William R. Mann
Now we know what destroyed Detroit
By William R. Mann
January 15, 2013

Just like I discussed in my last article, Democrat Bolshevism, if you want a peek at where Obama and his Marxist crew are taking us, then look at what happened to Detroit. It is a case study. This will happen to the rest of the USA over time if these people and their ideas prevail. Detroit is an example of what Socialism and Communism do best: depreciate, dismantle, destroy, defeat, and demoralize. Almost an entire once great city ... now it lies in ruins.


Sometimes I just wonder. I write and speak about these events and the nature of the enemy and often, people look at me like I'm nuts ... or at best, living in the past. Would that it were so. Those who read the "handwriting on the wall" but do not heed and prepare will one day wake up and ask, "What the hell happened here?"

As many of you know, I have had a few actual on-the-ground, face-to-face experience with Soviet and East German Communists. I saw the "real" East Berlin and its suburbs in the 1980s. I observed and reported what I saw on a regular basis. East Berlin was not the showcase shops and restaurants that were official or tourist destinations. It was filthy, sooty, rat infested hell-hole where buildings were still bombed out shells, relics of WWII. Those who ruled there were gangsters, thieves, and corrupt bureaucrats. Very few were true believers in their cause, or in their own propaganda.

Remember all of the anti-Reagan hype by the Soviet Fronts in Europe, and in the US by the screechy Liberal Left of the mid-1980s? Ronald Reagan, according to them, was a madman who wanted war with the Soviet Union, etc. This and other "fellow traveler" nonsense and Liberal-Left propaganda dominated the Liberal Media. That "wonderful Man of Peace," Mikhail Gorbachev was the Soviet Premier at that time. It was during this time, that a friend and work colleague, Lt. Colonel Art Nicholson was gunned down while performing his Official Diplomatic Duties in East Germany in 1985 as part of the US Military Liaison Mission. Gorbachev did nothing. In fact that Soviet sentry was likely awarded some kind of Proletarian Red Army Hero Medal. ["Hero of the Soviet Union" was reserved only for the Soviet Bigwigs]. This was a very formative time in my career as a young Major.

Read the Wikipedia entry below. Some of you may still think that all we who served in Berlin did during the Cold War was train and parade and live the good life. Not so. We were the Free World Trip Wire. I was the Intelligence Officer On-call that late night in March 1985 when I was summoned to the message center. I had to make the first call to the General Commanding Berlin and to the US Military Liaison Mission Commander to relay the news and to assemble information as it first came in. Art was a wonderful man who had only friends and admirers, and I think all of us were operating while in shock at his loss. We knew that our respective work was dangerous, but this was not supposed to happen. It was a wake-up call for all of us as to with whom we were really dealing. Many jobs were dangerous. Those of the USMLM and other operating units were engaged in real and dangerous business to preserve Diplomatic Freedom within East Germany, access to East Berlin, the integrity of West Berlin, [West]Germany, and NATO.


So I ask you ... who was the real madman then? Who are the real madmen now? It is the same argument as gun control, but with the Foreign Policy twist. Reagan had rearmed and fitted out the military with new kit, and had placed Cruise and Pershing II missiles in Germany to protect NATO. But it was, in fact, the US "guarding its house," when it was attacked by a lawless Soviet Union. Yet somehow, the Soviets and their duped Friends in the Media and in the American & European Left claimed that if our Officer had provoked the incident. In Soviet-speak that means our Officer was doing his job!
  • Is it not incredible that while the Soviet Union is no more, that many in this country still believe that that despotic failure was a noble effort?

  • Is it not weird that a French Citizen nowadays receives a Russian Passport from Vladimir Putin and becomes a Russian citizen because France taxes at a 75% rate while Russia's rate today is 13%?

  • Is it not strange that Democrats are pushing for Gun Control and Confiscation while a Russian citizen writes an Article in PRAVDA pleading with Americans to never give up their guns?

  • Is it not strange that Obama wants a full fledged, cradle-to-grave European welfare state complete with National Health Care when all such governments everywhere in the world are bankrupt and failing?

  • Is it not reprehensible that Obama claims to want negotiations only to dictate terms, and then demonizes those who would debate?

  • Is it not also reprehensible that 3 months after Benghazi, we still do not know that facts about four dead, brave Americans?
I could go on and on. I hope you get the message. I listened to Governor Mike Huckabee on Television last night decry how people are only into watching "Jersey Shore" or "Honey Boo-Boo" these days. Obama and the Leftist Democrat bombast and bluster and blame has turned off so many citizens that this is where Americans now go for refuge and comic relief. Crisis after Crisis after Crisis ... this is the Left's design. Never let a crisis go to waste ... just use it to ram through more collectivist programs! In the program that followed on Fox News, Sean Hannity exposed the Left's effort to demonize responsible gun owners and the American Constitutional Right to Bear Arms on his show. Are you not tired of those who do not even know what an assault rifle is, who do not know the difference between and clip and a magazine, and who then turn around to makes some insipid, stupid comparison of our Constitutional Rights to a Driver's License?

For the Love of God people, it is time to wake up. Take a serious look at those running this country. They may seem nice to us; they may be good parents and may even have children; they may look like us in dress and manner and language. But make no mistake. The divide in the United States is real and it is deep. They are not freedom lovers as we know it, they are Collectivists. They are not Free Market Nationalists, they are Socialist Internationalists. They are not proud to be American they are One-World believers in the God-less United Nations. They do no uphold American tradition or our traditional beliefs. Their morality is relative, their religious beliefs and practices are inclusive and without teachings to the point of irrelevancy, and their social preference pretend to be Libertarian but are Libertine in practice.

So, if being an unashamed devout Christian, a practicing Arms-bearing Patriot, a flag waving Nationalist, and an outspoken critic and political foe of the Phony in the White House [who operates toward me and what I believe with contempt and intolerance] ... if all of this is bad and makes me the intolerant enemy of Obama and his State, then so be it. The Progressive Left has picked this fight. And as I once heard someone say, "Our team may not win the game, but we will win the fight after the game."

My worst fear is that when it comes time to put up or shut up, that very few will actually resist, and the rest will remain reticent, or even hide. But let me assure you of this one thing ... if we lose, all of us sooner or later will wind up either in some permanent, low status in the New World Order, or worse yet, some kind of 21st Century Gulag. If we do not all become engaged, an i mean starting now, this will all surely happen.

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William R. Mann

William R. Mann is a retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel. He is currently a political observer, analyst, activist and writer for conservative causes. He received his Bachelor of Science at West Point and a Masters in National Security Affairs at the Naval Postgraduate School. He currently resides with his wife in Pensacola, Florida.

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