Cynthia A. Janak
Gardasil daily events or what the families have to say
By Cynthia A. Janak
December 11, 2008

Since I started to write about Gardasil I have had the privilege and the honor to meet and correspond with many, many families whose daughters have a new medical condition or unknown medical condition coincidentally after the Gardasil vaccine.

What I want to do today is to give you their story about what is going on in their lives on a daily basis because I feel it is important for people to know the truth. I am going to remove the names from the emails. I feel this applies to all the families in the world that have had this life changing experience and are dealing with it daily.

You will notice that there are many similarities in all the comments. That is because the one common denominator with all of them is Gardasil. That is the one reason why they all meet on several different message boards to get support.

Coincidence, maybe but my opinion is I don't think so. You be the judge.

I started this group to do research on side effects of the Gardasil vaccine. My 11 year old daughter ******* went to the doctor for a school physical in July 2007. The dr said she needed the new Gardasil vaccine. I thought she was too young. I was told better get it now before it's too late. I read the brochure that was given to me and consented for her to have it. There were no immediate side effects.

However, approximately 2 weeks later she got a rash on her face, neck and chest. Her face swelled so bad that her eyes were shut. I took her to the doctor and asked if it was poison ivy or something similar. She said No. She thought ******* had Lupus so she did blood work and a urine test. ******* had protein in her urine. So we were referred to a kidney specialist. The blood results said Lupus was negative. ******* was started on steroids for the rash. We did several urine tests throughout the following weeks. We saw the specialist. By then the protein was gone. He doesn't know what caused it.

She started having migraine headaches around the time of the rash also complaining of fatigue and a stomach ache.

******* received the 2nd dose of Gardasil in September. The migraines, stomach aches and fatigue continued.

She got the last dose of Gardasil in January. The same symptoms continued. I asked to be referred to an endocrinologist to check on her thyroid.

In early February we got to see the endo. She measured the goiter and took blood to check *******s TSH levels. They were low. She was prescribed Synthroid.

The fatigue, migraines and stomach aches continued.

On February 29th, while sitting at the computer playing a videogame, she had a seizure. My younger daughter ***** said she was making funny noises (sort of like snoring) then slumped over in the chair. After repeated attempts to yell at her she wouldn't wake up. She jerked, snapped out of it and started crying. She said she didn't feel right and didn't remember anything. She was complaining of a bad headache and stomach ache. I called her pediatrician. She said take her to ER at Children's Hospital. She was so sleepy. She slept the hour and a half drive to the hospital. She was drowsy while we were there, then slept all the way back. Once we got home she went to bed and slept thru the night.

The ER dr said she had a fainting spell. It wasn't a seizure since she wasn't jerking, biting her tongue or falling out of the chair. They did an EKG and sent her home with a seizure booklet.

We followed up with the pediatrician. She said ******* simply fell asleep. She agreed with the ER doc about the jerking and etc.... she sent ******* for an EEG. Those results were normal.

I told the pediatrician that her migraines are still happening so she referred us to a neurologist. That appointment is in late April.

I blame the Gardasil for causing her problems. She has missed close to 30 days of school so far.

This is a child that was normal and healthy before getting the vaccine.

I won't make the same mistake with my younger daughter!!!!


I completely understand the guilt. I have had a hard time dealing with it myself, and when the doctor called on Tuesday and said they are sending ***** to another specialist because it might be lupus, the guilt came back all over again. But what I try to tell myself is that the energy I use feeling guilty could be better spent somewhere else, trying to find remedies or telling the story to someone else so they don't vaccinate their daughter, or whatever. Does that make sense? I know we all have to deal with it our own way, but that's just my mantra. :) '

I think you are incredibly brave and obviously you love your daughter, YOU didn't hurt her ...


******* is still having fatigue. It is better than it was but it's still causing trouble. She can walk, swim or etc for a few minutes then she has to set down and rest. I can remember her swimming from one end of the pool to the other. Now there is no way that she can do that. She doesn't have the energy. She used to be so active. Riding her bicycle, playing with her friends and having fun. Now she's too tired to do anything that requires physical activity. She gets out of breath and tires easily.


We had ********** tested in all three areas and Aluminum was found in very high levels in her hair. Since it was nearly 8 months after her second injection before anyone mentioned we might want to have these tests run, most of the heavy metal only showed up in her hair. We have all of the reports from the doctor who performed these tests. She is due to have another hair test run, but we are working closely with a new neurologist right now and haven't the time to repeat this test yet. (The cost is another factor.)


***** has been in pain off and on for a week. Tonight has been bad with the pain going from the abdomen to the lower back, I know it is bad when she tells me it is time to call the gyn, she just adores having those exams, NOT!! I just do not know what we are going to do if the endometriosis is already growing back.


Hi. I am 18 years old and am in good shape. It was in January when I received my first (and last) Gardasil shot. I didn't have any immediate side effects, I went to work (I'm a bagger at a grocery store) and the only thing I noticed was my arm was sore...however later on I started getting intense headaches/migraines...they got to the point where the pain would make me dizzy or feel sick...the headaches came and went for about a month. Another affect of the shot for me was extreme fatigue...normally; I did not get very tired easily. I did cross country for 3 years and I could run 7 or so miles a night and still be awake and not drained. However, after my Gardasil shot, I would get home from school and crash for hours even though I was getting my 7-8 hrs sleep. I would be drained every day. Also, I believed it delayed my period. Normally my cycle is every 21-27 days, hardly irregular, last time it was over a year ago...well, this time I didn't get it for 83 days. I was reading on another forum thing and some girl went 6 months without hers. Needless to say, I am NOT getting the other's not worth it.


Glad to find this group. I'm 25 and my doctor recommended I get Gardasil before it was too late so I agreed. I didn't have any adverse reactions from the first two aside from the pain in the arm. I had my third shot this past Wednesday though and I haven't felt good since! I'm hoping someone here can reassure me about what I'm feeling because I'm the first to admit I'm really freaked out.

I felt okay Wednesday night, but Thursday evening and night I noticed warmth in both of my arms — extreme heat, yet not terribly red, and of course some discomfort there. My arms weren't swollen but it worried me so I called the doctor's office Friday morning and explained my problems and the doctor's office called back and said that was an expected reaction and to take some Advil. Not very comforting at ALL! :/ I had been taking Advil but it doesn't help as much as I'd like it to. Today (Saturday), I started having headaches. I normally have migraines but this is very different — very localized, throbbing pain behind my eyes, first my left, now my right. I took Advil AND Bayer but it's still there, just covered up, because I can feel it coming back.

The reason I'm freaking out is because I'm afraid of blood clots. I actually had a tiny blockage in my right arm from a few years ago and a bad IV insertion. After a surgery, that site was red and hot and slightly swollen for weeks. That's specifically why I got the shots (and all other blood work now) in my left arm, but the warmth is in *both* arms. It'll be anywhere from my elbow to my shoulder. But my doctor hasn't been worried in the past, he says it's only something to worry about if I massively swell. Which I'm not, thank god.

And it has gotten better today — but now the headaches are here and I'm completely paranoid that something is in my head doing this. :( I'm afraid to put an ice pack on because that shrinks the blood vessels, something I don't want to do just yet. I don't have good healthcare or else I would almost go to the ER if this got worse. I'll definitely call the Dr. on Monday if it isn't better.


After 3 months of being ill my sister-in-law is putting it together that this stupid money making lie is most likely the root of the problems. My niece had her recent shot a few months ago. One time with another shot, the other alone.

So she presented with flu like symptoms for ever — at least 8 weeks of nausea, vomiting, low fevers, fatigue, major (doubling over) abdominal pain. She has every test ran to no avail. So last month she spent a week in the hospital. Then it flared up again just this last week almost to the day of the last major episode (never 100% in between). I remembered she was on her period the last time as well. So I mentioned to mom it could be menstrual or hormone related- that triggered the thought about this shot. She also had kidney issues, high blood pressure- which could be the result of the trauma on her body. She is also getting flush with a weird rash. Like someone slapped her real hard- or sunburn- face, neck, chest.


My healthy 14 yr old daughter received her second dose of Gardasil on Dec. 27th. 2007. January 13th she had her first seizure while playing soccer. Five days later she had another, 5 hours later she had her third. Every time we went to the ER. The last visit was an overnight stay and she was sent home on Tegretol. Between those three visits she had and EKG, blood work and a CT which all showed nothing. One week later she had an EEG which came back normal. The neurologist took her off the medicine since there was nothing wrong with her brain. One month later she had her fourth seizure while taking a nap in the afternoon. After another trip to the ER and more blood work, we were sent home back on Medicine. The neurologist suggested we see a cardiologist. After another EKG and an Echocardiogram he told us she had a healthy athletic heart and suggested we see the neurologist again. They are scheduling a MRI. When I bring up Gardasil and that I have read where this has happened to other healthy girls, the doctors look up Gardasil and tell me that there are not any reported cases of seizures. (Hum. I sure have been able to find a lot.) Actually, our peds doctor is the one that first showed me an article about Gardasil and seizures. So, these specialists haven't heard a thing. I guess since they can't link the Gardasil to these other "reactions" they are not side effects. I love to hear that there is nothing wrong with my daughter's brain or her heart but at the same time I want an answer as to why she is having seizures.


I'm so proud.

Today was report card day. ******* was worried about her grades because of all the days she has missed.

She made the B honor roll!

I know it's been hard concentrating on her school work when she doesn't feel good. It's rough getting up in the morning when she's so tired all the time.

My younger daughter ***** was also on the B honor roll and she got perfect attendance too.


When ****** passed out last night she stayed out longer than usual she seemed to try to come round a couple times a little movement and moan then she was out again. I was pretty scared.

Maybe she hit her head harder or something I don't know.


Yes I am terrified every time. When she comes around she cry's, her head feels heavy and empty. Lately the pain in her joints has gotten worse, in between her ribs stabbing and aching feelings, the aching feeling is constant so is the pain behind her knees, sometimes every joint in her body hurts.


My mother in law made me mad yesterday.

She was talking about a woman that she works with. She said the woman had a daughter that was sick and needed numerous trips to Children's Hospital lately. All kinds of tests had been done but they were negative. My hubby asked what was wrong with the girl. MIL said "Oh I don't think there is anything wrong with her. She just likes to complain. Then mommy takes her to Children's and has tests done. I sure wouldn't be running over there every time she complained. It's just a big money racket!" The whole time she is saying this she is looking at me. I just got up and walked into another room.


I was at the hospital a few days ago waiting for my dad to have a procedure on his esophagus, anyway after getting dad settled in I went back to the waiting room, my husband was already talking to the other people in the waiting room (he is always making friends) LOL, he told me that other people in the waiting room was affected by vaccinations. Out of the 4 family's there three had someone in their family that had bad side effects. The other woman didn't say anything at all .we spent the whole time there talking about vaccines. It is unbelievable what is happening to our children and elderly. I've taken the flu shot for the last seven years, I didn't want my dad to get sick, and last year they suggested my daughter get it too I said yes. I wish I had known about vaccines or had any kind of warning so I could have investigated before the fact.


We spent last night in the ER again. *****'s chest pains were much worse. The results of test were negative, no inflammation chest X-ray fine, same thing as always. ***** is still passing out one to seven times a day, she fell forward yesterday hit her face hard on the floor; I don't know what to do.


I hate to hear that. I feel so sorry for her.

I don't know how you have kept your sanity this long. Something needs to be done but the question is WHAT? I sure hope that you can find out what is going on soon. I know your frustration.


Like *****, It breaks my heart to continue to hear of the difficulties these girls are having.

My daughters, ***** and *****, are doing so much better after having treatments with the Integrated Manual Therapist. After 4 treatments over a 5 week period — *****, 12, is almost symptom free. She occasionally reports headaches and fatigue, but much less intense. After having lost nearly 20 pounds and virtually not eating for 3 months, she has now started eating again. She has not gained any weight back, but at least she is eating. No stomach pain, no dizziness, no leg pain or tingling, concentration has returned and as I said before fewer headaches and less fatigue.

*****, 16, has started to feel better and has actually strung together 4 days of feeling "ok." Now to some that may not seem like much, but when you consider she has been sick since October with severe headaches, stomach aches, swollen glands, severe fatigue, difficulty breathing, joint pain, stabbing pains in the upper abdomen, pneumonia, strep-throat, unable to concentrate, and virtually unable to get out of bed for days; "OK," is awesome!


Hello all. Today is day 15 and my daughter is still having difficulty breathing. The allergist's meds didn't work and neither did the meds her primary doctor prescribed. I took her back to her primary Dr. this past Tuesday and the doctor could not believe my daughter was still having difficulty breathing. We discussed the possibility of it being a reaction to the Gardasil shot and she finally said it was a possibility, and that she would report, which I have already done. She has referred us to a Pulmonary Specialist at Loma Linda Med Center. Has anyone whose daughter has had the same symptoms as mine gone to see a pulmonary specialist? If so what was the outcome. I feel as if I'm going crazy. Not being able to help her is killing me. My daughter is one of those always on the move kind of girls, and now she is stuck in the house feeling drained. I'm afraid to let her out of my sight, and I know that's driving her nuts. I ask her how she's feeling so much that it's getting to the point where she walks into the room and says, "mom, I feel the same, don't ask".. But what else can I do but ask. Sorry I just had to vent... :(


I know how you feel when it comes to asking about how the girls feel. We just pray and hope that they will say "I feel great today!" I have had to learn to take smaller victories, like "Ok," is a good day, even if it said with no enthusiasm at all. As my girls have begun to feel better, they are dealing with "when am I going to feel normal again?" And "I just want to be myself again!" I had to explain to them last night that this has changed them forever and they may never be the person they were before. It was a very sad conversation and it makes me very angry that this has changed them so much. They both feel like their friends don't understand and that their friendships are being changed because of this. They feel distanced from everyone and alone — even though they are sisters going through the same thing. This really messes with the fragile egos and psyche of these girls.

I don't want to upset you further; I just want you to be prepared. I thought when they started feeling better we were out of the woods, but I did not consider the emotional damage done.


Hello I'm new to this group and I'm just looking for some kind of answers or reassurance that I'm not crazy as the doctors are making me and my daughter feel.. 7 days ago my 15 year old daughter received her second shot of Gardasil and 4 hours later was having difficulty breathing. I took her to the ER where they made us feel as if we were crazy to think it was a reaction to the Gardasil, yet they could not tell me what was wrong with her. She was perfectly normal and healthy before receiving the shot. The doctors at the ER gave her an EKG which was normal, checked her for wheezing, cough, phlegm which she had none of. They gave her a nebulizer treatment which did not help her then sent us home with a prescription for Albuterol which has not helped. She continued to have difficulty breathing through the weekend and was taken to her primary care Dr on Monday June 9th. The doctor there said it was a possibility she was having a reaction to the shot, but insisted it was probably Bronchitis. She ordered an x-ray and once she received the results she informed me since there was no sign of pneumonia my daughter would be diagnosed with Bronchitis. Remember, my daughter has no symptoms of Bronchitis, no wheezing, cough, phlegm, fever...Nothing... I took her to an Allergist who also said it could POSSIBLY be a reaction to the shot but also said it was most likely Bronchitis. So I asked a pharmacist if it was possible to have Bronchitis without any cough, wheezing or phlegm and she said no. Bronchitis will always have all three symptoms... I'm at a loss. I feel as if Dr's don't want to admit to the severe side effects. I was never told of the severe side effects, I was only given the basic fever, soreness, redness at the injection site. No one ever mentioned anything other than that. I've just reported it on the VAERS site. Has anyone out there had a child or loved one with the same side effect... If so I would really appreciate any input you have.


Hi, no, you're not crazy. While it's hard to establish for sure that it's the vaccine, IMHO it is nevertheless serious enough to warrant further investigation and a VAERS report. I suggest that you watch her for weakness in the legs and/or arms or other signs that things aren't quite right. If she recovers by herself, that's great news, but if things continue to deteriorate, compare what is happening to the case...


My daughter had the first hpv shot, she didn't have any problems at first and I didn't put the two together until later. Her side effects started later. dizzy, fainting, headache most of the time, tingling in arms legs now a constant pain in legs and ribs, she says a popping feeling in her blood veins where her arms bend, neck pain, tired, her eyes had pain and would flutter and look up other things too, she would keep getting one thing after another been to five ER's all tests were negative. It will be three months before she can get into the children's hospital neurologist. She is constantly in pain. I'm so frustrated.


It's really hard because there isn't a Dr. that will say there is a problem with a vaccine. They try to say she is under stress??????? My daughter doesn't have stress; she looked at them like they're idiots. She has been spoiled by us and by her boyfriend and his family too, Disneyland, skiing, snowboarding, archery, hiking, paint balling. She was a happy fun loving active person and she still try's to be, the pain in her legs and ribs is constant. She is still fainting it's so scary the headaches are really bad. She has them all the time. when we went to the children's hospital ER and told the receptionist what was going on and that we thought it was from the Gardasil, AND THE Triage nurses looked at each other and shook their heads like they already heard of this then proceeded to tell us about another girl that has been going there for over a year that can't hold her bladder anymore. One said she has gone downhill in the last year. it was sad she said, after having the Gardasil vaccine. They still didn't do anything for my daughter


My daughter also stomach pains, headaches, and fatigue lots of others. Yes she only received the first one, the pain in her legs started as tingling feelings.

(Why is it the doctors don't want to admit fault with the vaccine?) Don't know except that their expensive they make a lot of money every shot. Or if they say your side effects are from a vaccine they don't want to go to court against the company. I kind of think it's the money. My husband took ****** to the doctor yesterday because the pain in her ribs was worse than usual, they gave her a toridal shot. And wanted to give her a hep a vaccine my husband calls me I said NO aren't we having enough problems with the vaccines they already gave her.


Hi everyone, and thank you so much for posting all of your comments. I have just been reading through them and am absolutely in tears over what all of you and your daughters have been going through.

My name is ******** and I am 24 years-old, and my OBGYN recommended that I get the Gardasil vaccine at my last annual check-up since I am still within the age limit (under 26) to receive the shot. Big mistake! I had no side effects to the first vaccine, but after receiving the second vaccine two months ago, I had an almost immediate negative reaction. The very next day, I woke up with incredible fatigue, a general feeling of malaise, and inflammation, heat and pain in my joints (especially bad in my hands, feet and ankles). All the symptoms continued to get worse over the next two weeks.

I went to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL — which I highly recommend for any of you who are still searching for answers (they also have clinics in Minnesota and Arizona) — and the doctors there agreed that my "rheumatoid-arthritis-like syndrome" is a direct cause of the Gardasil vaccine. They told me that I had a reaction to the second shot and not the first because my body built up antibodies to the first vaccine and then had an auto-immune reaction once the vaccine was re-introduced to my body. They told me to absolutely not take the third vaccine.

We have been hoping that my body would just "get over it," but it has now been two months and the people at the National Vaccine Information Center told me that the other girls who have experienced this haven't had any relief from their symptoms yet.

I'm really disappointed in Merck and the FDA and my doctor for not informing me about all the possible side effects. I read on the Doctor's Prescribing Information Guide (off the Gardasil website), that there is 0.25% chance of getting adult or juvenile rheumatoid arthritis from the Gardasil vaccine. Why wasn't I told about this? Why don't the ads warn people? I just don't understand how they can market this as a safe vaccine with basically minimal side effects. It just isn't true.


We went to the neurologist she seemed to be ok, The doctor ordered some tests an EEG I have to wake ***** up at 12: AM and keep her awake until her appointment at 6: AM. another test she will be wearing a halter monitor for 24 hours to check out her heart, I forgot what the other test was called ****** will be in the hospital overnight for it. At least this doctor is doing something. After she is finished with her test I'm going to suggest this Cardiologists can do testing looking for autonomic nervous system dysfunction, looking at something called heart rate variability.


I know your frustration. You are glad that it's normal but frustrated that you are still in the dark as to what's going on.

I'm hoping the Cardiologist will be able to tell you something.


My daughter is set to go to the Neurologist at the end of July. But what was weird is when I called to schedule the appt. I explain to the receptionist what my daughter was going through and I told her I think it is the HPV shot that is causing the problems with my daughter.

She said "we are having quite of few of those lately" and I said girls having a reaction with the HPV vaccine and she said yes. She didn't say anything any further. But wow. Why isn't someone stopping this from happening?


My daughter started having shoulder pain and her ribs were hurting last night. Headaches are still occurring. When she was taking the Ibuprofen she said she felt fine so I asked her to stop taking it for a bit and see how she feels then and that is when she said she is hurting again. This is really starting to make me mad. Thank you for this sight it helps.


I'm a 15 year old female. I got my first dose of Gardasil in very late June or very beginning of July in 2007. Up until I had this vaccine I was a very healthy young female. By August 4th I was experiencing the worst pain I had ever felt in my lifetime. The pain was just all over my abdomen and was extremely sharp-it also went into my back. I was scheduled to go on a trip with my youth group on august 5th to a Christian festival for five days. I was not going to let anything stop me! I had severe upper abdominal pain which woke me up in the middle of the night, I was crying and in the worst pain. I had no idea what was wrong. I ended up going to the festival with my youth group and was determined to have a great time. The first night I was there I had to make arrangements to leave the next morning on a 6hr ride home. I couldn't take the pain. I came home on august 6th and was trying to rest in hope that the pain would go away. On august 8th I was taken to the ER they did x-rays, lab work, urine specimen, EKG... they couldn't find anything except blood in my urine. I was due for my period in like 4 days so they said I had female problems and that I was also constipated. They sent me home with milk of magnesia and that was it. Little did I know this was only the beginning. It is now July of 2008 a year later and I am still sick. I have been to 3 different ER's several times for them to find nothing besides blood in my urine. They don't know why but there is always a trace of blood. I have underwent a large amount of invasive testing including:

EKG, urine specimens, x-rays, endoscopy, colonoscopy, hyda-scan, I've had several ct scans of my abdomen and pelvis ( I had dye through an iv, I've had to drink the barium stuff, I've also had a ct scan with rectal contrast) I have had sonograms of my abdomen and pelvis, and lab work, internal exam with a gynecologist, I have had to have an appendectomy, my gallbladder removed, and when they did the appendectomy they also removed a small cyst.

In December of '07 I had the CT scan with the rectal contrast which is when they said I had chronic appendicitis; I had an open appendectomy 4 days before Christmas and was feeling much better. Then about 2 wks later I was sick again. Back to excessive testing and poking and prodding in hopes to find answers. I had a hyda scan in late march of '08 and they said my gallbladder was storing all the bile and not releasing it. I had laparoscopy in mid April to remove my gallbladder. Again I felt like a whole new person. About 2wks after I was sick again. I have also had to see the ob/gyn to have an internal exam. They found nothing but since the Gardasil vaccine I've had hair growth on my chest and irregular periods. They decided to try birth control which I have to wait to start. I had an apt. yesterday with my pediatric gastroenterologist and if the birth control doesn't work I need to undergo another endoscopy and colonoscopy since he was not the dr. that performed the first one. He wants to see if the first dr. missed anything or if he sees anything different. I have asked all my Dr's if any of this could be related to Gardasil and they all say no. I just think it's so weird that I was healthy up until I had the first shot. I am desperate for answers and was wondering if anyone has had anything similar. I am a teenager and really want to return back to being a normal healthy teen. If anyone has advice or answers please let me know. Thank you so much.


Today I got a letter from DHS. We were turned down for food stamps and the girls will lose that state card in November. My worry is that she will take a turn for the worse or something new will pop up. There is no way we can afford any more bills.

Anybody have any suggestions what I can do? I think Merck should pay her medical bills. It's their fault she's sick. It's their fault she's had to go thru all kinds of expensive tests and see numerous specialists. Not mine.


My daughter was recently diagnosed as having had an adverse reaction to Gardasil. This took about nine months, bouncing from doctor to doctor and much suffering on her part. She is 22 years old and was doing so well before she received two injections last year- our lives have never been the same. She is in so much pain, swelling at the base of her skull and spinal column, going numb off and on in her legs & arms, hammering pain in her legs is constant, she is just now able to walk a very short distance but her reflexes are way down. She's up usually until 2 AM fighting pain before sleep comes. Her face is no longer drooping, but she swells up around her forehead and mouth a great deal. We have an alternative doctor who has her on supplements and an organic/non-dairy diet plus a new D.O. who is trying to help her with the pain. So far she hasn't progressed much. Sometimes it takes a couple of hours of constant massaging to get the feeling back in her right leg. We're up many nights with her as she struggles to just breathe. Anyone have any ideas as to what else we can do for her?? We're getting a little desperate. Thanks.


Well ********* had another seizure today, she went to hospital by ambulance and they have no idea what to do about this or even how to proceed. Just sent her home and told us to monitor her, but we have no more answers than we had before we got started on this journey. Hope everyone else is doing o.k.


********* has her yearly checkup today. It will be one year since she got her 1st Gardasil shot. It's been a very long and hard road but she is on the mend.

I have several issues to discuss with the Pediatrician:

* ******* hasn't had her period in a year

*Her TSH levels are still low despite being on medication

*The doctor never called me back yesterday about ******* being sick with a stomach virus.

*She still doesn't want to put blame on Gardasil for causing all of the problems ********s had. So I want the info on the vaccines that was given that day so I can report them myself to VAERS. The doctor won't do it so it's up to me.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. These families are frustrated at the medical community. They are frustrated that no one is taking responsibility. They are frustrated that they have to pay for medical bills for something that no one seems to be able to diagnose.

These girls are in and out of doctors' offices, emergency rooms and hospitals all the time. They have had all kinds of tests and procedures to be told that they are negative. Some have even had their appendix removed because the doctor could not find any reason for their stomach pain. I had a hard time when I read that one.

These families have been treated badly by medical staff and I know of one that was in the hospital with paralysis of her legs that was left to scream in pain for three hours before she was given morphine. This is positively barbaric.

Is Gardasil the cause, I do not know but if you consider my new finding on 73.3% chance of girls having a new medical condition, the odds tell the story.

What do you think?

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Rev. Mark H. Creech
Pillars of society: Reclaiming traditional motherhood in modern times

Randy Engel
A Documentary: Opus Dei and the Knights of Columbus – The anatomy of a takeover bid, Part III
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Matt C. Abbott
Chris Adamo
Russ J. Alan
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Chuck Baldwin
Kevin J. Banet
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Fr. Tom Bartolomeo
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