Frank Louis
Tell me, why is it "Illegal" to send migrants to sanctuary cities?
By Frank Louis
April 13, 2019

So, I hear several times a day how it is "illegal" to send migrants to "sanctuary cities." There are now over 100,000 illegal immigrants coming into our country each month. The news reports that these people are being relocated into "the interior." Just where is that? Where is "the interior?" Does it not include "sanctuary cities?" So, tell me... tell us all, where are these people being sent? To areas of the country that want border enforcement? That's legal? We have a right to know don't we?

On a recent program, Rush Limbaugh had a caller who asked a similar, but watered down version of my question. Rush's reply had something to do with how interesting it would be to send a bus of fifty illegals to Phoenix. Okay, great. So where do the other 99,950 each month go? Even if we send fifty of these people every day, that is a total of 1,500 illegals to Phoenix a month. So that still leaves 98,500 each month being sent into "the interior" of our country. Sorry, but I still do not understand exactly where that is.

So, just where is it "legal" to locate these people? To cities, towns and states that are not sanctuary compliant (breaking the law)? I just don't get it. It is somehow "legal" to send these people to places that may want border enforcement? To places that believe, perhaps, that the Left's definition of "diversity" is incorrect. Diversity is on a dinner plate. Veggies that are green and orange. Some fish, chicken or meat. OK, maybe tofu. Sure, people of differing ethnic backgrounds are a form of diversity. But the first and primary definition according to the Merriam Webster Online Dictionary is " the condition of having or being composed of differing elements." Could that be points of view? I have to enjoy music I don't like? What is up with that?

I tried looking up older definitions of the word "diversity" but I drew a blank. I guess I need to go to more yard sales and find some older dictionaries. But to accuse me or most people I know of being racists because we like our towns is total hyperbole. I grew up in Miami. I don't fit in there any longer. This is not hyperbole. (By the way, I do speak Spanish and I do love Cuban Coffee) But, last I checked, Miami is in the US and our language is (or should be if the politicians had any courage) English.

And the worst part to me is that most of the folks now living in Miami introduce themselves as being Columbian or some other nationality other than "American." I did write an article about this a few years ago in which I pointed out the usage among former and current immigrants of phrases like how things were or are in "the old country," opposed to the new language in "my country." Perhaps an attitude indicator?

And, as long as I am talking about this subject, what are these people supposed to do once they get into "the interior?" Work? They can't legally can they? Where are they going to be housed? Fed? Can anyone get their head around this issue? 100,000 a month. That is over seven times more than the number of people who live in my town. A month!

My community, a small town has a population of around 14,000. The best I can tell from a quick look on Al Gore's Internet, there are around 40,000 incorporated communities (small towns) in the US. The great majority of these being smaller in size than my town. Do the math. These small communities have no choice but to be exponentially disintegrating daily.

Is the ultimate result going to be the surrendering of California, New Mexico, Arizona and Texas to Mexico? I have to move? Should they not, in turn, return their land to the indigenous peoples they overtook? FYI: Spanish is not the native language any more than "Hispanics" are native to Mexico, Central and South America. So why are we the bad guys? Because we have a nation that has a good constitution that we have remained faithful to for centuries?

Speaking about small towns and (consequently demographics) why are we who want border enforcement vilified? The countries from which these people are coming have strict border and immigration policies. The people coming here keep their passports. They can leave and go back at will while we are/will perhaps be "stuck," here with no escape. Just thinking out loud....

So, someone much smarter than me please explain how this works and just why it is "illegal" to relocate these people to areas that welcome illegal migrants.

There should be a daily report on the news. A simple talking head with no fancy graphics, no catchy slogan to take our attention away from the subject. Yes, a simple report not unlike the hog or grain reports on the agricultural channel. (Oh yeah, you folks in the small number of cities with populations over 1,000,000 ... that would be ten municipalities, have no idea what I am talking about.) Has anyone besides me ever noticed that most images we see of the border are placid, peaceful serine pictures of ... well... of earth with a fence? No words of people.

This daily report would simply inform us each day just where, how and how many of these people are coming into our country. It is only fair if you ask me. We have no say in this? I don't think so. In fact, why not add some live reporting to this daily report? Include some live footage of these people crossing our borders. It could be on a 24/7 channel with split screens like they have in a shopping mall security office. 100,000 people a month. That is about 145 people crossing per hour, This would make for some good TV I think.

Better than the TV shows that continually show people being busted because they didn't use their turn signals. Did you ever see an "illegal" pulled over on these shows? I didn't think so. After all, we are told, their crime rate is far lower than ours! But then again maybe its in the editing. It would probably fall on deaf-ears though as they say: just like the National Debt calculator. Maybe we could run this increasing debt number on a Kryon at the bottom of the screen. Just a thought.

But seriously though folks, start calling local and national talk shows, contact your elected officials. Write the editors of every publication you know of and ask them just where this "interior" is. Wouldn't you like to know? I sure would.

© Frank Louis


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Frank Louis

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