Desmond McGrath
Liberty’s twilight – epilogue
After the TKO?
By Desmond McGrath
November 2, 2020

I received a great deal of feedback On Liberty’s Twilight and since it was published there have been daily revelations about the alleged Biden Crime Family’s pay for play activities like a modern day version of the Cosa Nostra, ”our thing," of the Sicilian Mafia. The FBI was too fixated on the threat of cold war communism to even look at the Mob and it was the New York State Police who became suspicious about all the vehicles outside the upstate New York home of Joseph Barbara where leaders of Mafia crime families met on November 14, 1957. Yet the State police coming across the Barbara home meeting have so many similarities to the discovery of the Anthony Weiner-Huma Abedin and Hunter Biden Laptops; none of it was instigated or properly investigated by the politically appointed D.C. leadership of the FBI but rather by FBI field offices or State and City Police or a private citizen.

    “The aftershocks of the raid at Apalachin upended the criminal justice system, forced the Department of Justice to revise their policies, and proved to the American public that the Mafia, whose existence the FBI had vehemently denied, was real.

From “A 1957 Meeting Forced the FBI to Recognize the Mafia—And Changed the Justice System Forever” By Lorraine Boissoneault, November 14, 2017.

Even the “FBI spied on Trudeau [Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau], documents show” ROBERT RUSSO Canadian Press Globe and Mail, beginning in 1951.

“For three decades, whenever possible, Hoover ignored the Mafia,” writes Selwyn Raab in Five Families: The Rise, Decline, and Resurgence of America’s Most Powerful Mafia Empires. Hoover knew how tricky such investigations might be, and didn’t want to risk tarnishing the reputation of the FBI by getting involved in cases that couldn’t be solved.[1] The FBI leadership has been tarnished by failing to properly investigate Hillary and now the Hunter Biden Laptop story on the Ukraine. Considering that the Hunter Biden Laptop was turned over to the FBI in Dec 2019 while Donald Trump was under impeachment proceedings by the Pelosi/Schiff/Nadler/Schumer inquisition over a phone call with the Ukrainian Leader and the FBI kept quiet on it, none dare call it Treason!

I have personally known several FBI agents over the years who have privately allowed that the real FBI lives in the field offices and not in the “7th floor” of the J Edgar Hoover Building and here we are 4 years after “Comey made announcement on Clinton email probe days before election to give himself 'cover'” to quote an interview with ABC News Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos had with FBI Director Comey:

    "At some level, wasn't the decision to reveal influenced by your assumption that Hillary Clinton was going to win and your concern that she wins this comes out several weeks later and then that's taken by her opponents as a sign that she's an illegitimate president?" Stephanopoulos asked Comey in the interview.

    “I don’t remember consciously thinking about that, but it must have been because I was operating in a world where Hillary Clinton was going to beat Donald Trump, and so I’m sure that it was a factor,” Comey said. "I don’t remember spelling it out, but it had to have been, that she’s going to be elected president and if I hide this from the American people, she’ll be illegitimate the moment she’s elected, the moment this comes out."

as Sarah Huckabee Sanders suggests later in an interview with Stephanopoulos:

“The guy knew exactly what he was doing” … “He thought that Hillary Clinton would win, and he thought that this would give him some cover. He made these decisions based on the political landscape and not the facts of the case.”

Even Comey’s book title “A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership” belies a double entendre without expounding on the real Higher Loyalty. Is Comey’s higher Loyalty to ‘We the People’ or to the Constitution by which “We the People” limited the power of the Federal Government or to the Washington Elite whose minions like Peter Strzok claimed some superpower to “smell” Trump supporters at Wal-Mart or Hillary Clinton “You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables” or Joe Biden “We don’t do things like those chumps out there with the microphones, those Trump guys”.

Similarities and differences between 2008, 2016 and 2020:

In 2008 and later cycles the formerly free press failed to do any exposé on Barak Hussein Obama’s dubious past including associations with real radicals like convicted terrorists cum college professors Bill Ayres and Bernadette Dorn and hid damning evidence like the ‘Khalidi and Farrakhan videos’ or the association with GD America Reverend Jeremiah Wright. As Larry Elder Wrote “Had 'news' media done its job, Obama would not have become president” via the Creators Syndicate Feb 4th 2018.

Yet there was information on a passport office hack that did become public when John Brennan’s [Then a Key Obama Campaign Advisor and later director of the CIA] Company Analysis was involved in “The 2008 Obama Passport Breach”; Obama was forced to admit to a three-week trip to Pakistan some 35 years earlier. Did Brennan Blackmail Obama to become director of the CIA or was this posting a prior arrangement in repayment for purging damning data from Obama’s passport records? ‘Dead men tell no tales’ and the Brennan employee implicated in the breach who had started cooperation with authorities; Leiutenant (sic) Quarles Harris, Jr., 24, was shot in the head in his car, in front of his church. See: “Obama's Passport Breach: Unanswered Questions, and an Unsolved Murder”, by Pamela Geller, July 23, 2012, American Thinker.

Voters Regret:

There are increasing reports now that some of the early voters who may have already cast a ballot for Joe Biden have been searching for ways of changing their ballot 'Can I change my vote' trends on Google Fox News. “If you voted early and changed your mind, you can switch your choice in several states — here's how” Business Insider Rebecca Harrington and Eliza Relman. Oct 27, 2020. In total seven States permit refiling of ballots but the deadline had already passed for Minnesota at the time of the article.

Voter Regret is not new and “Under Obama, Democrats suffer largest loss in power since Eisenhower” -The Quorum. These voter regrets do not reflect the poor judgement of the respective voters but rather the sheer lack of qualified information upon which the voters made their voting choices. As I asked in Libertys Twilight is the 90+% of Trump coverage negative because 90% of the media are owned by 6 mega corporations who continually subsidize the losses like CNN despite abysmal viewership. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos rescued the Washington Post and Mexican Carlos Slim rescued the New York Times. These are not a “Free Press” but propaganda outlets of the Monopolists/Globalists. For example as reported by the Washington Free Beacon “CNN, MSNBC Have Given Stormy Daniels Lawyer Michael Avenatti $175 Million in Earned Media” “Lawyer Avenatti made 254 TV appearances in [a] year”

Yet Avanatti, who even floated the idea of a Presidential run, now faces 36 criminal indictments including stealing from his client Stormy Daniels, who eventually admitted that the affair with Donald Trump never happened.

    “The fact of the matter is that each party to this alleged affair denied its existence in 2006, 2011, 2016, 2017 and now again in 2018,” the signed statement reads. “I am not denying this affair because I was paid ‘hush money’ as has been reported in overseas owned tabloids. I am denying it because it never happened.

Joe Biden launched his campaign by lying about Donald Trump: “Trump's Charlottesville comments twisted by Joe Biden and the media” Sure, Donald Trump said there were 'fine people on both sides' but in the next breath he condemned 'neo-Nazis and White nationalists.' Don't leave that out. By James S. Robbins USA Today. All this is Noise without substance that drowns out legitimate debate and interferes with the electorate’s ability to make informed decisions like what Rush Limbaugh said in “Redefining the Low-Information Voter?” Feb 18, 2013:

    We’re gonna have to redefine low-information voter. They’re not just people watching TMZ. In fact, I would venture to say that over half of the average, ordinary Democrats voting for Obama have no clue what they’re really doing. They’re just being loyal to the latest Democrat president — and the fact that he’s black and historical, that makes it even more important and an even bigger deal. But they have no idea what they are actually complicit in. I’m convinced of it! I’m convinced. It’s not so much intelligence that we lack. It’s just, we are surrounded by so much ignorance, lack of knowledge, lack of understanding.

Since there is already a display of voter regret over the alleged Biden Crime Family revelations that have been long suspected but never investigated by the mainstream media that now have come to light via Hunter Biden’s Laptop and Material Witnesses like Tony Bobulinski; will election day be a watershed moment for the Trump Campaign like Regan’s landslide over former VP Mondale in 1984? It is obvious that Big Tech are in overdrive to keep the lid on the alleged Biden Crime Family Story as trying to search for Tony without properly spelling the last name, voters will get everything but what you are looking for in the search suggestions. The same is true searching on YouTube for any video critical of the Bidens unless you know the exact title of the video, there are limited search suggestions. This is blatant in-kind support of the Biden Campaign like Avenatti’s $175 Million in Earned Media. I am at a loss to understand why this does not contravene election campaign laws?

Was the fact that the Republicans lost the house in 2016 due to a combination of the false media attacks on Trump, the litany of false allegations against now Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh and general disgust amongst conservatives over RINO Paul Ryan’s failure to move Trumps agenda ahead in Congress who did not show up at the polls?

Even the Washington Post states “We’ve reached the Tony Bobulinski stage of the campaign” as if this is just a last-minute Trump Ploy to squeak a victory but the graph it contains is even more telling about media Bias:

Even NPR has publicly stated that that they will not carry the Hunter Biden because it’s a Distraction??!!#$#!!

Does this sound a National Public Radio or Nefarious Propaganda Radio? Is it not of prime importance the Public be notified that a former Vice President of 8 years, now running for President, is alleged to have allowed his family to profit from his office in a complex pay for play scheme with foreign adversaries? NPR should be stripped of all public funding via government and have the public contribute directly if it wants to survive!

Is this Biden Family Pay for Play Scheme a One-Off event?

If you read “Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich” or “Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends” both by Peter Schweizer a troubling landscape of systemic corruption in the D.C. cesspool (Swamps are beautifully efficient ecosystems) unfolds before your very eyes. The following is an important watch. “Joe Biden, in my mind, sets the record for the scale and scope of corruption in Washington D.C.”

Donald Trump has been railing against these same people selling out America for almost as long as Joe Biden has been in Office. Two notable interviews are with Rona Barrett in 1980 and Oprah Winfrey in 1988:

“People are tired of seeing the United States ripped off” – Donald J Trump

Ask yourself this question: If all the media and the Ryan-o congress had gotten behind our President after he won the 2016 election and given him the respect that he deserved, would that then have reflected what he talked about in the Rona Barrett interview of 40 years ago and raised the respect of the United States on the global stage such that, for example, North Korea would have been more agreeable to negotiating to a de-nuclearization program which has been an albatross since the Bill Clinton giveaway in the 90s aka “The Clinton Nuclear Deal with Pyongyang: Road Map to Progress or Dead End Street?” November 4, 1994, Heritage Foundation, quote:

    “The Clinton Administration and the American people should recognize that the October 21 agreement most likely will not protect the important U.S. interest that are at stake in the Korean nuclear standoff. Rather than simply sigh with relief in the wake of the Geneva accords, Washington should prepare to revisit this crisis.” – Daryl M. Plunk Visiting Fellow

Does that not sound like a precursor and early rendition of the disastrous Iran deal of the Obama Administration?

The question to be asked by everybody is; how was Joe Biden’s family allowed to continue with this alleged Pay for Play scheme without drawing the attention or disapproval of others in the administration, unless the others were also in on and profiting from this or other similar schemes like a political Cosa Nostra? Despite the high-powered propaganda machines continually bombarding the masses such that as the Ledger reports in an Editorial: Obama’s scandal-free claim is itself scandalous:

    Well, that line — which Obama began preaching even before President Donald Trump was inaugurated in January 2017 — would be a big deal if it were true. But then again, the national media by and large determine what is and isn’t scandalous, based on what draws their attention, and Obama sycophants in journalism and our political culture certainly have worked diligently to convince us our 44th president was as pure as driven snow. The fact that he can say that and the gurus at Politifact or didn’t immediately whirl into action to dispute it shows just how effective they’ve been.

Then there was Hillary’s Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal, Benghazi and her Email server scandal? 'Pay-to-play' at Clinton State Department exposed in new emails, watchdog says Prior to that there was the 1996 Clinton Campaign Finance Scandal as discussed in Year of the Rat: How Bill Clinton Compromised U.S. Security for Chinese Cash or How Bill Clinton and American Financiers Armed China and allowed China to enter the World Trade Organization as seen in the following video.

Donald J Trump has been fighting the Cesspool that has been selling out America.

Donald Trump has never stopped talking about the United States being sold out by the Obama/Biden, Clinton/Gore and Carter/Mondale administrations. As Trump correctly noted in the final debate. "Joe, I ran because of you. I ran because of Barack Obama. Because you did a poor job. If I thought you did a good job, I would have never run," The truly abysmal fact is that in neither of the two Presidential debates, the Vice Presidential debate or the staged town hall, Joe Biden was never properly challenged by the any of moderators, all of whom had a bias away from Trump, about the 110 page Manifesto.


This is nothing but a Marxist/Globalist/United Nations wet dream in which every element sells out American Sovereignty to an unholy international cabal of the New World Order’s unelected bureaucrats whose only roadblock in world subjugation has been a strong United States of America. The Migration Policy comes out of the Intergovernmental Conference on the Global Compact for Migration 10 — 11 December 2018, Marrakech, Morocco. The “Environmental Justice” is a code word like “Climate Justice” as was planned as part of the Paris Climate Accord. U.N. climate chief Christiana Figueres spoke during an interview at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, on Jan. 22, 2014, as reported in the Investors Business Daily:

    {Referring to a new international treaty environmentalists hope will be adopted at the Paris climate change conference later this year, she added: "This is probably the most difficult task we have ever given ourselves, which is to intentionally transform the economic development model for the first time in human history."}

The only thing that Joe Biden was challenged on was banning Fracking to which he qualified “only on Federal lands” and admitting to “Transitioning Away from Oil”. Nearly 8 Years ago, I wrote “Fracking: poverty of thought” that not only exposed the fraudulent claims of the anti-fracking fraternity and stated the following:

    It's time that people wake up to the forces that are destroying this country via banning fracking, destroying the coal industry, stalling nuclear power, stalling the Keystone pipeline, preventing hydrocarbon exploration on Federal Lands including offshore and generally frustrating all other activities that would eliminate America's energy dependency while Quixotically tilting at windmills on every horizon. An energy surplus in America would kill many birds with one stone.

    1. The billions of dollars in trade deficit to OPEC for oil would cease.

    2. That money would create high paying jobs and other spinoff including increased government revenue thus reducing the government's deficit.

    3. Energy prices would lower, further stimulating the economy.

    4. Lower energy costs and a stimulated economy would reduce and eventually eliminate Americas trade imbalance with China.

    It should be noted that with the conversion from Coal to Natural Gas, driven by the dramatic increase in Natural Gas reserves has resulted in a major reduction in the much ballyhooed carbon dioxide emission. The USA is the only country that has achieved such goals and the main reason for that achievement is the natural gas surplus caused by Fracking Technology. You would think that the environmentalists would be happy; but alas they are not, as Carbon reduction is not really their goal, just a stepping stone to their true ulterior motive of complete societal control.

The Biden campaign’s climate plan calls for the U.S. to have net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. This means the elimination of all Hydrocarbon forms of energy in 30 years eliminating 61% of the current hydrocarbon resources for the production of electricity.

Of course, the Biden Saunders Plan would benefit China and its voracious world-wide appetite for Coal, Oil and Gas. Just like America’s reduction of Coal usage was totally eclipsed by China’s consumption. Plus, China will be manufacturing the lions share of the equipment to implement the ‘Green New Deal” just like how China benefited from the regulation-based cessation of incandescent bulb production in the USA.

Can Joe Biden be Trusted to Deal with China?

The Joe Biden administration would be compromised from day one as in Joes own words “Chinese Leaders are Good Folks” is this the kind of patronage that a 1.5 billion investment in Hunter Biden’s company buys? It’s an Oxymoronic idea to think that China or India will reduce their emissions on a par with the United States under the Paris or any subsequent climate accords.

If anyone wants to see what a bureaucratically driven environmental policy banning Fracking and moving away from hydrocarbon will do, they should look at the Irrigation challenges that Devin Nunes and other farmers experience in San Juaquin valley starting at 1:15 as they watched their water disappear due to a manmade governmental drought. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will create an energy drought in America that will turn the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression into Stalin’s Holodomor and Mao’s Great Leap Forward in terms of human suffering on American Soil under their social engineering.

Devin Nunes memo regarding spying on the Trump Campaign exposed the greatest political scandal in American Politics, the severity thereof was not only downplayed by the mainstream media, but rather they helped spread the propaganda of alleged Russian Collusion when the whole time it was a DNC/Clinton paid for scheme to discredit Donald Trump.

Donald Trump will either win by a landslide or lose by the margin of corruption and violence

I noted the same leading up to the 2016 election, but did not imagine the mass violence that erupted after election day with Queen Hilary’s loss; she now claims “I was born to be President” as if she was some hereditary monarch in the image of George the IIIrd that the American Colonists rebelled against and advises Joe Biden to not concede defeat. After the initial shock of the 2016 post-election violence subsided a bit I wrote The Donald tsunami angers George Soros's useful idiots in the urban swamps – From the Beat Generation to the Beat You Generation! It is worth reading in its entirety as I believe that with a Donald Trump Victory on election day the violence that will be unleashed in 2020 will make that of 2016 look like a non-violent Tea Party event. In fact I suspect that there may well be violence, intimidation during voting hours at polling locations reminiscent of the New Black Panther Party voter intimidation case that Eric Holder eventually dropped; read Voter Intimidation New Black Panther Style by Hans A. von Spakovsky, the Heritage Foundation.

The progressive elite like Hillary, Biden and Harris et al who look down on the Deplorables, Irredeemables and Chumps have forgotten the humble everyday Americans who through long winters, suffered first in Valley Forge and later Morristown, while Philadelphia and New York were under the Control of the British Army Howe Brothers, Sir William Howe on land and Lord Richard Howe at sea, along the other entitled British Army elite. Ensconced then in Philadelphia and New York like Antifa and Black Lives Matter are ensconced today and this very election may be with apologies to Herbert Pottle “a Dawn without Light” and the extinguishment of Liberty’s Beacon of hope and prosperity for all Americans should Donald Trump fail to win by a landslide at the polls and the election returns get hotly contested in court under the duress of ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter Marxists who will rage on until the very idea of individual freedom and Liberty is fully extinguished. Even of Joe Biden squeaks a narrow victory in the Polls or Courts, he will either be deemed illegitimate under amendment 25 or due to a corruption investigation or under threat of either be a puppet to Kamala and the radical far left of the Democratic Party like Woodrow Wilsons in his late second term was a puppet to Edward Mandel House, Wilson’s main advisor who authored ”Philip Dru: Administrator: A Story of Tomorrow, 1920-1935” about a Puppet President.

Post TKO if Donald Trump wins by a landslide

If Donald Trump does win and the left is unsuccessful in fomenting the second Civil War and the Republicans retain the Senate and retake the house, you can rest assured that the lessons of the past 5 ½ years since he rode down the escalator to daily take on the unholy alliance of the Democrats, Fake News and Big Tech will not be forgotten and Elizabeth Warren won’t be disappointed as she will get one of her wishes fulfilled “Here’s how we can break up Big Tech”. Nor will Donald Trump or others in the Administration forget that Twitter CEO Jack “Rasputin” Dorsey actively censored both the New York Post story on Hunter Biden’s Laptop and also briefly suspended the official Trump Campaign Account. None of these actions including the treasonous use of agencies of the government to illegally spy via operation “Crossfire Hurricane” on a presidential candidate and later a duly elected president (the worst Political scandal in American history) should not be tolerated in a constitutional republic and the perpetrators thereof fully dispensed with equal justice under the laws to ensure “that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth”

Every Man Should Have A Rifle

Henry Lawson, 1907

So I sit and write and ponder, while the house is deaf and dumb,
Seeing visions "over yonder" of the war I know must come.
In the corner — not a vision — but a sign for coming days
Stand a box of ammunition and a rifle in green baize.
And in this, the living present, let the word go through the land,

Every tradesman, clerk and peasant should have these two things at hand.
No — no ranting song is needed, and no meeting, flag or fuss —
In the future, still unheeded, shall the spirit come to us!
Without feathers, drum or riot on the day that is to be,
We shall march down, very quiet, to our stations by the sea.
While the bitter parties stifle every voice that warns of war,
Every man should own a rifle and have cartridges in store!

In Hoc Signo Vinces

Desmond McGrath

Amongst the debris of Hurricane Zeta


[1] Lorraine Boissoneault, November 14, 2017

© Desmond McGrath


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