Desmond McGrath
Life, liberty, and the pursuit of hydroxychloroquine
Tiananmen Square and the Wuhan “SARS-CoV-2,” Virus Ideological vs Pathological Viruses (Part III)
By Desmond McGrath
August 23, 2020

If you have not read Part 2, read it HERE. Part 1, read it HERE


I have been sitting on finishing Part III of this series at the 7000 word level for the past 12 plus weeks as I had been taking care of my 86 year old mother in Florida after she had some form of mini stroke in January and while my sister Deb was sidelined by the Wuhan Virus just a few days after she captained the last commercial evacuation flight out of Cali, Columbia to Florida. It is not known when or where she caught the virus as her co-workers on the flight were unaffected, but the symptoms hit her like a ton of bricks early Tuesday morning March 23rd , a day after I saw her last at a distance and she was perfectly normal; she was, as a precaution at the time, wearing a mask and gloves plus practicing social distancing before she had any symptoms. She tested negative for the two seasonal virus strains that day and on March 30th it was confirmed she had the Wuhan CCP Virus.

She had been struggling at her place in isolation in a spare room with a balcony door open and broken air conditioning, being ministered to in body and soul by her loving husband Ed who is an ex-Vietnam Era Green Beret Medic and passionate lay preacher. Illness struck her in waves and she did not show signs of improvement for 2 weeks. Ed limited his contact with the virus and was leaving the condo every night for 5-6-mile midnight hikes on the deserted Jungle Trail.

My sister has been an air ambulance bush pilot in the North and relief supply pilot into some of the most disease-ridden parts of Africa, circumnavigated the globe by sail and delivered new Beechcraft all over the world before a 20+ year career as a commercial airline captain and never gets sick. This virus flattened her for over two weeks and at the end she needed an antibiotic to clear up her lungs.

My case in point regarding all this is based on the way my sister came down with this and struggled with it as someone who never gets sick is clear evidence that this is no ordinary malady; but is it as deadly as touted? Based on how the Chinese doctors were silenced and at least one died, it is obvious that the dedicated health professionals, non-medical citizens of Wuhan, and even Chinese Billionaires were painfully aware this was no ordinary seasonal flu in 2019. Yet the Chinese Communist Party CCP and The World Health Organization (WHO) not only participated in a conspiracy of silence and disinformation to the rest of the world but forcefully suppressed all who dared to speak the truth. A number of whom either succumbed to the virus like Dr. Li Wenliang or like citizen journalist Chen Qiushi and Chinese real estate mogul Ren Zhiqiang were simply “Disappeared”. The CCP and WHO kept up this propaganda campaign until the infected Chinese Expat Diaspora returned to their disperse global community after their trip home for the Lunar New Year to “Seed the Virus” internationally, while preventing its spread internally. Que Bono? The South China Morning Post reported on January 27th 2020 “5 million left Wuhan before lockdown, 1,000 new coronavirus cases expected in city”

“There is no such thing as consistent stupidity as those acting in a randomly stupid manner will occasionally err in your favor” – Hon. RS Furlong, whom our family affectionally called “Uncle Bob” He sometimes added the caveat “If they never occasionally err in your favor there must be a malevolent design to the consistent stupidity”

Note” what was going to be Part 3 will become part 4

What is the Real Death Rate of the Wuhan Virus?

There has been so much (Mis/Dis)information from the beginning that it was almost obvious that the Virus’s true infection rate and death rate was never properly charted or discussed and with Black Lives Matter Protests worldwide spread that saw social distancing going out the window, particularly in the major urban centers; there were propaganda pieces that went out of their way to blame a spike in cases on the easing of restrictions and not the riots and protests. Plus in places like Florida there have been organized Covid-19 parties to accelerate the spread See: Police investigating COVID-19 parties around Florida WESH2 News.

Back in late April I had a simultaneous skype conversation with two friends both in the epidemiology fields, one in Europe and the other in Singapore. My Singaporean friend put it this way. The people who were dying from this Virus were not being killed directly by the Virus but in older individuals or those with underlying conditions; it was the bodies response to the illness that was the death knell or the underlying condition. This concept was discussed in “Into the Eye of the Cytokine Storm” Microbiol Mol Biol Rev. 2012 Mar; 76(1): 16–32. I also chat with several friends who are in the Heath Care / Epidemiology field. A friend of some 20+ years now living in Israel whose area of research was antiretroviral treatment and immunology has been sharing her knowledge regularly on live video feeds.

My European friend put it this way “The virus was abruptly shortening some individual’s already short life expectancy such that they pass away now rather than in a few weeks, months or years.” He theorized that when the weekly death rate was charted over a series of say three years it would show a higher weekly death rate in the short term but a dip in the death rate over the following weeks months and years past the peak infection rates. In any given year the 8th leading cause of death in the United States, is Influenza and pneumonia. There are studies suggesting that ranking is low, as it only counts deaths directly attributed to respiratory infections and with the Corona Virus if you tested positive and died shortly thereafter the Corona Virus was attributed to being the cause of death.

In Int. Med. J.: Triggering of acute myocardial infarction by respiratory infection 2017 research from the University of Sydney found the risk of a heart attack is increased 17-fold in the week following a respiratory infection such as influenza or pneumonia.

So how would one determine the truth?

Using my European MD friends’ suggestion, I scoured the CDC and National Center for Health Statistics

Weekly Counts of Deaths by State and Select Causes, 2014-2020. I had to extract three files week 1 2014 to week 52 2018, weekly for 2019-2020. An example source data is here:

I reduced the data to just the Whole USA and only the Total by any Cause and the Corona Virus Cases (since January 2020), the assumption is that any spike in the weekly death rate would be the flu or Corona Virus the results are below. Note the 2014-15 and 2017-18 Spikes followed by the 2020 Corona Virus Spike: (Remember we still had a regular Flu Season this past winter.)

Zooming in on 2020:

While the actual death rates may not be fully tallied for the past few weeks, it is obvious that the death rate per week is now below the 6-year moving average and tapering off like the regular seasonal variation.

In the Article “Nursing Homes & Assisted Living Facilities Account for 45% of COVID-19 Deaths” By Gregg Girvan and Avik Roy which was published May 7th 2020

    (Due to high demand, this article has been updated five times—most recently on July 14—to reflect the most recent statistics. For historical data on nursing home and assisted living facility deaths, please visit this page.)

Considering that my mother is in that age group and I personally cared for her in Florida for 4 months before my sister and her husband brought her back home to Newfoundland, Canada, I find the Canadian Percentage of deaths in care homes horrendously appalling, especially considering the verbal venom that many Canadians I know, directed at the USA and President Trump in particular alleging his “Mishandling” of the Plandemic. To put the numbers in Context, had all the Nursing Homes been protected the actual spike of deaths outside nursing homes would have not been very much higher proportional to population growth than the 2015 and 2018 peak death rates. All this has horrific allegations and implications of eugenics as touted by progressives like George Bernard Shaw in the 1930’s Please Watch:

New York, Michigan, California, New Jersey and Pennsylvania Forced Nursing Homes to take COVID 19 Patients.

See “Lawmakers raise the heat on states that forced nursing homes to admit coronavirus patients”

Danielle Brown June 18, 2020. Here is what the death rate would be had Nursing Homes been protected.

Since almost ½ of the total deaths in the USA were in Nursing and Care Homes that in many cases were deliberately infected on the orders of Democratic Governors. What about the General Population outside Nursing Homes?

Triple-drug combo of anti-malaria pill hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin and ZINC improved coronavirus patients' chances of being discharged and cut death risk by almost 50%, study finds By Mary Kekatos Senior Health Reporter for and AFP, 11 May 2020 repeats the story that so many American Physicians have been saying. If that were indeed the case and if a combination or extra vigilance at Elderly Care Facilities plus using this three drug Cocktail both as a prophylaxis and as an early treatment of the disease the death rate outside the elderly care facilities was reduced 50%? Given that quarantining the elderly and vulnerable would not be 100% effective and many would not respond the (HCQ-Zinc-Zpack) treatment but assuredly the morbidity rate would not be a multiple of the 2014-15 and 2017-18 Spikes. Nor would it approach the 1968-69 Hong Kong Flu (1 million dead) or 1957-58 Asian flu (2 million dead). Why has there been such a pervasive smear campaign against (HCQ-Zinc-Zpack)? There is ample evidence that this smear campaign has not worked as there have been increasing shortages of HCQ. In “Delingpole: Lancetgate Is a Humiliation for Trump’s Medical Critics:"

    “The Lancet — one of the world’s oldest, best known, and most respected medical journals — has formally retracted a paper which claimed that hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) is ineffective and potentially dangerous in the treatment of Chinese coronavirus.”

I remember copies of “The Lancet” in the study of my late Great Uncle Charles Cron’s home surgery in Harbour Grace Newfoundland; one of his quotes often used in boisterous arguments was borrowed from Saturday May 10th 1884 edition. [Your Argument] “is a dead horse, which no amount of whipping can call back to life, or even excite into the semblance of vitality.”

‘Uncle Charl’ was to the people of Harbour Grace and outlying communities like Upper Island Cove what James Herriot was to the People and Animals of the Yorkshire Dales. He was the subject of a book “Dr. Charles Cron: A Doctor for All Time ; a Man who Cured Our Hearts” by Patrick J. Collins 2010. He was a ‘Cradle to Grave’ Physician who “kept notes on his patients by nicknames” and also had a hand on their christenings. The summer before he passed away, I thanked him for setting my friend, Eric’s arm having broken it while we climbed the rocks near Ugly Head looking for Pirate Treasure. Despite being retired, Eric’s mother insisted that ‘Uncle Charl mend he’. No sooner had I uttered my thanks, ‘Uncle Charl’ quipped “Eric’s Arm Healed Itself”. Noting my disbelief, he shed his normally gruff persona and patiently explained how the bone would knit itself back together if kept completely still and that the cast he made for Eric’s arm was twice as strong as any other so Eric would not break the cast as well. (Eric had the previous Autumn broken a finger jumping from the hayloft to the large Dray [two wheeled horse drawn cart] half full of hay and Uncle Charl knew a normal weight cast was not going to slow him down or be a safe immobilizer.) He then said something I have never forgotten “My role as a doctor in not to cure the patient, but rather soothe the worried soul and make the patient comfortable while the body heals itself!”

Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Hydroxychloroquine

Ever since President Trump mentioned Hydroxychloroquine in a Whitehouse Corona Virus Briefing, the press and the left have liked the idea of the (HCQ-Zinc-Zpack) treatment being touted by the President about as much as the Devil likes Holy Water, and have also launched a (Stalin/Mao)-esque purge of all videos and postings that have mentioned it. Despite that, “orders for hydroxychloroquine jumped to around 1.8 million tablets per day in late March, up from an average of around 40,000 tablets per day in late January.” – Reuters. This is a 45 fold increase in usage, so the question can legitimately asked, did this contribute to the declining daily death rate despite “Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Remove Video of Doctors Who Support Hydroxychloroquine” By Mimi Nguyen Ly Updated: July 30, 2020. One such posting I made on Facebook was greeted with the following:

Think about this:

The World Health Organization (WHO) colluded with the Chinese Communist Party to obfuscate early information about this virus. WHO is filled with bureaucrats picked by others, none of whom run for public office or get elected by US or Canadian Citizens, yet they can order the tech monopolies like Facebook, Google and Twitter etc... to violate the First Amendment rights of American Citizens! Is that not then a Totalitarian Dictatorship?

My friend in Israel posted the following on Facebook:

    If you've fallen off the bandwagon and you have been 'convinced' that chloroquine and/or hydroxychloroquine is not a potential effective treatment against nCoV-2019 in that they both have the potential to reduce viral burden and symptoms when used in tandem with zinc and/or Azithromycin, then I suggest you type 'zinc ionophore' into any search browser. Do it. I dare you. (Zn2+ (Zinc) blocks RdRP. Look it up.) [see note below, comment mine]

    Note: Diagram from “Zinc Ionophore Activity of Quercetin and Epigallocatechin-gallate: From Hepa 1-6 Cells to a Liposome Model” J. Agric. Food Chem. 2014, 62, 32, 8085–8093 Publication Date: July 22, 2014 Copyright © 2014 American Chemical Society

Simply put the (HCQ-Zinc-Zpack) increases Zinc Ionophore Activity that substantially reduces the Viral Load if taken early via slowing the replication rate to something the body can tolerate and accommodate such that the Cytokine storm does not overwhelm the body’s ability to heal and cure itself. Even the concept of Vaccines that grew out of Edward Jenner’s observation of clear skinned milk-maids who had developed a natural immunity to Small Pox from exposure to milder Cow Pox. Their bodies had healed themselves by developing immunity slowly to a less virulent strain, a natural flattening of the curve.

In real terms Vaccines do not “Cure” a disease any more than (HCQ-Zinc-Zpack) or Remdesivir, THEY ALL ALLOW THE BODY TO DEVELOP IMMUNITY TO A VIRAL PATHOGEN IN A MORE CONTROLLED FASHON. Essentially the Body is Healing Itself. Where a vaccine is a weaker version of a virus or constituents thereof that are injected to allow the body to develop immunity there is ample evidence that the (HCQ-Zinc-Zpack) combination lowers the replication rate of the COVID-19 virus if taken early to allow the body develop the same antibodies as would the Flu Shot. So why the vehement outrage against its use?

Why is the Medical Community Being Prevented Access to HCQ?

I recently had discussions with two people in the Medical/Dental Field in Texas

    Houston DDS:

    Just talked to my sis, [MD] she actually recently asked if she will have restrictions in prescribing HCQ and they said no, but only for scripts for 7 days.

    The rub lies in the recent, over the last ~3 years, reorganization in drug monitoring. Previously, we would get a DEA license in tandem with a DPS registration for controlled or schedule II, III, and IV drugs. They switched the monitoring from DPS to the Pharmacy board and created the PMP (prescription monitoring program). This was to monitor scheduled drugs; in fact, we have to ping the website and look up our patients prior to writing a controlled substance to evaluate drug use and search for other scripts from other doctors.

    Now recently, many of us have noticed that for certain drugs it appears are being targeted for further scrutiny. This has never happened before. And PMP is for controlled substances, not antibiotics. I know of several DDS that have gotten calls from the Pharmacy Board asking for a diagnosis for Azithromycin. That has never happened in my 30 years of being a dentist, at first I thought they were doing that because we are dentists but my sister who is an MD has had similar calls. We are unsure of why they’re asking those questions now. Its my personal opinion that they are trying to monitor if doctors are prescribing for Covid, but I might just be paranoid.

    But the current climate makes many hesitant to use these drugs.

    South Texas Medical Professional with 25 years experience who was tested positive for COVID-19:

    Aug 6, 2020: Been sick since friday, started zpak and steroids. Tested positive Monday, started with fever, more congestion then. Could not get HCQ, doctors restricted unless hospitalized. Called a doc friend of mine in Mexico...couldn't find HCQ there, hoarders...he is giving pats ivermectina with the doxy and zinc....he says been working good so he picked up for me and i started. Still sick, less congestion but lots of aches , chills and fatigue. Prob going on a week into it. No sob. All front healthcare providers and at-risk pats should be given HCQ. Many docs tell me it works like that, prophylactically. Given late in game no good.... like when you stay home for week or 2 and monitor ur symptoms and show up to late in ER...politics.

    Hydroxychloroquine (0.60 cents per pill) was removed by the FDA due to cardiac arrhythmias and deadly side effects (on people that were self-medicating). Most hospitalized patients positive with COVID-19 have a need for high flow oxygen (20-60 liters vs standard 2-3 liters nasal canula). They also test high in the D-Dimer blood exam which is an indicator of blood clots in the body. The COVID chest X-ray is classic for ground glass appearance and bilateral viral pneumonia and with the high fevers, the patients are “septic” which will cause tachycardia and other arrhythmias. Therefore, patients ill with COVID have shortness of breath and possibly blood clots (A-Fib, PVC’s) so in some cases, it’s not exactly the Hydroxychloroquine that was causing the cardiac problems.

    Enter Rendesivir via IV that you’ve been hearing about. Cost to the patient? About $1000 per dose, and the infectious disease specialist or pulmonologist has to sign off on it because it’s a very expensive medicine. The manufacturer of Rendesivir (Gilead) has provided the healthcare industry the medication at $390 per dose. Again, HCQ cost to the patient 0.60 cents vs. $1000. If given late , nothing works [BOLDING MINE]...HCQ has been around for 56+ yrs....i took it when i went to Nicaragua for anti-malaria treatment in 1992. . Minor side effects for most if any for most .... widely used for People with auto immune disorders , like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus etc.

    Aug 10, 2020: couldn't get [HCQ] unless admitted .... didn’t try another doc..... just went with ivermectina and doxy.

    Aug 12, 2020: Got admitted today and i still cannot get HCQ ...they are not prescribing for covid Low 02 sats 80s, pneumonia.

    Aug 16, 2020 Still in hospital...slow getting better.

    Aug 20, 2020 Still in hospital.... prob getting out day or tomorrow. Will need 02 at home for a while .... knocked crap out of me

The irony is that this South Texas Medical Professional months before contracting COVID-19 was of the same opinion as Harvey Risch, a professor of epidemiology at Yale as well as the director of that school's Molecular Cancer Epidemiology Laboratory, who argued in a Newsweek op-ed this week that "the data fully support" the wide use of hydroxychloroquine as an effective treatment of COVID-19.

    "When this inexpensive oral medication is given very early in the course of illness, before the virus has had time to multiply beyond control, it has shown to be highly effective,"

Who is limiting Medical Doctors Ability to Self-Prescribe Hydroxychloroquine?

Nothing ever develops in a complete vacuum and yet is seems that within the State of Texas there is ample contemporaneous evidence that the Texas State Board of Pharmacy has been influencing/regulating/prohibiting/monitoring the (HCQ-Zinc-Zpack) combination, even via questioning the prescription of Zpacks by Dental Professionals. On whose authority have they undertaken this anti- Hydroxychloroquine crusade? Who is Regulating these Regulators? Did the FDA Clamp Down on them? Where is that Federal Power to be found in the US Constitution? I would also suggest that my Canadian Readers also note that the Federal Government of Canada has no authority over Hospitals or the practice of Medicine via Section 91 of the Constitution, it is exclusively Provincial domain under Section 92. Remember that when you here the next dictatorial pronouncement from Theresa Tam the Canadian Minister of Health.

The ethical and moral question here is: Who should have control over what an MD with decades of experience and in consultation with Other Physicians wants to take at the onset of COVID-19 to minimize their personal risk early in the infection cycle? What chain of command precipitated the State Board’s interdiction into the (HCQ-Zinc-Zpack) combination? Will that information be available via an access to information request in the future?

Why are agencies who have no constitutionally mandated roles in our lives, like for example the WHO, censoring and regulating the dissemination of Hydroxychloroquine information in cahoots with Facebook, Google, YouTube, etc.…?

There are those who speak against this like in the “How a state senator is pushing an unproven coronavirus cure” (Please Read) Texas State Senator Bob Hall has been fighting this suppression for months.

    “The ‘big government’ and bureaucratic ‘big pharma’ machines continue to crush early, outpt #COVID treatment in hopes of maintaining control over America, emotionally and financially,” Dennis Spence, oral surgeon Tyler TX

Is all of this just another battlefront for the Globalist/Monopolists? There is obviously a great deal of Money and Power involved.

    The Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER), a nonprofit which sets benchmarks for what it thinks are fair prices in the U.S., said that Remdesivir would be cost-effective at as much as $5,080 per treatment course. June 29, 2020.

China has already monopolized the production of Pharmaceuticals and the article “China’s Wuhan Institute Files to Patent the Use of Gilead’s Remdesivir for Coronavirus” in Feb 05, 2020 should cause further cause for alarm.

Then we add Globalist Bill Gates into the mix, flogging the need for Vaccines; Ironies of Ironies, he has been twiddling bits and bytes for 50+ years and has yet to develop a computer virus proof Microsoft product and now is the Sargent (pied) Piper leading the globalist herd control movement. When “Bill Gates Says Big Tech Companies Shouldn’t Be Broken Up” and “Google accused of plotting to stop Donald Trump re-election in 2020 after top exec was secretly recorded discussing plans”. The problem is the monopolization of power.

    “Elizabeth Warren is saying we should break up Google…. And like, I love her but she's very misguided, like that will not make it better it will make it worse, because all these smaller companies who don't have the same resources that we do will be charged with preventing the next Trump situation, it's like a small company cannot do that.” Jen Gennai leader Google Responsible Innovation Team

This is exactly why Google, Facebook and other Monopolies like Amazon/Washington Post should be broken up, because of their monopolistic ability to influence the outcome of elections and the Hydroxychloroquine suppression is obviously one of monopolistic manipulation of the truth.

Suppression of the Use of Hydroxychloroquine is another political control tool.

My conclusion is best summed up by the following Video from Sky News Australia History to 'vindicate Swedish COVID-19 strategy'

This is the politics of fear by the same people who are beating the fear drum of Global Warming/Climate change. The current riots in the major cities around the USA have about as much in common with the death of George Floyd as WWI had with the Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. In the latter the arms buildup had been going on for decades as discussed in the article “Economic Planning before 1914” In the former these riots are just a continuation of the riots after Donald J Trump won the 2016 Election, the death of George Floyd merely a catalyst as the Antifa Storm Troopers and BLM Marxists had been preparing for a pre-2020 election riot for the past 4 years with the tactics honed and Ideological Molotov Cocktails readied by people like Lawyers Urooj Rahman, 31 and Colinford Mattis, 32, long before George Floyd’s last ‘I Can’t Breathe’ (His first such statement was even before he was put into the squad car). This is not to denigrate the manner in which George Floyd lost his life but I do note that the Official George Floyd Memorial Fund had raised $14,719,900.00 as of Thursday August 20th 2020. No wonder you don’t hear much protest from the Floyds about these subsequent protests run amok.

“The Making of a Molotov Cocktail Two lawyers, a summer of unrest, and a bottle of Bud Light.” By Lisa Miller

    Since June 30, Mattis and Rahman have been home, wearing GPS ankle bracelets and seeing approved friends. The legal strategy, if it can be called strategic, is to dawdle until November, or even January, in the hope that a less politically pugnacious Justice Department will be ushered in.

That pretty much sums it up, Lawyers who should have known better broke the law and hope like Hillary Clinton to be exonerated once Trump is out of office, lending credence to the fact that these riots have nothing to do with Black Lives Matter or the death of George Floyd but are organized resistance to the Trump counter-revolutionary undoing of the Obama Legacy. No different than what I discussed in my article “The Donald tsunami angers George Soros's useful idiots in the urban swamps, From the Beat Generation to the Beat You Generation!” November 21, 2016. There I highlighted that Soros was behind the Occupy Movement and Leaked Soros Memo Reveals Potential Plan to Use Black Lives Matter to Federalize US Police by Matt Agorist. This Defund the Police is not New!

Are the Democratic State led, DC Bureaucracy manipulated Corona Virus Responses Calculated Molotov Cocktails to firebomb the Trump Economy and prevent his re-election?

I will leave you to ask yourself that question as I repeat my late relatives quote as the manipulation of the arguments over Hydroxychloroquine and the deliberate prevention of medical professionals from having even personal access to it as a treatment tool would appear to maximize the pain and suffering as well as prolong the economic recovery. And if you think that is far fetched perhaps you should read the WHO’s Manifesto for a Recovery from Covid-19 which has nothing to do with treating the people still dying from it.

“There is no such thing as consistent stupidity as those acting in a randomly stupid manner will occasionally err in your favor” – Hon. RS Furlong and “If they never occasionally err in your favor there must be a malevolent design to the consistent stupidity”

Based on the real current death rate as I have graphed at the beginning of the article there is no reason the economy should remain locked down and no reason for mail in voting this fall. We just need to protect the elderly and vulnerable, allow the healthy to resume work with proper hygiene restrictions while allowing the frontline medical professionals to include (HCQ-Zinc-Zpack) and other options in their early suite of treatments while following the examples of Sweden, Switzerland and South Dakota. The massive rioting and close contact in the democratically controlled cities have not caused a World War Z explosion of COVID-19 cases or deaths as per the CDC data. Done properly America will achieve herd immunity far before Communist China and the only people who are preventing that are those Political, Bureaucratic and Globalist elite who want to monopolize power at the expense of the Corona Virus Death Toll. We need to reject the ideas that they fire out of their high powered propaganda machines so “that these dead shall not have died in vain—that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.’ Abraham Lincoln.

Desmond McGrath, reporting from the Bayous of Louisiana

© Desmond McGrath


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