Bob MacGuffie
The antidote for Senator Blumenthal’s communist affliction
By Bob MacGuffie
December 24, 2021

Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut has received some notoriety this week for his exuberant appearance at the Connecticut People’s World Committee’s celebration of the 102nd anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party USA. But to date, not a drop of the ink of notoriety has been expended by the corporate press in Connecticut. Such is the media blackout in the state in which this wedding cake figurine of a “senator” hides.

Earlier this month the senator exclaimed that he was “proud to join” the celebration of Communism in America. Video of his remarks is captured here. “I am really excited and honored to be with you today and share in this remarkable occasion,” Blumenthal gushed. Celebrating a system responsible for over 100 million needless deaths in the last century demonstrates this man’s complete arrogance and utter disdain for the majority of his constituents who believe in individual liberty, self-reliance, the free market, and the prosperous standard of living America’s unequaled political and economic system has made possible for the people of this nation.

Richard Blumenthal exemplifies a supremely comfortable arrogance by displaying his true ideological colors with his spirited participation in a CP-USA related event, and most infuriating—his constituents remain unaware of his despicable words and actions. This illustrates life in the blue-captured states of this country. The ideological left controls the culture, the media, and the political system. The last Republican elected federal official in Connecticut was defeated in 2008. But a tenacious band of indefatigable patriots have remained vigilant and organized throughout this trying period, refusing to remain quiet as Connecticut’s population has been narcoticized with the Democrats’ numbing bromides. As a tea party leader who challenged this blue hegemony a decade ago, I can tell you the blue states are home to some of the most vigilant patriots in the country. And some of the most aware and vociferous activists at the time were from the immigrant community – particularly those from Eastern Europe.

One of those who joined our cause was Peter Lumaj. Peter grew up in Albania under the oppressive boot of Communist Party Secretary Enver Hoxha. Peter’s father, as so many of his generation, had his fill of Communist tyranny by the 1980s, and decided to act to give his sons a chance at life in the free world. He arranged to have his four teenage sons smuggled out of Albania into Western Europe. Peter made his way to New York, completed college and became an American. His father and much of the family he left behind perished in the death throes of the Hoxha regime. Peter and the millions like him who escaped from behind the Iron Curtain know the inevitable realities of Communism. They were clearly among the staunchest and most vocal supporters of America’s foundational principles, in our many rallies and protests a decade ago.

As an attorney, Peter was quickly able to help us with advice on legal matters and soon was giving impassioned speeches to tea party groups and candidate gatherings and events. His words were so increasingly inspiring that he was encouraged to formally enter the political arena. He cut his teeth traveling the state first in a senate primary in ‘12, then re-loading in ’14 and receiving the nomination for Secretary of the State. He made a strong statewide showing, coming within four points of the heavily favored Democrat incumbent. Such electoral results illustrate that even in a deep blue state, voters respect a serious man of principle who can relate to their lives.

Richard Blumenthal is one of the richest men in the Senate. He attended a private prep school, Harvard College, and then Yale Law School. He then set out on the privileged career track assisting senators and clerking for judges. His professional life has been a glide through open doors, while his electoral life has been one of clever positioning, with key political assists where needed. His lifelong disassociation from the ordeals and experiences of the average American has so insulated him that he breezily embraces both the local New Haven Communists and the America-bankrupting and subversive agenda being driven by the Marxist-inspired Squad in DC. To him, Marxism is merely the current intellectual fad being employed to energize the Democrat party base.

Peter Lumaj arrived in New York from Communist Albania with hardly a contact. He enrolled in the City University of New York and worked as a porter and doorman to finance his education and support his young family. He then went on to the Benjamin Cardozo School of Law for his law degree. After a stint as a fraud investigator in the Giuliani administration in NYC, he struck out on his own and started his law practice. Peter’s life in America is the epitome of the American dream. The road he has traveled has instilled in him the greatest respect for the American foundational principles and charters of liberty that make such an experience possible for us all.

Peter Lumaj’s initiative, life experience, and accomplishments couldn’t stand in starker contrast to that of Richard Blumenthal. He is a most appropriate candidate to take on and take out, our aloof sitting senator. He also possesses the balance of the skills necessary to prosecute the case against the senator, and run an effective and successful campaign.

Blumenthal is the poison—Peter Lumaj is the antidote!

There are other blue-captured states in which the detached and insolent occupy and self-serve in the valuable and important seats that are supposed to be the voice of the people in the Congress. To our brethren in those states – study the incumbent and choose a well matched candidate who can run a full throated, authentic campaign that will generate enthusiasm. The liberation of the blue-captured states depends on it.

Bob MacGuffie was a Tea Party leader, headed Ted Cruz’s CT presidential primary campaign, and is co-author with Antony Stark of the book "The Seventh Crisis—Why Millennials Must Re-Establish Ordered Liberty,"

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Bob MacGuffie

Bob MacGuffie was a financial executive over a 40-year corporate career. He gained brief national notoriety in August 2009 when his Tea Party rallying memo, "Rocking the Town Halls," was cited by the national press as the inspiration for the raucous eruptions in town halls across the country. Several TV news and talk radio appearances followed. He co-led the Connecticut Tea Party movement and was tapped as a thought-leader within the national movement. He addressed the massive Tea Party rally at the nation's capital in September 2010. He was a member of the national Tea Party Debt Commission in 2011, which presented its recommendations to the Senate and House Republican leadership. Bob also served as head of Senator Ted Cruz's presidential primary campaign in Connecticut in 2016. He has penned dozens of Op-Eds and LTEs, and has been guest speaker at many Conservative gatherings and dinners across Connecticut.

Bob and his longtime associate Antony Stark are co-authors of the book "The Seventh Crisis: Why Millennials Must Re-Establish Ordered Liberty."


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