Cynthia A. Janak
Recommendations from the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) in regards to Gardasil and Cervarix, double speak
By Cynthia A. Janak
June 6, 2010

This report just makes my blood boil because of all the misinformation that they provide to make these vaccines appear to be safe. The recommendations in this portion of the document prove that the health and wellbeing of our children come in second to profits. This report shows that no matter what you do the FDA may listen but will not act. The same goes for the CDC. I know this because on March 12th of 2010 a webinar, the FDA like to call it a listening session, was held. During this webinar we were able to prove the devastation that the HPV vaccines are causing the youth of America and the world. I and Leslie Botha were the main presenters of all the scientific evidence that was compiled by 6 individuals from around the world.

We were able to prove that HPV is not an STD. You can contact HPV at any time of your life from infant to adult. Using the documents presented by Merck and GSK we were able to prove negative efficacy if you are positive for HPV. The same documents proved that the amounts of side effects are that 3 out of 4 vaccinated will be affected in some way.

At the end of the webinar we were able to prove the distinct and probable causes of endocrine disruption and cardiovascular changes occurring in regard to both Gardasil and Cervarix vaccines. Our evidence was all based on scientific fact and peer reviewed studies and articles. Still we are being ignored and have not heard of any response by the FDA.

Their silence proves to me that we are right in what we found and that they may have a conflict of interest with regards to getting these vaccines suspended and/or removed from distribution. This also tells me that the health and safety of our children from vaccination are at risk. We have seen this time and time again in the Autism community, Gulf War Syndrome and all the other catchy phrases that are used for vaccine toxin injuries.

Now, let me show you the double speak I mentioned in the title. This will knock your socks off.

Special Situations

Females who have abnormalities on their cervical cancer screening results are likely to be infected with one or more genital HPV types. With increasing severity of Papanicolau (Pap) findings, the likelihood of infection with HPV 16 or 18 increases, and benefits of vaccination decrease. Vaccination is still recommended for such females, because vaccination can provide protection against infection with HPV vaccine types not already acquired. Females should be advised that vaccination will have no therapeutic effect on an existing HPV infection or abnormal Pap test.

Prevaccination assessments (e.g., Pap testing or screening for high-risk HPV DNA, type-specific HPV tests, or HPV antibody) to establish the appropriateness of HPV vaccination are not recommended at any age.

A history of genital warts or clinically evident genital warts indicates infection with HPV, most often HPV 6 or 11. Vaccination is still recommended for such females because vaccination can provide protection against infection with HPV vaccine types not already acquired. Females should be advised that vaccination will have no therapeutic effect on an existing HPV infection or genital warts.

Lactating women can receive HPV vaccine.

HPV2 and HPV4 are not live vaccines, and can be administered to females who are immunosuppressed (from disease or medications). However, the immune response and vaccine efficacy might be less than that in immunocompetent persons.

Precautions and Contraindications

HPV vaccines are not recommended for use in pregnant women. If a woman is found to be pregnant after initiating the vaccination series, the remainder of the 3-dose series should be delayed until completion of pregnancy. Pregnancy testing is not needed before vaccination. If a vaccine dose has been administered during pregnancy, no intervention is needed.

HPV vaccines can be administered to persons with minor acute illnesses. Vaccination of persons with moderate or severe acute illnesses should be deferred until after the patient improves.

Syncope can occur after vaccination and has been observed among adolescents and young adults. To avoid serious injury related to a syncopal episode, vaccine providers should consider observing patients for 15 minutes after they are vaccinated.

In the first paragraph that I have from this report section it tells you that if you have HPV 16 or 18 the benefits of the vaccine decrease and the vaccine will have no therapeutic effect. Then they tell you that pre-vaccination assessments (Pap tests) are not recommended at any age.

If you read between the lines they are telling all individuals to get the vaccine that is very expensive and making the manufactures billions of dollars without getting a pap test to see if it will have any benefit to you. In essence this is saying that they do not care if you have HPV at the time of vaccination. Just get the vaccine and make pharma rich.

Now they tell you that immunosuppressed individuals can get this vaccine. What they do not tell you is that this population was not included in any of the studies so they do not have a clue as to what will happen. (1,2) On page 273 you will find table 182 that will show that immunosuppressed individuals where excluded in this study.(1) Also, on page 338 table 253 shows that it is a violation subject to exclusion from the study if there is a history of immune disorders. (1) When the Gardasil report was presented in September of 2008 this is all they say about immunosuppressed individuals. "11.3 Special Populations: Safety and effectiveness has not been established in subjects with severe immunosuppresssion or HIV infection by the sponsor."(2)

But still they will recommend it for this population without proper safety testing, interesting.

I know of individuals that received the HPV vaccines with a history of a pre-existing autoimmune condition and the results where devastating. Example: one young woman who received Gardasil has been disabled and homebound for three years and the other who received Cervarix is also homebound and in a wheelchair for over a year. Their lives are destroyed.

It just keeps getting better. These vaccines are not recommended for pregnant women but previously they do not recommend that women get tested to see if they are pregnant before receiving the vaccination "establish the appropriateness of HPV vaccination are not recommended at any age.." Is this an oxymoron?

Now they tell you that if you have a minor acute illness that it is okay. (Minor/Acute what does that mean?) What they do not tell you is that if you are sick that means that your immune system is already working overtime to defend against whatever virus, etc. that you have. So basically your immune system is compromised but they still want you to get the vaccination. This is moronic in my opinion. I do not believe that any vaccine should be administered to any individual regardless of age or gender if they are ill to any degree.

Finally they are telling vaccine providers that they "should consider" monitoring their patients for 15 minutes after vaccination. I know of individuals that had seizures and/or fainted one or more hours after vaccination. What if those individuals where driving at the time? Would it be termed just another traffic accident by a young female? Probably would.

What they do not tell you is that there are reports and I am in contact with many mothers and young women affected, who tell me that they are having onset of seizures hours to a few days after vaccination. Through my sources I learned of one young woman who attributes a tree for saving her life. You wonder a tree??? Yes a tree. She was driving her car when she had a seizure a few days after vaccination. She never had a seizure before. During the seizure her car crossed the street into oncoming traffic. Fortunately, she was not hit by any oncoming cars. A tree on that side of the roadway stopped her from going further and some passing motorist called 911.

As you can see that this report is full of flaws. The question you should be asking is why the push for these HPV vaccines? Are they truly safe? Taking all this into consideration can we trust the FDA, CDC and ACIP with the health and safety of our most precious asset, our children?

Here are the present stats with a few names of the girls that have not recovered and may are now disabled.

Total Gardasil reports to VAERS

18445 May 2010
73 Died
3771 Not Recovered
4905 Unknown Recovery
610 Disabled
355 Life Threatening
7858 ER Visit
1865 Hospitalized
1% reporting — Approximate

Stormy — 15 — Feb. 2008
Michelle — 15 — July 2007
Holly — 20 — May 2007
Lydia — 12 — July 2007
Alana — 16 — July 2007
Mikaela — 11 — July 2007
Brittney — 22 — June 2007
Nora — 18 — June 2008
Stephanie — 19 — September 2007
Charla — 16 — January 2007
Kirsten — 15 — July 2008
Chandra — 18 — March 2008
McKenzie — 15 — June 2008
Emillee — 15 — October 2007
Jessica — 16
Brishel — 18 — April 2008
Nora — 18 — June 2008
Kacie — 18
Amber — 24 — February 2007
Becky — 17 — April 2007
Brandy — 15 — April 2008
Jade — 16 — May 2007 Australia
Ashleigh — 12 — October 2008 Cervarix — UK
Danielle — 23 — October 2007
Ashley — 15 — August 2007
Cassie — June 2008
Megan — March 2007
Jessica — May 2007
Ainsley — April 23 2009
Samantha — November 2007
Jessica — October 2006
Caleigh — July 30, 2009
Savanna — November 2008.

1) Clinical Review of Biologics License Application for Human Papillomavirus, June 8, 2006

2) Clinical Review of Biologics License Application Supplement for Human Papillomavirus Quadrivalent (Types 6, 11, 16, 18), September 11, 2008

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