Lloyd Marcus
Tea Party Express honors our military
By Lloyd Marcus
April 6, 2010

The left is outraged when we question their patriotism and support of our military. Perhaps, our doubts about their sincerity has something to do with their behavior. Democrat politicians accused our troops of rape and murder. Just before we won in Iraq, democrat Harry Reid declared the war lost. The left ran a New York Times full page ad calling a decorated U.S. General a liar for reporting our troops were making progress in Iraq. And, how many U.S. military support rallies have you seen hosted by the left? The answer is none.

On the Tea Party Express tour, we honor our military with a special tribute at each rally. The keynote speaker for our tribute is an amazing woman named Debbie Lee. Debbie is a Gold Star mom. Her son, Marc Alan Lee was the first U.S. Navy Seal to die in Iraq (8-02-06). Marc was awarded Silver Star, Bronze Star with Valor and Purple Heart.

Debbie's shares the extremely compelling story about how her son put himself in harms way on three occasions to save his fellow soldiers. The third time, he did not survive. Debbie's strong and yet gentle spirit captures the audiences. I witness the same phenomenon at every rally. You could hear a pin drop as thousands silently hang on her every word.

Here is a quote from Debbie's extraordinary son, the late Marc Alan Lee."Pass on the kindness, the love, the precious gift of human life, through random acts of kindness."

In honor of her son's request, Debbie founded and is president of America's Mighty Warriors which is a support group for our troops, their families and the fallen. (www.AmericasMightyWarriors.org)

BTW, I've been told this is 'grits' country. You northern folks, Google it. I had some with my breakfast; add a little salt, pepper and butter. Very good!

This is Lloyd Marcus aboard Tea Party Express in Huntsville, AL. Talk to y'all soon. God bless.

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