Cynthia A. Janak
Can seizures kill? Yes, proof of how the Gardasil girls could have died
By Cynthia A. Janak
April 20, 2009

The deaths of the Gardasil girls have remained a mystery for some time now. Many of the parents of these Gardasil girls do not have any closure because the cause of death is unknown. On my Memorial page for these girls I have listed over 30 young women and girls that have passed as of January 2009 with brief bio's of a few.

When I look at this page I see beautiful, vivacious young women with their whole lives ahead of them. They had goals and dreams for their future. They were the apple of their parent's eye. I know this because I have spoken and corresponded with many parents who have lost their daughters suddenly.

Today I hope to bring closure to some of those families with the unknown diagnosis as to the cause of death for their precious daughters.

First a little background about the girls who had some symptoms before their demise. Some of the girls had headaches and flulike symptoms. After speaking to several parents I found that mucus was found in the lungs, mouth and/or nose of many of these young women and girls. The cause for this mucus was never truly determined by the autopsy report as to a cause.

The one and only common factor with all these deaths has been the Gardasil vaccination.

Another thing I want to bring to your attention is SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). This is another case of death by unknown causes. What is the common factor with SIDS deaths is that these babies all received vaccinations sometime before death. In some of the VAERS reports it is stated that the baby had vomit or spit-up in their mouth or on the bedding. I have read where a baby too young to roll over yet was found on the other side of the crib. How is this possible? My opinion is that maybe the seizure was violent and caused this movement. (Some people in the medical community hate it when I say this but I am going to say it anyway.) I am not a medical professional and this is my opinion as a lay person.

The next item of interest is our environment. We are told not to eat too much fish because we could experience mercury toxicity which could cause neurological damage. An example of this toxicity hit the media when Jeremy Piven had to leave the Broadway play Speed-the-Plow because of "shocking levels of mercury" which caused severe fatigue. At the end of this article it states, "It is very serious. Mercury can kill — it can absolutely cause cardiac arrest, kidney failure, even psychiatric problems," says Colker, who was first interviewed by Entertainment Tonight. "He is going to be OK. This is completely reversible," adds Colker, who believes Piven will be "rockin' and rollin' and ready to be his old self for Entourage" by March. He just needs to really lay low and rest.",,20247781,00.html

We are now being told to limit our use of aluminum products especially processed foods from cans because the aluminum can leach into the product. This is what the ASTDR (Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry) has to say about aluminum. "Eating large amounts of processed food containing aluminum additives or frequently cooking acidic foods in aluminum pots may expose a person to higher levels of aluminum than a person who generally consumes unprocessed foods and uses pots made of other materials (e.g., stainless steel or glass)."

Then you have the water that we drink from our tap that has aluminum and fluoride and other chemicals too numerous to go into here. We also have cleaning chemicals that we were led to believe were safe to use around our homes that also have harmful chemicals.

We have been surrounded by neurotoxins without even realizing it or believing that what we use could harm our children. We believed that there were systems in place that would prevent this harm. We are learning now that we are wrong in our beliefs. Somewhere along the line something went astray.

Now, I want to bring your attention to Jett Travolta. This young man suffered with seizures for most of his young life. It was a seizure that took this life at the young age of 16. This young man was the apple of his parent's eye. Here is an excerpt from KDKA out of Pittsburgh. "We are heartbroken that our time with him was so brief. We will cherish the time we had with him for the rest of our lives," Travolta and Preston said Sunday in their first public statement since Jett's death." You can see the love this family had for this young man in every picture. I grieve for the loss of this young life being taken from this loving family.

I bring up this tragedy because I believe that this young man's life was taken for a greater purpose this day. I say this day because I was able to make the connection to the Gardasil deaths and SIDS deaths and this young man. I was able to do that by watching this video.

To me, Jett Travolta was not only a victim but he will always be in my heart a hero just like Jenny who also recently passed. Jett Travolta was able to bring to the forefront the fact that the cause of death was a seizure. Why is this important? It is because of the statement made by Dr. Cyril Wecht, a Forensic Pathologist, that Jett Travolta had a convulsive seizure disorder. He also talks about fluid in the lungs and the fact that other tests that were done were negative.

This is significant in the fact that the autopsy report findings that were given to me via communication with mothers of Gardasil Girls that have passed due to unknown causes are similar. Many of these girls had the fluid or mucus in the lungs and/ or mouth and some mothers even brought up cardiac function to me. It also fits some of the findings in the VAERS reports from babies that died of SIDS.

The common factor to all three is the fact of brain damage due to a toxic substance. Here is another excerpt from KDKA, "Preston blamed household cleaners and fertilizers". I looked up aluminum and fertilizers and I came up with 807,000 hits. I found out that Hydrangea plants will change color if you use Aluminum Sulfate fertilizer. So this is a very distinct possibility as to what happened to Jett.

Now, if you look at all the different products that contain aluminum from cosmetics to antacids we have more environmental aluminum that can enter our bodies in addition to the aluminum that is in vaccines. I do want to state here that Jett Travolta was never vaccinated so his injury was due to environmental toxins.

The bottom line here is that the Gardasil Girls, SIDS babies and the environmental aluminum can cause brain damage that will produce a convulsive seizure disorder which can cause death if intervention is not available immediately upon onset as stated by Dr. Cyril Wecht. It is my belief that this is what could have happened to the Gardasil Girls and SIDS babies.

My special thanks to the Travolta family for loving this very special young man. Because of his passing I have been able to prove why many of the Gardasil Girls and SIDS babies probably died. Your son Jett Travolta will always remain in my heart and the heart of others because he has brought closure to many families this day.

It is because of these young people that I founded the "International Coalition of Advocates for the People." I believe that we need positive change to correct these issues and it can be done by positive people. In essence "positive change for positive people" is our motto.

One of ICAP's visions is to build clinics that will have the ability to treat the environmental and vaccine injuries that children and adults are presently suffering from.

Please visit ICAP's website today to see what our vision is for the future.

© Cynthia A. Janak


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Cynthia A. Janak

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