Sylvia Thompson
Yes, I blame the victim: on women's double standards
By Sylvia Thompson
August 11, 2014

Back when our culture (mostly mothers) taught little boys to be respectful of little girls, in the hope that they would grow up to be respectful men, females existed relatively safely. Now that the culture is in the toilet and feminists and homosexual activists have targeted normal men for destruction, you take your chances.

From my perspective, if you are a woman who physically attacks a man (who is likely larger and stronger), you deserve what you get. If a man is self-restrained (because of Mom's teachings or some residual of an American culture that no longer exists), you might get away with a verbal comeback or even a walk-away. He may, however, knock the heck out of you.

If you are one of those women who have bought into the absurd feminist notion that women are no different from men, yet men must treat you differently when it comes to physical defense, then you are delusional.

The sports reporter Steven A. Smith was castigated by his leftist sports television network for delivering a bit of sanity over the air. I have no allegiance to the Left, so I will reiterate Smith's position that some women bear responsibility for provoking the behavior that they receive. If you take on a man, be ready to deal with him as a man would.

In addition to risking physical violence by displaying hostile behavior toward men, women today tread on very shaky ground when it comes to sex. Today's trend is toward looking and acting as best you can like classy prostitutes. The culture says that you can vamp as much as your little heart desires, but men had better not respond. Newsflash, ladies, it does not work that way – by design. And there is nothing that idiotic feminists or politically correct laws can do to change the natural inclination of real men to respond to sexual signals from women (real or otherwise; the women or the signals).

No woman elicits an ounce of sympathy from me if she presents herself as a model from a "Frederick's of Hollywood" catalog (the catalog that pole dancers use) and then whines about the treatment that she receives from the very males that she willfully entices.

Women are aware of their effect on men; that is also by design. Some, however, play games, and playing with sexual arousal can sometimes yield more than you bargained for. Sadly, many young women (some, very young) are stultifyingly ignorant of the possible repercussions of their appearance and behavior. They are not being taught the risks, not in enough homes and churches, and most definitely not in schools. They are taught "sex," but nothing of discipline, self-control, and self-respect. Today's culture leaves young women to their own devices, and it is often to their detriment.

Case at point, the young teenager Natalee Holloway. Those of you who recall the incident will remember that during a trip to Aruba, a foreign country, Holloway drank alcohol in excess and willfully got into a car with not one, but three local teenage boys. She was never seen again. Holloway's mother, out of what I think was a deep sense of guilt, wanted very much to make the case that Joran van der Sloot (one of the young men involved) had harmed her daughter, but legally she could not. A streetwise male friend of mine (a former private detective) pegged the incident as a white-slave kidnapping. Certainly seemed plausible to me – Holloway was young, blond, American, and clueless. Reminiscent of the popular movie "Taken," starring Liam Neeson.

Another example of the culture's culpability in misguiding females is the young woman Desiree Washington. She chose to place herself in the hotel room of Mike Tyson (former heavy-weight boxing champion) in the after-hours of the evening. I was one of those women who gave no credence to the general outrage against Tyson after the incident. Because there was no evidence that Tyson forced her into his car or into his hotel room, in my view, she bore equal responsibility for her plight. Any married woman could have told her what usually happens in a man's bedroom at two in the morning. Why didn't her mother school her? Under pressure from leftist feminists, Tyson was sent to prison for rape. Unjustly, in my view.

Anita Hill (the poster child for rabid feminism) is another example of game-playing. She not only received no compassion from me (a black woman), but she also raised my considerable ire. For those whose memories have faded, Anita Hill was an assistant to Supreme Court Justice nominee, Clarence Thomas. At his hearing, she testified against him claiming sexual harassment on the job. I learned, during all the feminist haranguing about Thomas' unworthiness for the position, that Hill could have left her job with Thomas and escaped the "harassment," without risking loss of employment. Her position in the government hiring structure enabled her to move freely. With that knowledge, I judged Anita Hill to be a pawn of the feminist hacks who advanced her case. Thankfully, Justice Thomas was appointed in spite of her.

I have no children, but judging from my armchair view of popular culture on television and in what I see in everyday affairs, females (even the very young) dress and act like professional prostitutes. Modesty in clothing and behavior is nonexistent. Irritatingly, as a woman of years and the girth that accompanies those years, I can barely find clothing that is not uncomfortably tight-fitting, all for the sake of highlighting the physical body. Even men (I would wager at the behest of homosexual designers), are wearing suits that look too small for their bodies (called "slender cut") and female-looking "skinny jeans." Overall, a disgusting sight.

The one saving grace for the foolish among us females is that most men have a relationship with God that compels them to exercise restraint, even in the face of all the moral filth thrown at them. Yes, you can have a man sent to prison for your having led him on, or you can besmirch his name after you have chosen to be with him (on a date, on the job, wherever) and then decided that you wanted out. But if he has responded physically or sexually to your behavior, that reality remains with you for the rest of your life...if you live.

It behooves today's women to forget the feminists and wise up.

© Sylvia Thompson


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