Susan D. Harris
How the gods of globalism slit the throat of assimilation
By Susan D. Harris
April 16, 2018

The multiculturalist army, the interfaith fighters and the soldiers of diversity have been an unchecked scourge; slitting the throat of assimilation in every country they've invaded. Most importantly, here in the U.S., they've been knife-gutting everything we hold dear. The abortion activists are killing the babies and the gays are killing traditional marriage and procreation. Illegal immigrants are bleeding us financially, filling our prisons, turning us into drug addicts, gang members, encouraging jihad and saying there is "no need to assimilate." While we were grimacing over our shoulders at Karl Marx, blaming an old ideology for our current woes, a new generation of Globalists were paying the back taxes and buying the farm right out from under us.

There are a million Globalist organizations running this country right now, right down to the Google Earth crosshairs on your home. You might be able to identify them by the New Age drivel on their websites, but you probably don't comprehend that they're not only having a direct impact on your community, schools, friends and family; they are your community leaders and school board; they are your friends and family.

If you want to know how many interfaith organizations there are, do an internet search for the name of your town (or a nearby town), then add the word "interfaith." You'll soon find a vast army at the disposal of the Globalists. From those interfaith websites, read what other organizations they're involved with; who's funding them.

This new Globalism has blended various political, economic and religious ideologies into a massive tsunami of Western destruction. It's not even George Soros' Open Society has become its own Frankenstein; but I think the mad doctor is happy with his monster.

Its head is the interfaith movement, its torso multiculturalism, its arms diversity and its legs pluralism. Its feet are climate change lies that will walk us into the lions' mouth. Within each of these are thousands more organizations like Auburn Seminary who are ready for "such a time as this." Revolution, cultural change, social upheaval – they state their goals with the calmness of a PowerPoint presentation at a board meeting.

Much of the immediate change is coming from community embedded interfaith organizations. There's a partial list of them sitting over on the Harvard website under something called the "Pluralism Project." The project, funded by the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations, was formerly headed by feminist Wiccan Grove Harris, who wrote extensively for the "Paganism" section of a project titled "On Common Ground: World Religions in America." A book written about the Interfaith Youth Movement, states that Harris "writes about how imagery in her Wiccan faith contributes to how she manages the most important research project on religious diversity in the U.S., and the Pluralism Project at Harvard..."

Diane Eck is currently listed as "founder and director" of the Pluralism Project. Like Goldie Hawn's vast Mindfulness movement, Eck's entire life education centers around the "divine" and "sacred" of eastern mysticism.

Before I comment any further on Eck, let me prove the mindfulness movement is indeed "vast." It's an important point because this godless, New Age knockoff of Transcendental Meditation is part and parcel of the multicultural/interfaith/diversity/pluralism movements. And yes – it's even part of the climate change movement. In other words, it's another part of the Globalist monster.

Employees at the following companies are being "trained" in it; and more than one has told me it is "required."
(There are thousands of smaller companies participating under the Mindfulness umbrella; you might be participating in your workplace; or your child might be learning it at school.)

But let's get back to Diana Eck at the Pluralism Project who seems to be everything to everybody. Here she is quoted as a "Methodist scholar of religion" in a book about the "spiritual discipline" of Mindfulness. In reality, her resume reflects the perfect global citizen: At Harvard, she's a professor of Religion and Indian studies, law, and Psychiatry in Society; she has a B.A. in religion; an M.A. in South Asian History; and a Ph.D. from Harvard in Comparative Study of Religion. Apparently no matter what your background, she can make you doubt everything your parents taught you, and probably convince you that you never had parents.

(At this point, one has to recall William F. Buckley Jr.'s quote: "I am obliged to confess I should sooner live in a society governed by the first two thousand names in the Boston telephone directory than in a society governed by the two thousand faculty members of Harvard University.")

The ideas trumpeted by the likes of Diana Eck and Grove Harris about religions "being on common ground" actually exhibit just the opposite of assimilation. What Globalism wants from us is the total acceptance of everyone else's world view and culture – at the cost of forfeiting our own.

Without getting too deep into political can read Nathan Glazer's 1993 article, "Is Assimilation Dead?" and The Brookings Institutes, "Do We Really Want Immigrants to Assimilate?" And I'll only scratch the surface of the Chegg Study which said:

Sociologists commonly distinguish between forced and unforced assimilation. In forced assimilation, a person or group is compelled to take on the practices of another culture, such as by adopting that culture's language and religious traditions. In unforced assimilation, a person takes on the practices of another culture but is not forcibly compelled to do so.

Yes, the United States had a kind of forced assimilation and that's what made the melting pot work. People had to learn English to conduct business, but they were never penalized beyond that for not doing so. We required everyone to follow the established laws of our society – laws that had their roots in the Ten Commandments. Conversely however, we did not "force" anyone to adhere to the religion that birthed those laws. We were so careful not to do so that we wrote, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." Of course we hoped Christianity would stay the predominant religion, because it was the only religion in the world that was capable of maintaining an order where all other religions could live side by side.

Make no mistake; multiculturalists, interfaith practitioners, diversity proponents and fake pluralists completely reject the idea of the American "melting pot" that assimilation originally created.

To them, the melting pot is a bad, smelly concoction otherwise known as "Americanism" that diminishes all other cultures and countries; it forces little American flags into unsympathetic foreign fingers who take our hospitality and handouts then spit at us behind our backs.

Coexistence with no messy melting is the greater goal. The kind of coexistence that means you respect a guy's right to steal and slaughter horses for his Santeria ritual, while he respects your right to practice Islamic female genital mutilation so your daughter can remain chaste and your wife doesn't wander.

Assimilation is out – Globalism is in; and the code words are pretty easy if you're paying attention and not buying into the "throw your gun in the trash and give us a group hug" candlelight vigils.

Knowing the code words lets you know who, what and where to avoid. Consider if you will the largest Baptist church in my city. It's no longer "obviously" a Baptist church. Many churches have decided to shed "negative perceptions" of churches (i.e. they buckled to secular millennials) and "rebranded" themselves; so this church changed its name to (something similar to) "The Happy Meeting Rooms." The Happy Rooms website proudly displays the New Age code words. The pastor's bio oddly states he is interested in "multiculturalism" and "race issues" like he's placing an ad on a dating website. He stressed the Happy Rooms were a place for "all nations" because they were "international" and practiced "inclusivity." (Note: Let's not forget the LGBT agenda falls under nearly all of these code's one of the top 12 Hospitals and Health Systems in the nation ranked by DiversityInc for "diversity and inclusion" because it's "an ally of the LGBTQ community.")

Jesus Christ made it clear that no one on earth could come to know God unless they believed that he, Jesus Christ, was the son of God; but he also made it clear that his message was open to every living person. (That belief is best explained here, though I do not know the website well enough to endorse it entirely.) Jesus also preached what our forefathers eventually memorialized with the words: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights..."

So why would a church go out of their way to tell people they are "multicultural;" that they're for "all nations" and "honor inclusivity?" I decided to email the pastor asking just that. Surprisingly, he didn't respond; but he did add a sentence to his website saying they "celebrated diversity in classes, cultures and colors." I don't know how many more Globalist code words he could work in, but it's clear he's happy to be in a sanctuary city sponsoring community barbeques at the local mosques.

Surely one of the planned goals of the interfaith movement is the stifling of the "great commission." For 2000 years Christians have set out to witness for Jesus Christ; that is to say their goal was/is to win souls for Christ. It's a dirty word now...dare I say they want to convert people to their faith in order to save them from what the Christian bible teaches is eternal damnation. Most believed they were required to do this in part due to a passage from Ezekiel. It seems to be a boasting achievement of Globalism that Christians are being forced to shut down their "offensive" version of Jesus being the "only way;" set aside their antiquated Bibles, and listen to the greater faiths of the world...or abandon religion altogether. In other words, "Stop causing trouble so you can come join the party."

What have they really done when they've swept away Christianity, or relegated it's "former" interpretation to the ash heap of history?

Michael Savage probably answered that best when he spoke as a guest on his own radio show March 30. Originally coming on air to greet his listeners for Good Friday and the beginning of Passover, he ended up giving an informal, but very poignant speech:

Let's never forget, that while there are other religions in this country, and so many non-believers; without Christianity, there would be no America...because all the founding fathers – they were not Buddhist, they were not Muslim, they were not Hindus, they were devout Christians. They came to the new world to practice their religion in peace, and they opened their doors to all other religions, so they could practice their religions in peace. And it worked pretty well until now. Now we have people coming in...that adhere to a total alien god, not the god of the West...I said 'This country cannot survive." Freedom of religion is not freedom to kill in the name of your religion...not license to hate those of other does not give you the right to spit on our flag. You've got children being brought into this country...from...the Middle East...Africa...from nations where there's nothing but bloodshed and mayhem and hatred. And they come here like my grandfather did to find peace and harmony and a new life...and yet you have some of them being told by the ACLU, by George Soros' front groups, to tell that teacher that you find the American flag...the National Anthem...offensive. In the name of these malcontents, these fronts, we're supposed to take our flags down and stop (singing) the National Anthem and saying the Pledge of Allegiance? That's what has been happening in this nation...I've just got to say, this country cannot survive its traitors and its subversives. The only way this country can survive is if we all wake up to the fact they're much more organized than we are. There are too many of them, and they're tearing the country apart, starting with the littlest school room and ending up with the streets themselves.

The Globalists are anti-Christ, anti-America, and anti-family. And don't buy the red herring propaganda that "Globalist" is an anti-Semitic slur; Globalists would like to see the Jewish people run off their land and handed to the Muslims.

It seems inevitable that one masterful force will grab all these loose reins; that some person, country or institution will harness the incredible, hateful energy now surreptitiously slithering through America and the world. The question becomes: What will they do with us when they finally get us where they want us?

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