Ann "Babe" Huggett
King of Fraudi Obamania
By Ann "Babe" Huggett
June 4, 2009

Considering the fast and awful demise and decay into socialism of the late, great United States, sometimes you just freeze up from the overwhelming choices on what to write. A quick glance at late breaking news on the web is usually enough to get me going but today The Drudge Report had a very odd juxtaposition of pictures which gave me real pause. The first illustration, which is linked with an article titled, The Emergence of Obama's Muslim Roots," has an unidentified man holding a glitzy, Las Vegas version of an Egyptian cartouche bearing King Tut's funerary mask with the words, "OBAMA New Tutankhamon of the World." The second picture showed NBC TV anchor, Brian Williams, doing a formal court bow to President Obama at the end of an NBC show airing this week. The corresponding comment on Drudge is, "NBC News Anchor Bows Before President?" and you can watch Williams sorry, sycophantic grovel on the YouTube link provided.

Now we hear that Obama is being given the "royal treatment" during his state visit to Saudi Arabia by King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz, who unloaded a bit of Mr. T starter bling on Obama by presenting him with a massively heavy gold chain complete with sunburst medallion. A troubling pattern is beginning to emerge and it is one that Americans supposedly turned their backs on in 1776. I have often theorized that our socialist elites wake up each and every morning bitterly and egomaniacally furious that they are not actual royalty. Well, what if they just carved up the whole world into oligarchic satraps, eventually assuming all the royal prerogatives but with the actual titles tantalizingly always out-of-reach?

One has only to look at the contemptuous way the UK's real royal family, The Windsors, have been treated both here and in their own country by our respective socialist governments and media enablers to see the rampant, naked envy of those forced to campaign for elected office. So far Dictators-for-life, Fidel Castro of Cuba and Kim Il Jong of North Korea seem to have made the leap to hereditary dictatorships but only time will tell.

Yet the siren call of kingship is always beckoning. About the only title that the elites have ironically gotten away with so far in the U.S. is "czar," the Pre-Russian Revolution form of "Caesar," but only as a governmental short hand designation for political cronies gifted with plum positions dedicated to ruining peoples' lives and prosperity. America's first and greatest President, George Washington, wisely turned down the crown of kingship when it was offered to him three times.

A king or queen represents the physical manifestation of their country. They are the embodiment of their nation; their nation's health and welfare as a sovereign state is in their hands. If they rule wisely and well, their people and their nation prosper. If they are poor or inept rulers, their hold on power is challenged and they are eventually overthrown. It may take generations but dynasties come and go in the course of history.

With socialist elites, it's a different ballgame. They've gotten into power not through heritage but through the ballot box originally then stay in through voter fraud at one end and force of arms at the bitter end. As such, they have no vested interest in the health and welfare of the land that they now control. The lesser elites, like Congressmen, Senators or Parliamentarians are political whores in that they want all the power but none of the responsibility.

They also loot at will. We are currently being treated to the fall of Queen Elizabeth II's hated and grossly incompetent Labour government in the UK because of their immense abuse of the reimbursement procedures and expenses allotted to government officials. In the US, we are watching as trillions of dollars go unaccounted into some sort of bookkeeping black hole courtesy of the privately held but deceptively misnamed Federal Reserve. President Obama thinks nothing of dropping $250,000.00 of US taxpayers' money on a single date night in New York with First Lady, Michelle Obama.

Even though Obama is busily going about in the Islamic World apologizing to all and sundry, he still represents America. Actually, to his adoring enablers, Obama has segued from just another U.S. President to the personification of the America of their dreams. By their unquestioning and blind adoration, Obama has achieved "power celebrity" star status as defined by Forbes Magazine. Brian Williams' submissive court bow mentioned earlier ushers in courtier manners. Finally, during the Washington Press Corps' Roast, the very unfunny comedienne, Wanda Sykes, actually elevated Obama to the royal level by twisting conservative radio's Rush Limbaugh's comments about wanting, "...Obama to fail..." by claiming that what Limbaugh really meant was that, "...he wanted America to fail!"

This is precisely why liberals in the US went from proclaiming that dissent was patriotic during the Bush years to hissing that dissent now is treasonous under the Obama administration. As far as the Left AND Obama are concerned, Obama IS America. That is why Obama and his courtiers go into psychic, hysterical shock when conservatives, who are grounded in faith and family, country and Constitution, push back in order to protect, defend and preserve their nation and their institutions.

The problem is is that kingship originally started as a "divine right," a notion that mercifully faded as mankind became more civilized and enlightened. As we descend into the barbarity of a new Dark Ages thanks to socialist propaganda replacing religion, science, literature, the arts, history, civics and mathematics, a new idolatry is stalking the land and conservatives want no part of it. We worship God and respect the Constitution. Liberals worship the state and the mightiest, most important state, America, is personified in their eyes in Obama. No other knowledge or understanding is necessary to them. This could explain the world wide adulation of Obama's image especially among the purposely-made ignorant.

Now Obama reminds me more of a cross between Humpty Dumpty and the Wizard of Oz than anything else. Right now he is the Great and Powerful Obama as long as things go his way. In the case of an emergency like the Somali pirates capturing an American ship, he disappears and the press pays no attention to the little man behind the curtain. Is it any wonder then that the likes of Brian Williams and Wanda Sykes go into hyperbolic linguistic fits when their statist faith is challenged? And when the inevitable happens, when all these modern, humanistic, political idolaters finally see their thin-skinned god king have his inevitable great fall thanks to events and the catastrophic disasters that he has arrogantly and wantonly visited upon the U.S., will they understand that all the king's Detroit horsepower and all the czars men can't put America back together again?

© Ann "Babe" Huggett


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Ann "Babe" Huggett

Ann "Babe" Huggett is a San Francisco Bay Area freelance writer and the Associate Editor and Publisher of She is the co-owner and moderator of Free, a conservative British-American site dedicated to events affecting the Anglosphere... (more)

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