Tom Kovach
25 Sep 2009 -- America's appointment in Samarra?
Is an upcoming Islamic gathering 'the final sellout' of the United States and Israel??
By Tom Kovach
September 5, 2009

There is a legend from the Arab culture about a servant in Baghdad that once saw the Angel of Death, who had appeared at the marketplace in the form of a woman. The servant perceived a threatening look from Death, and was terrified. The servant ran back to his master's house trembling with fear, and recounted the story to his master. He then borrowed his master's horse, and quickly fled to Samarra — thinking that he could outrun Death. The master then goes to the marketplace and also sees Death. He talks with her, and asks why she gave a threatening look to the servant. Death replies that it was not a threatening look, but a look of surprise, because she had an appointment that evening with the servant — not in Baghdad, but in Samarra.

Three weeks from today, on the 25th of September, it appears that the United States might have its own "appointment in Samarra." It will come in the form of a gathering on Capitol Hill. That gathering is a celebration of Islam. Yes, you read correctly.

Here is the link to the gathering's Web site.

The [alleged] president of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama II, has admitted that he was raised a Muslim. Records indicate that he attended school in Indonesia and was registered as a Muslim. He has proudly recited Islamic prayers, in fluent Arabic, for news reporters during his election campaign last year. And, most importantly, he has never publicly renounced Islam. That last point calls into serious doubt his purported conversion to Christianity. (Details regarding his true religion are covered in my book, Tribulation: 2008.)

Why is this important?

Fox News reported earlier this week that Obama plans to host a meeting later this month between Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Abbas of "Palestine." (NOTE: In the Arabic language, both the place and the Arab people of that place are called Filistin. Yes, the same Philistines that were the enemies of God and of Israel in the Bible.) The meeting is reportedly planned for the latter part of this month. Yesterday, I spoke with an official representative of the Obama administration. He would not confirm the date for any meeting, but did say that it looked "hopeful" that such a meeting would take place during the upcoming United Nations session.

That would put the meeting into the second-holiest time of year on the Hebrew calendar. The gathering of Muslims is scheduled for one week after the Feast of Trumpets, which marks the start of Rosh Hashanah. (The "days of preparation," also called the "days of remembrance," are second only to the Passover season in the Jewish religion.) Is the date of the Islamic gathering on Capitol Hill a signal of some sort? Oh, yes!

The 25th of September converts on the Islamic calendar to the 5th of Shawwal. That date is their anniversary of the forces of the House of al-Saud gathering strength to recapture the capital of Arabia. The 5th of Shawwal is also the anniversary of the Battle of Uhud. In that battle, the forces of Muhammad were defeated as they tried to recapture Mecca. Although outnumbered, the Muslims had originally gained the upper hand. But, when the Meccans retreated, the Muslims stopped to take spoils from the Meccan camp, instead of persuing the Meccans and defeating them. The time taken for the Muslims to despoil the camp gave the Meccans time to regroup and defeat Muhammad's army.

There is a lesson there: the Muslims don't stop to take spoils anymore. Their goal is world domination by Islam ... period.

It should not go unnoticed that the upcoming gathering is also on a hill, surrounded by those that they perceive as both enemies and targets of domination. This was exactly the scenario as Muhammad's army gathered upon Mount Uhud. (In an interesting linguistic sidenote, Muhammad descended from a clan called the Quraish, meaning "little shark." That name can also be transliteratd Koresh.) On that mountain, Muhammad faced the men of Mecca — the place where he had been raised. But, it was at Medina that he gathered his spiritual and military strength. The lamestream media claims that Barack Hussein Obama II was born and raised in Hawaii. But, during his adolescent years, did he gather his "strength" in the Muslim country of Indonesia?

The parallels don't stop there. The annual Muslim fast of Ramadan ends a few days prior. The first day of the month of Shawwal is called Eid al-Fitr, and is the day of breaking the fast. But, according to Muslim tradition, if one fasts for six days in the month of Shawwal, that is tantamount to "perpetual fasting" for the Muslim year — similar to how a Christian monk takes a vow of perpetual poverty. The day of the Islamic gathering on Capitol Hill would be the fourth of the first six days available for such Muslim fundamentalist fasting.

The sixth day, the day of the highest pinnacle of service to Allah, just happens to correspond this year to the Jewish high holy day of Yom Kippur. Mere coincidence?

The Battle of Uhud began on the 5th of Shawwal, after the Friday prayers. The Islamic calendar is a lunar calendar, and the day starts at sunset the day before, just like the Hebrew calendar. The gathering on Capitol Hill is on a Saturday that corresponds to the 5th of Shawwal — meaning that they will "form up" on the hill following Friday prayers.

In the aftermath of the Battle of Uhud, the new Muslim religion created strict laws of inheritance. This was in anticipation of dividing up territory that would be conquered in the name of Allah.

Two years after the Battle of Uhud, the young Islamic State of Medina announced strict laws against slandering Muhammad. Barack Obama already has his staffers gathering information about those currently "spreading faulty information" about Obama. (If any reader would like to report me to "The One," the e-mail address is:

A verse in the Qur'an (3:152) chastises the Muslims for turning aside from conquest during the Battle of Uhud. It is that verse that spurs the devout Muslim to keep going toward global domination in the name of Allah, ignoring worldly gain and distractions.

The leader of the last military force to receive orders directly from Muhammad was named Usama. In the modern Muslim world, Usama bin-Laden is seen as performing a prophetic mission against the enemies of Allah.

During his election campaign tour, then-candidate Barack Hussein Obama II once said that he had toured, "... 57 states, with plans for a 58th." Some people wrote off that remark as a mere slip of the tongue. But, as Tribulation: 2008 explains in detail, it was no slip. It was code-speak for predicting an Islamic conquest of the United States.

The timing of Obama's upcoming "peace talks" — encouraging Netanyahu to accept a "two-state solution" in Jerusalem, and halting Jewish settlements in Biblical Samaria — is absolutely no accident. It is yet another signal that he is about to sell out both the United States and Israel to the religion of his roots. (And, as I wrote years ago in Louder Than Words, the roots of Islam support the roots of Communism and tyranny.) That religion is bent on nothing less that global domination of everything.

The official motto of the upcoming gathering is: "our time has come".

Of course, you could just sit back and think of it as yet another event taking place by adherants to the "religion of peace." (And, if you truly believe that, then start saving up your money now to pay your dhimmi taxes, which you will pay — or die — under Sharia'a Law.)

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