William R. Mann
Democrat Bolshevism
By William R. Mann
January 14, 2013

I dreamt that I dwelt in marble halls, With vassals and serfs at my side. - John Bunn, Bohemian Girl , Act II

Make no mistake People, we are in the midst of a modern proletarian revolution.

President [Commandante?] Obama does not use this term though, does he? Obama has termed this revolution a "Fundamental Transformation of America." The Obama cult of personality, and his subservient "congressional lieutenants," Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, and the Progressive Democrat Party are implementing a social and political revolution. Unlike most Americans fears of secret subversion, the Obama Bolsheviks are doing this out in the open and pretending all the while to be democratic. But do not be fooled. There is nothing here but deception an democratic here but Democratic Centralism. Their means justify their ends.

Within his proletarian revolution Obama cleverly uses the terms "Middle Class" and "the Wealthy" [or rich Americans] because he knows that the term "Working Class" and "Bourgeoisie" are unacceptable. But let's cut to the chase. Here is their grand plan in one sentence. The Progressive Democrat Working Class is working toward and succeeding in overthrowing the "Bourgeoisie Fat Cats" [have we not heard the term fat cats?]. Proletarian revolutions are all but certainly advocated by committed Socialists, Communists and Anarchists. Communists are not Democrats Anarchists are not Libertarians ... so what is going on?

"You didn't build that..."

In social and political terms, bourgeoisie, and the adjective bourgeois, are terms made famous by Karl Marx to describe property owners, businessmen and entrepreneurs, and the otherwise prosperous persons of "social class." Marx used the term 'Capitalist" in order to demean those concerned about the preservation of private property, the multiplication of capital thorough competition and private enterprise maintaining private businesses ... what Marx called, collectively, "the means of production." Marxist Socialism demeans the term bourgeoisie by equating it to "the ruling class" in capitalist societies.

"... make sure that everybody has got a shot ..."

Communism, the universal end point of the long proletarian revolution, the revolutionary movement to create a utopian social order: Classless, Moneyless, Stateless, Common [collective] Ownership of Business and Abolition of Private Property. Flirtations with this vision have existed throughout history, but according to Marx's theory Socialism exists only as the necessary and final step transforming of Society, before the Communist State can be achieved. Before this can happen, the advanced [and decayed] Capitalist state of society will fall before Socialism. Socialism is the herald, the vanguard of a Communist [universal] world. Communism is the consequential and historically inevitable outcome of the struggle between the advanced "western world" and Socialist economies. Marx maintained that capitalism must evolve to Socialism before full Communism can be achieved. Marx thought that the dictatorship of the proletariat, and its egalitarian worker paradise would deliver a plentiful and abundantly materialist world for all. Communism has failed to materialize and deliver, they maintain, because it was not until now that the United States and developed Nations could usher in full Socialism. Once Socialism is achieved, then Communism will naturally evolve.

"Blinded by the light..."

This is the vision, the dogma, and the ideological self-deception under which Obama operates. You, dear reader, may think it deluded. You may in fact think I am the delude one. But Obama and his lieutenants march on while we dither in silly "small ball: Conservative squabbles and moth eaten GOP Politics as usual.

Lenin theorized and put into practice the notion of a vanguard party to lead the proletarian revolution. To achieve this, one can create a Party, or one can take over an existing Party. American Socialists have long sought to create a Socialist United States. Free association in the United States is an ideal incubator where ideas can compete. One would make a mistake to believe that this revolution would succeed in fair competition. Because the Communist end point is inevitable, this revolution does not debate; it proclaims. This revolution does not achieve; it subverts. This revolution does not compromise [Bipartisanism anyone?]; it takes. It takes even when one step backward is required before two steps forward are to be gained. Class warfare and jealousy ultimately ensures the victory of the revolution. The vanguard infiltrates and takes over all institutions of society. This process is indeed evolutionary and may take generations; but Communism is inevitable so one cannot necessarily hasten the process. Obama and the Left see the time is ripe; they believe the time is now. They are emboldened because they believe the change is inevitable. They just need to redefine the meaning of common words and soften the images of future world realities.

Hence in this delusional worldview the following conclusions are possible:
    The Proletariat is the Middle Class.

    The Bourgeoisie is the Wealthy, the Rich, the Fat Cats

    Free Enterprise and Free Markets are derided as evil Capitalism.

    Capitalism is characterized by unbridled greed.

    Socialism is referred to as Social Democracy, just another form of freedom.

    Communism is not bad, Stalin was bad. But Gorbachev was good.

    The US created the Cold War.

    Communist Society is well intentioned, occasional tyrants are aberrations.

    Obama is only acting as he does in our best interests, he is no tyrant.

    The Constitution is an evolutionary document

    The Bill of Rights requires modification.

    The old Democrat Party was obsolete and has moved on.

    Progressivism [Socialism] will lead us into the new era.

    Republicans are extremists who are obstructing this progress.

    There are an enlightened few who will lead us; Obama is their Leader.

    Democratic Centralism [ i.e. The Party] shall lead the way.

    Deliberately change and confuse the terms Red & Blue; Red State/Blue State.

    Conservatives are Red, i.e. inimical and extreme.

    Progressives are Blue, i.e. friendly and reasonable.

    Fellow Traveler, Pinko, and Red are derogatory and defaming terms used to smear good people.

    Modern Communists are normal Americans, just like you and me.

    Spending is not the problem... everything else is.
"Democratic centralism"

Within the Progressive Democrat world, Democratic Centralism shall lead the way in policy formulation. It is democratic because Party Members may discuss and debate matters of policy and direction. Decisions are all top down. Once the Party Caucus decides by Majority vote is made all members are expected to support and work for that decision. The decision at the top is obeyed and fulfilled on lower Party bodies. Party discipline is strict and absolutist. All members and bodies are held strictly accountable and report regularly to the top. This last part is the Centralism part. Now perhaps the reader better understands the repetitive nature of "Talking Points." Does this not describe the Progressive Democrat Party? Working toward a powerful majority is all that counts. Power comes from total Party Control of all Organs of Government.


1905-12: Bolsheviks > 1912: Russian Social Democratic Labor Party > 1918-25: All-Russian Communist Party [Bolsheviks] > 1925-52: All-Union Communist Party > 1952-91: Communist Party of the Soviet Union

19th Century Populist Democrat Party > Early 20th Century Progressive Democrat Party > Liberal Democrat New Deal Party > Liberal Democrat Fair Deal Party > Liberal Democrat Great Society Party > Liberal Democrat Progressive Party > emerging and openly collectivist and Social Democrat Policy > Communism [?]

Vladimir Lenin and his Communist 'wannabe' successors limited actual Party Membership. Party members, envisioned as the elite guardians of Communist Society, comprised never more than perhaps 6.5% of the Soviet Union [according to various sources]. Yet this elite organization ruled ruthlessly and with an iron fist for 70 years. The idea of a Communist Utopia did not die with the Soviet Union. There are still many smaller versions of this return to serfdom around the world. The Liberal Apologist ["fellow traveler"] will say that Communism can succeed only when Capitalism reaches its end and can "progress" into Socialism and that is why it has failed before this time.

We are at that Train Station folks and the train is departing imminently. Obama is the Conductor on our train, the "Gulag Express." The Republican Caucus appear oblivious and lazy ... in the Dining Car enjoying drinks and dinner, and making unholy compromises with evil. The rest of us are in steerage munching on free peanuts and bottled water. When we get to the next station, Socialist America, we will change cars. Those deemed dissenters will be moved to the cattle cars, decoupled and placed on another track ... awaiting another engine to take them to a "resettlement" destination. The new Americans, the Obama "Middle Class" will inherit our seat and luxuriate in the peanuts and bottled water. The Republican Dining Car will remain for appearances sake [until, like the Bolsheviks did to the Mensheviks] they can be righteously "put away." Good luck and enjoy the ride while you can.@

All Aboard!

© William R. Mann


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William R. Mann

William R. Mann is a retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel. He is currently a political observer, analyst, activist and writer for conservative causes. He received his Bachelor of Science at West Point and a Masters in National Security Affairs at the Naval Postgraduate School. He currently resides with his wife in Pensacola, Florida.

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