Ann "Babe" Huggett
Harris County's New Black Panther Party leader "agrees" with King Street Patriots on fair and free elections
By Ann "Babe" Huggett
November 2, 2010

Babe Huggett Boots-on-the-ground reporting from Houston, TX — Former US President, Bill Clinton, is infamous for muddling linguistic waters by saying, "It depends on what the meaning of the words 'is' is." but, in the spirit of nonpartisan election fellowship that is a trade mark of the King Street Patriots and their True the Vote trained poll watchers, the comments from the self-styled leader of Harris County, TX New Black Panther Party, Quanell X, calling for fair and free elections, came as a surprise twist in Houston's contentious November 2010 elections.

Earlier Quanell X had promised that his New Black Panthers were heading to the polls to "watch" the trained poll watchers, intimating that he expected his men to harass and intimidate them whenever possible. Quanell X also called for the Department of Justice to send federal poll watchers down to make sure that the poll watchers did nothing wrong, confident that the DOJ officials would turn a blind eye to anything the New Black Panther Party would do at the polls paralleling the way the Philadelphia Black Panthers got away with extreme voter intimidation in 2008.

However, the irony of the situation, with Quanell X's call for fair and free elections and wanting the DOJ to send official election observers down was not lost on King Street Patriots leader, Catherine Engelbrecht, since she has also been calling for the same things albeit with different results in mind.

Catherine Englebrect comments, "Here in Harris county, the [New] Black Panther leader wants to and fair elections and to that end we support...we share with that purpose. It may be one of the few things we agree on, but on that issue, we do agree."

In early December of 2007, Quanell X and his supporters were driven out of town when they tried to make Pasadena, TX home invasion defender, Joe Horn, out as a racist after he shot and killed two dark skinned Latino robbers, whom the media mistakenly identified as black.. The residents of Pasadena jumped to Horn's defense and refused to be intimidated by the New Black Panthers when they showed up. Quanell X and his men only lasted a few minutes before they ignominiously retreated to their cars and drove away in defeat

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Ann "Babe" Huggett

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