconsin State Legislature and be able to block Gov. Scott Walker's entire agenda.

But that's not all they are trying to do — they plan to wage a RECALL campaign against Gov. Scott Walker himself if they are successful. That is why, my friends, we simply MUST defeat every single one of these RECALL campaigns. Think about it this way: the Democrats refused to work to reduce the deficit and cut spending, and ran away and hid like little children, and now they are trying to punish the Republican legislators who were finally responsible and did the right thing. We can't let this stand. We must fight back. raised $370,000 for their efforts to smear conservatives and try to boot them from office. We must all pull together to raise the money to fight back!

Please contribute $$$ so we can fund these efforts. To support our efforts — CLICK HERE TO DONATE Please, please, please — help us reach this goal and ensure that these RECALL campaigns are defeated. Source: Campaign To Defeat Obama P.O. Box 601684, Sacramento, CA 95860-1684


I ask you to read what may be relevant to you and pass on to our comrades in arms in the fight.

Why Is There a Gay Pride Flag Flying at the Federal Reserve in Richmond, VA?,

China Has Divested 97 Percent of Its Holdings in U.S. Treasury Bills,

REPORT: Federal Employees Spent 3 Million Hours of Official Time on Union Activities,

Obama Solicitor General: People Can Avoid the Individual Mandate by Choosing to Earn Less Money Share,

Al Qaeda URGES American Muslims to BUY GUNS FOR TERROR ATTACKS!,

'Goldman Sachs & Geithner Thick as Thieves' 'Boehner Pressed on All Sides' 'Tea Party Republicans Frustrated with Geithner',

National Black Chamber of Commerce President Calls Obama "Marxist, Brown Shirt, Fanatical."

Please use this video to educate as many people as possible. We must prepare them for the elections in 2012. Lift Up USA Keith Ellison —,

Documents show FCC coordinated 'Net Neutrality' effort with outside group,

The FCC & Free Press have been found out. George Soros must not be taking too kindly to this! What say you?

From "Mr. T" in Texas;

Is this person living in a real world?

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi told ABC News in an exclusive interview that Democrats "have a very good chance of winning the House" majority in the 2012 elections, pointing to Medicare as the key issue that could propel her party back into control of the lower chamber of Congress. "We just take it, as I say to the members, one day, one good day, one good week, one good month, one good quarter at a time," said Pelosi, D-Calif., in an interview for ABC News' Subway Series with Jonathan Karl.

To Mr. T;

What else is she going to say? It's all about power. They want the issue. If they fix the problem, they can't run on it. They are literally in their own world.

Here are some thoughts from blogger Errol Phillips;

The most despicable of the Liberals are the Anti-War Protesters who used the deaths and wounded of our Heroes as political pawns to make a political statement. The stench of their hypocrisy shames them for life.

These are the 97 Democrats that actually voted "yes" to bankrupt the Country by voting for an unconditional increase in the Debt ceiling. Amazing what they vote for with Citizen's Money!

Berman, Blumenauer, Brady (PA), Capuano, Carson (IN), Clarke (MI), Clarke (NY), Clay, Cleaver, Cohen, Connolly (VA), Cooper, Davis (IL), DeGette, Dicks, Dingell, Doyle, Edwards, Ellison, Engel, Eshoo, Farr, Fattah, Filner, Frank (MA), Fudge, Garamendi, Gonzalez, Green Al, Grijalva, Gutierrez, Hanabusa, Heinrich, Himes, Hirono, Holt, Honda, Jackson (IL), Jackson Lee (TX), Johnson, E. B., Kildee, Kucinich, Larsen (WA), Larson (CT), Lee (CA), Lofgren, Zoe, Lowey, Luján, Lynch, Maloney, Markey, Matsui, McCarthy (NY), McCollum, McDermott, McGovern, Miller (NC), Moore, Moran, Murphy (CT), Nadler, Neal, Olver, Pascrell, Pastor (AZ), Payne, Perlmutter, Pingree (ME), Price (NC), Quigley, Richmond, Rothman (NJ), Roybal-Allard, Ruppersberger, Rush, Sanchez, Linda T., Sarbanes, Schakowsky, Scott (VA), Serrano, Sewell, Sherman, Sires, Speier, Stark, Thompson (MS), Tonko, Tsongas, Velázquez, Waters, Watt, Waxman, Weiner, Welch, Wilson (FL), Woolsey, Yarmuth

From Conrad the Patriot;

Rothschild's New World Order Blue Print ~ Fomenting War Between Israel & Islam For Central Banking: Displayed At The British Museum Library In London!

(Just read the print in red down the article. An interesting collection of history wouldn't you say?)

Oath Keepers Tucson Memorial Day to Honor Jose Guerena and our War Dead

"Note to Viewer: Be advised that this is a very emotionally difficult video to watch as it is a memorial service for a fallen Marine with his widow and other family and to remember our war dead. This should not be viewed lightly, but it goes to the heart of what it means to be an American and how high the stakes are for all of us in the struggle for our liberty.

Idaho to be first Chinese state

From the Desk of Steve Elliott, Grassfire Nation

What if we created a commemorative 9/11 lapel pin and asked Americans to sponsor other Americans to receive the pin for free? Will you consider sponsoring one of the thousands of Americans who have requested to receive this commemorative 9/11 pin? I want to keep this going so that tens or even hundreds of thousands of Americans can reconnect with the patriotic sentiment we each felt after 9/11, but I need your help: Please go here:

Homosexual Architects Seek to Silence Christians

Just when you think it can't get any weirder or more disturbing, an Oakland grade school decided to teach kindergartners about multiple genders, under the banner of preventing bullying. Watch video. Look at the children's faces. Then look at the activist from a group called "Gender Spectrum" who wants to embed in these children's minds the idea that we all have a right to make up our own gender(s)."People can be girls, feel like girls, they can feel like boys, they can feel like both, and they can even feel, like I said, kind of like neither," he teaches them. This is a movement that knows what it is doing. The New York Daily News, to their credit, reported, "Same-sex marriage foe State Sen. Ruben Diaz & family hit with death threats over stance on issue":

Source: Brian S. Brown, President. National Organization for Marriage

Boeing workers strike back against Obama Labor Board and Death threats

Union tyrants and their allies in the Obama Administration would rather shut down a plant than allow Boeing employees to work where they can't be forced to pay dues or "fees" to Big Labor. South Carolina TV Stations Cover Foundation's Efforts to Protect Boeing Employees from Obama NLRB Attack. National Right to Work Foundation staff attorneys, a group of Boeing employees moved to intervene to stop the NLRB from shutting down Boeing's Charleston Dream liner plant. The Foundation's announcement made headlines nationwide, including television coverage across South Carolina: See the video.

We will hunt you down. Slit your throats. Drink your blood. I will have your decapitated head on a pike in the Madison town square.

Those are the words of a union militant aimed directly at a Wisconsin state legislator for daring to vote to restrict Big Labor's forced dues control over Wisconsin state workers. Wisconsin State Journal reported police found "dozens of rounds of live ammunition outside the Capitol" during the height of the Wisconsin protests.

After reporting a timesheet-padding scheme by their local union bosses, one of the whistle blowers was beaten so severely by a union thug he suffered two herniated discs and had to undergo knee surgery.

Another whistle blower found a dead rat in his locker along with a note he would be "taken care of." And another stated he was told: "If I continue to complain about their finances, they would have me killed."

Ever since the Supreme Court's infamous 1973 Enmons decision, union bosses have been granted immunity from prosecution for acts of violence and vandalism they orchestrate in the so-called "pursuit of legitimate union objectives." That's why the Freedom From Union Violence Act must be a top priority in Congress. Source: The National Right to Work Committee

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Armand C. Hale

MSgt Armand C. Hale retired from the U.S. Air Force serving his country for over 23 years. His many tours of duty included the Republic of Korea, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the State of Qatar. He has a Bachelors degree in business & management and has written a book on his experiences in the country of Qatar. You can purchase his book at and Lulu Books.


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