Desmond McGrath
Self-deportation, America was founded on it!
The only kind of amnesty that should be provided to Illegals
By Desmond McGrath
June 26, 2013

Dear Gang of Eight!

I am quite saddened to see that you have truly lived up to the Maoist/Stalinist moniker that has been attributed to you, and now voted to move forward with this travesty of an immigration bill despite the majority of the voting populous being against the amnesty you are providing (Here) and (Here).

None of the things that I have referenced in my An open letter to the "Gang of Eight" on immigration reform have been addressed, nor any of the issues I addressed in An Open letter to Alabama Church Leaders. In fact I see this Bill 744 you so fondly describe as "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" as being the exact opposite, a targeted amnesty and welfare package geared towards illegal invaders who crossed your borders, while completely ignoring lawful immigrants, myself being a typical example.

Since this bill is almost as convoluted as the "We Have to Pass the Bill So That You Can Find Out What Is In It" un-Affordable Care Act, and history has shown that the previous promises of border security for the 1986 amnesty went nowhere, no wonder that "Only 28% Think Feds Will Secure Border If Immigration Bill Passes". The question becomes; why is this process started in the Senate, since to quote The Cornell University Legal Information Institute:
    "Congress has complete authority over immigration. Presidential power does not extend beyond refugee policy. Except for questions regarding aliens' constitutional rights, the courts have generally found the immigration issue as nonjusticiable."
This raises a very interesting question considering that the "dream act" is actually nothing more than an executive order, it has no constitutional basis. So why are places all over the USA advertising "Dream Act Forms"?

Rather that pick apart your SPAM and Pork sausage style of legislation piece by piece, as the federation for Immigration Reform (FAIR) has done (Top 40 Reasons to Oppose the Gang of Eight), I would just like to reinforce one of their 40 examples as to why your bill is so biased and prejudiced. The revised 744 document is (Here)
    Reason #26. S.744 authorizes illegal aliens to bring class action lawsuits against the government for a denial of RPI status. (Sec. 2104, p. 131)
The interesting thing about that section is that any person, and there are many Canadians that fall in the same category, living and working legally under TN Status Appendix 1603.D.1. , do not fit in any of the categories that Sec. 2104, applies to! Clearly this bill, and the provisions thereof are geared solely to grant amnesty and all kinds of special privilege to only one group – illegal aliens; those who either illegally entered the country, primarily via the southern border, or entered legally and then overstayed their visa, i.e. Those who willfully broke the law! If I get refused re-entry the end of this coming August and Bill 744 were the "Law of the Land" I would have no standing to bring any litigation against the government, even if it is proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt that I were targeted on a politically motivated basis by some faceless bureaucrat or politician who takes offence to me exercising my freedom of speech in this manner!

A tragic example of how screwed up this country's immigration system has become is illustrated in the case of the Boston Marathon Bombers, the Brothers Tsarnaev, one who became a US Citizen on the 11th anniversary of 9/11 and the other Tamerlin, a permanent resident; both living in this country the same period of time as I have and yet I, other TN Status Canadians and highly skilled technical personnel waiting in line in other countries, are not afforded the same opportunity for permanent residency and a path to citizenship.

It should also be remembered that the 9/11 terrorists were all in the country via some form of immigration visa, but few were studying at the institution for which they had applied, many violated the terms of their visas and some illegally overstayed them. According to Robert Thibadeau, director of Carnegie Mellon's Internet Security laboratory, says that "the 19 terrorists on Sept. 11 were holding 63 state driver's licenses for identification."

Similarly the truth has been fleeting and illusive on the Saudi National, Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi under alleged deportation after the Boston Marathon Bombing, despite allegations that the individual is connected to the bombing and may in-fact be an Al Qaeda recruiter in the country.

I highly doubt that any of you have watched the DVD's "Jihad in America: The Grand Deception" or "They come to America" I & II, the shocking part is the number of those of Middle East extraction who are being caught crossing the U.S. Mexican border hiding amongst the Mexican and Central Americans who are crossing the border, and the unknown number that are getting through!

This bill 744 does nothing to fix the endemic mismanagement and corruption in the Immigration Bureaucracy as exposed in Marinka Pechmann's recent book Crime & Incompetence: The Guide to America's Broken Immigration Problem.

It is abundantly obvious that the 11 odd million here in this country illegally are being pandered to, while the legal immigrant population and hopefuls already in line in other countries are ignored. As highlighted in my previous open letter to the "Gang of Eight" on immigration reform, I indicated that I must self deport on or before the 1 year anniversary less a day of my entry into the country. The total cost, not including the loss of two days of work, involves a return ticket to Toronto, Ontario Canada, and a night's accommodation, taxi and meals amounts to over $7,000.00 over the past decade. The fines that Illegals are required to pay are a pittance of that amount and they have no fear of deportation while I fear that my petition may get rejected for politically motivated reasons.

I have a lawful driver's license, had a Social Security Number for over 10 years, a Transportation Worker Identification Card or TWIC (Which required an extensive criminal background check) and went through a background check to get a deer rifle, in addition to passing even more stringent private security clearance checks for some clients who are involved in highly classified projects, and have signed Non-Disclosure Agreements decades ago that I still honor. Why some states give drivers licenses to illegals, for example New Mexico, completely escapes me; especially when 66% of cited/stopped drivers in New Mexico have no license, no insurance and no registration for the vehicle and of that 66%, 98% are illegal aliens. Or you read about stories like Drunk Illegal Alien with FOUR DUIs Kills Baby in New Mexico.

Yet with the exception of the lunacy of state provided driver's licenses to Illegals, they would never qualify for a TWIC or a background check for a firearm, unless the DOJ gave them a waiver under Fast and Furious and they are already armed! Given the manner that the Illegal aliens criminal past will be expunged from the records if your bill becomes law, there is a high degree of probability that some will apply for and get TWIC cards that they would otherwise be denied and compromise the safety and integrity of the nation's transportation infrastructure that the TWIC system was designed to protect.

Is it any wonder as Ann Coulter asserts "You don't need to spy on Americans if you're not letting in a lot of foreigners who want to kill us. The crime rate went up dramatically after Teddy Kennedy's 1965 Immigration Act, and it has not gone down to its pre-1965 Immigration Act levels."

While not trying to belabor the illegal activities of this identifiable segment, it should be noted that Maria Espinoza, the daughter of legal immigrants created The Remembrance Project in 2009 to honor and remember Americans who have been killed by illegal aliens, in her Stolen Lives Quilt Project.

While I'm sure that many on the left would brand me a racist, I have friends who are Mexican nationals for whom I do consulting in Mexico, others who have come to America legally and contributed to the fabric of this Republic as One Nation under God!

It is abundantly clear that the federal government has no idea who has crossed the southern border, and it is obvious that these are not all itinerant, seasonal farm workers as radical Islamist are also being smuggled across the border. Here is one example of radical Imam Said Jaziri who was previously deported from Canada in October 2007 and earlier from France, only to be picked up outside San Diego in January 11 2011. You can find many references like this video here, and given the Fast and Furious Gunrunning debacle, the statistical probability is high that there are Radical Islamic Terrorists in the USA who have not only been brought across the border by Mexican drug Cartels for a fee but also armed with Fast and Furious weaponry.

While America Slept: The True Story of 9/11 catalogs the timeline of that tragedy; what similar 20/20 hindsight timeline will be constructed in the future should another attack on US soil come from a terrorist who came into America through the southern back door. My late father had a saying, "A lock is a deterrent to an honest man, but an open door is an invitation to a 1001 thieves." Given the modus operandi of terrorists going to South America and learning Spanish, should Bill 744 become law, a hypothetical amnesty interview might be: "are you from the Veracruz El Sharia clan or the Monterey El Sharia clan"?

It is obvious that the current illegal alien problem in America is a classic "Virus and Antidote concocted in the same laboratory." As I discussed in my article "Looking through the NSA Prism at all Americans", the sheer power, complexity and capability of the surveillance system is mind boggling, yet it seems to be directed towards the Citizenry (especially conservatives), Government officials, Supreme Court Justices and even Whitehouse staff, according to former NSA whistleblower Russel Tice, and obviously not identifying and aiding in the expulsion of illegal aliens.

Likewise the IRS is more concerned about persecuting conservative and tea party groups, than doing any internal checks on where refunds are heading as was recently written by Terence P. Jeffrey "IRS Sent $46,378,040 in Refunds to 23,994 'Unauthorized' Aliens at 1 Atlanta Address". The issuance of "ITIN" Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers to individuals, who are in the country illegally and not eligible for a Social Security Number, is clearly another "Backdoor Amnesty" that has been given through the IRS to illegals without the direct purview of Congress. This was first highlighted in "Treasury Inspector General's Semiannual Report to Congress" published on Oct. 29, 1999.

I quoted my late relative Hon R.S. Furlong, Chief Justice of the Newfoundland Supreme Court, in my article "Where is America Headed"
    "There is no such thing as consistent stupidity as those acting in a randomly stupid manner will occasionally err in your favor" – Hon. RS Furlong
    "Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of a day; but a series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished period and pursued unalterably through every change of ministers, too plainly prove a deliberate, systematic plan of reducing [a people] to slavery." Thomas Jefferson
Why is it that governmental agencies and elected officials continually are erring in favor of a foreign invading demographic segment and consistently erring against the Citizenry? Simply put this wholesale Illegal alien criminal trespass is a form of Socio-Economic Terrorism and has a destabilizing effect on the country when you consider that the average Illegal in the USA has a lower base literacy rate than an average farmer in China who is brought in from the fields to assemble goods in a Chinese factory. Flooding a country with those who do not respect the country's heritage and rule of law is an example of a Marxist/Communist technique, one application is Tibet where China has flooded the country with Chinese immigrants making the native Tibetan's a minority in many areas.
    "What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives everything its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as freedom should not be highly rated."― Thomas Paine, the American Crisis

    "Reputation is what men and women think of us; character is what God and angels know of us."
    ― Thomas Paine

    "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character." – Martin Luther King, Jr.

What does it say about the content of the Illegal's character whose very first act of defiance against these United States of America is to, with malice of forethought, break the Immigration Laws and continue to flout myriad other laws during their illegal tenure in the country? What laws will they break or transgressions will they commit in the future as they learn from experience and example that they will not prosecuted for their current criminal activity, like an illegal killing a child on his fourth DWI?

What does it say about the content of the character of bureaucrats and elected officials who not only have been turning a blind eye to the transgressions of illegal aliens since the amnesty of 1986, but have been willfully failing to secure the border while enabling and promoting their illicit activity via all manner of sanctuary carrots and incentives like the provision of driving licenses amongst other things? Treating the border like an immigration Monopoly game "Pass GO at the border and collect benefits" that current American citizens and lawful residents are paying for and that heroes of the past have paid the supreme sacrifice for?

What does it say about the content of the character of all the law makers in the Senate and Congress who would willfully support this monstrosity of Bill 744, the primary beneficiaries thereof are foreign nationals in the country illegally, when all manner of transgressions against Constitution supporting Americans are being exposed on a daily basis in the media? Why is it that these illegal aliens are a higher priority at this juncture, than the IRS or NSA scandals or continuing unraveling of the Benghazigate Video lies or the expansion of the Syrian Civil War into World War III?

Is it that this once great ship of state has metaphorically become the Titanic, unbeknownst to the general citizenry sleepwalking in the slavery of the steerage class, while the crew of overlords who support this bill have been promised seats in the lifeboats by their puppet masters?
    "A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague." – Marcus Tullius Cicero

    There is an ancient Latin Legal Maxim "Qui molitur insidias in patriam id facit quod insanus nauta perforans navem in qua vehitur." He who betrays his country is like the insane sailor who bores a hole in the ship which carries him.
Self-Deportation would solve the current immigration problem without a monstrosity of Bill 744, and it could be easily accomplished by enforcing the laws that are on the books already and passing single issue bills to address specific aspects of the immigration problems in this country.
    1. If the issue is farm workers, then pass a simple, single purpose bill that would be specifically focused on seasonal farm workers who would like to remain Mexican Citizens and work seasonally in the USA. Have a FWIC, Farm Worker Identification Card that is the Farm Worker equivalent of a TWIC with Biometric data including up to date work authorization information listing the company for whom they are to be working, requiring them to leave and re-enter the USA at least once every year. Singapore has a highly successful guest worker program that works this way with foreign nationals having authorization to work in Singapore for 1 year increments and requires them to be outside of the country for 1 month prior to re- entry.

    2. Universally enforce the E-Verify program that is already in place and apply the penalties that already exist.

    3. Use the NSA and IRS to track the money trail to Mexico back to the sources, the Congressional Budget Office has already studied this fact and in 2009 the amount of remittances leaving the USA was $48 Billion. $60 billion dollars are earned by illegal aliens in the U.S. each year. One of Mexico's largest revenue streams (after exports and oil sales) consists of money sent home by legal immigrants and illegal aliens.

    4. Eliminate the IRS's ITIN program for anyone who has no legal status in this country and use RICO statues to crack down on illegal activities and profits from such enterprises as the $46,378,040 in Refunds to 23,994 'Unauthorized' Aliens in a single Atlanta address as one example.

    5. Enforce all laws and penalties against employers who are employing and paying Illegals, and add to the financial penalty for employers thus convicted, will in addition to the already enacted penalties, be liable to the full amount of the incarceration and deportation costs for each illegal and their family and have second offences raised to felonies which would include jail time.

    6. Restore the Fourteenth Amendment to the constitution to its original intent of July 9, 1868 which was to ensure that the children born in the USA to slaves brought against their will to this country be afforded citizenship; by either repealing it or clarifying it via legislation in such a manner that it can confer no greater status to a child born in the USA than is at the time of birth experienced by the parent of said child. For example, if the parent is Illegal then so is the child, if the parent is a lawful resident then so is the child and if the parent is a citizen then so is the child. Again, this is a simple bill that could be enacted.

    7. Once all these measures are in place and publically declared; pass the 90 Day amnesty Act, giving both illegal aliens and their employers 90 days to arrange self-deportation with no penalties either to the Employers or Illegals, instructing illegals to register at the American side of whatever border, seaport or airport they leaving from for future work permits. After 90 days expire start random arrests and prosecutions and publicize the fact. Once the 90 days are over no more amnesty and the full force of the law comes into effect. Those overstaying the 90 day period will be barred from applying for reentry into the USA for 10 years. Note with employers financially responsible for the deportation and incarceration cost, this is revenue neutral to the government.

    8. We should look at Mexico's example on how they treat illegals in their country and stop being sucked into the Marxist/Socialist vortex of Political Correctness.
America was founded on the principle of Self Deportation:

America was founded on the principles embodied in the Declaration of Independence that were diametrically opposed to the concept of a monarchy or a ruling class, especially where that ruling class subjugated the people to levels of serfdom and servitude. Once independence was hard won there were still those within the 13 original states that did not believe in or support the new republic and continued to hold their allegiance to the King George III. They were known as "United Empire Loyalists" An estimated 70,000 or about 3% of the total American population packed up and self-deported.

America owes its success on the founding documents and the ideals upon which it was created, beginning with the Declaration of Independence; "That all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. – That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed"
    From whom are the lawmakers supporting and promoting this amnesty drawing their consent?

    • To whose drumbeat are they marching?

    • Who is really pulling their puppet strings?
The sad irony is that despite the best intentions of the founders, a ruling class has become entrenched in this country, and they no longer fear "We the People" because they have empowered the organs of the state such as NSA, DHS and the IRS to crush all those who resist "Fundamental Transformation" of America as Counter-revolutionaries and Enemies of the Statists.

America became the "soon to be Former" great nation due to the ability of all who came here to exercise their individual freedom. Take for example the Amish or Pennsylvania Dutch, they have thrived and prospered and never once imposed their will or ideology on others. Yet they are as tightly woven into the fabric and cultural identity as the fabric of flag itself but they do not propagandize their frugal appropriate technology existence or try to impose it as a method of fighting imaginary global warming.

Yet at present, due to either bureaucratic incompetence, malevolent design or a combination of both, there are 11 Million illegal foreign nationals in this country, who except via voter fraud, cannot vote and you the representatives of the electorate and citizenry are fawning over these illegal foreign nationals as if they are some legitimate constituency. In just the same manner there is a well-established and covert program to make America "Sharia Compliant"

My conviction is you are truly free in America:
    • If you want free Nanny State provided Health Care, you are free to self-deport to somewhere it is provided.

    • If you want to cross a border and illegally invade another country to destabilize the country from its constitutional or cultural values, self-deport to China and ask to settle in Tibet.

    • If you want to live under Sharia Law, self-deport to a country that is already founded on the constitutional principle of Sharia Law.

    • If you want a fundamental change to a Socialist/Marxist state, you are free to Self-Deport to anywhere in the European Union.

    • If you want to live in a country where the population is completely disarmed, you are free to self deport to somewhere that has.
As for me I may never become an American Citizen certainly not before those illegals you are fawning over, but in my heart, mind and soul I am more of an American than they will ever be; I have taken to heart the struggle and sacrifices that made this country and like the founders who risked everything, I with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, solemnly pledge to the memory of this Nation's founders and their divinely inspired Constitution, my Life, my Fortune and my sacred Honor.

© Desmond McGrath


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