Sylvia Thompson column
Sylvia Thompson is a black conservative writer whose aim is to counter the liberal spin on issues pertaining to race and culture.

Ms. Thompson is a copy editor by trade currently residing in Tennessee. She formerly wrote for the Conservative Forum of Silicon Valley California Newsletter and the online conservative blog ChronWatch, also out of California.

She grew up in Southeast Texas during the waning years of Jim Crow-era legalized segregation, and she concludes that race relations in America will never improve, nor will we ever elevate our culture, as long as there are victims to be pandered to and villains to be vilified. America is better served without victims or villains.

The unusual making of a patriot
Sylvia Thompson
January 10, 2024

I am a child of the American South—Texas, to be exact. That in itself has done much to shape me. In my perception of myself, I am first a member of . . .

Yes, I am phobic and no, I am not inclusive: I am a Christian
Sylvia Thompson
April 16, 2023

One of the methods that practitioners of perversion use against Christians and other patriots is to brand us “phobic” (homophobic, transphobic, fat-phobic, . . .

By what standard do we acknowledge that this is wrong?
Sylvia Thompson
February 17, 2023

Steve Deace, a prominent conservative podcaster, put the above question to his co-hosts in one of his recent shows. He was responding to the incident of two . . .

Of course they are coming for your children
Sylvia Thompson
April 29, 2022

America is finally seeing the result of its total abdication of Christian principles, after having bowed to the homosexual agenda. When two homosexual men, . . .

Fix the 2020 election steal – or show us how 2022 and 2024 matter
Sylvia Thompson
July 18, 2021

On November 3, 2020, after Donald Trump won the presidential election (likely by popular vote and the Electoral College count), some of us simply could not . . .

Bruce Jenner and the cultural embrace of the deranged
Sylvia Thompson
July 14, 2021

Note: Republished from June 3, 2015 Bruce Jenner, the former Olympian athlete, who somewhere along the way was severely scarred emotionally, has captured . . .

What's with the dumping of Greenwood's "God Bless the USA" at Trump rallies?
Sylvia Thompson
September 15, 2020

I am not the only American who was puzzled by the choice of introduction music to President Trump’s campaign rally in Nevada. Instead of the venerable  . . .

Wolf in sheep's clothing: Richard Grenell has made inroads into Trump's administration and the Republican Party
Sylvia Thompson
August 29, 2020

Bryan Fischer, a columnist, recently published the article “Ric Grenell and Log Cabin Republicans Threaten GOP Platform on Sexuality.” (http://www . . .

Enough with talk, America, it's time to fight
Sylvia Thompson
July 9, 2020

When Barack Obama was imposed upon the American people by the progressive Left in his bid for President of the United States in 2008, many American people . . .

There is no systemic racism in America today
Sylvia Thompson
June 18, 2020

I was born at the end of World War II, into the Boomer generation. At that time, there was systemic racism throughout the United States, not just in the South, . . .

Black Americans and Covid-19: Avoid the victim-card players
Sylvia Thompson
April 21, 2020

Upon hearing the Coronavirus Committee’s expression of alarm regarding the disease’s disastrous affect in New Orleans, Louisiana, I said to a friend, “I . . .

Donald Trump will choose his Vice President
Sylvia Thompson
May 9, 2016

I am encouraged by the fact that Donald Trump, the presumptive 2016 nominee of the Republican Party, will decide for himself who his running mate will be. And . . .

Rending the nation: Obama and his Treasury Department's scheme
Sylvia Thompson
April 24, 2016

If any Americans think that the Obama Treasury Department's decision to change the face of paper money has anything to do with good intentions, they are sadly . . .

The Secret Service and Michelle Fields as "victim"
Sylvia Thompson
April 4, 2016

The online blog site reported that besides video of the incident between Donald Trump's campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski and Michelle Fields, a . . .

America is not an outpost for foreign countries
Sylvia Thompson
March 27, 2016

Discussions are brewing, and appropriately so, regarding whom we should allow into our country. For any with reasonable intelligence, the answer is a no-brainer . . .

Liberal progressivism's assault on black America
Sylvia Thompson
February 24, 2016

A while back I wrote an article dealing with the Left's emasculation of black men. That article was in response to the concerted effort of leftists and fellow . . .

Donald Trump's appeal: another view
Sylvia Thompson
February 1, 2016

The Trump phenomenon has taken the nation by storm and much is said about why he appeals to so many Americans. On its face, Donald Trump's appeal should . . .

More on who is eligible to be an American president
Sylvia Thompson
January 22, 2016

In my recent post regarding the unresolved issue of who is eligible to be President, I stated that natural born citizens must be born of American-born parents. . . .

The unresolved issue of "natural born citizen" vs. "citizen"
Sylvia Thompson
January 10, 2016

When I first became aware of the discussion regarding Barack Obama's ineligibility to run for American President, because his father was not born in the United . . .

Justice Scalia is correct: the monstrosity that affirmative action spawned
Sylvia Thompson
December 15, 2015

Recently, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia commented that blacks lured into colleges and universities for which they are ill-prepared are not benefited by . . .

Why must Donald Trump give details of his plans?
Sylvia Thompson
December 12, 2015

One recent caller to a conservative talk show lamented that Donald Trump speaks as though he is somewhat immature. The caller supports Trump's positions, but . . .

Nothing coming out of Obama's administration is trustworthy
Sylvia Thompson
November 27, 2015

Why should any American trust the information coming from Obama or his mouthpieces regarding Syrian refugees? The short answer – none should. Although . . .

Barack Obama is not 'leading from behind'
Sylvia Thompson
November 15, 2015

If you are behind, you are not leading. You are either following or being left behind. Barack Obama is neither leading nor following; he is orchestrating the . . .

Immigrants, you can leave
Sylvia Thompson
October 28, 2015

To all the ethnics out there who came to America for whatever reasons, this brief discourse is to remind you that if this nation is unsuitable for you, you may . . .

Barack Obama is not seeking "legacy"
Sylvia Thompson
October 26, 2015

To the many gullible souls out there who truly think that Barack Obama is "legacy building" in his all-out assault on America, I implore you to bow out of the . . .

No, America should not have a Muslim President
Sylvia Thompson
September 28, 2015

I find it astonishingly foolish that anyone with a rudimentary understanding of Islam, the religious faith of Muslims, could assume that a serious adherent to . . .

Trump, the warrior male
Sylvia Thompson
September 19, 2015

I recently read an interesting article in WND Magazine by Kent G. Bailey, Ph.D., titled "Donald Trump: Warrior Male Extraordinaire." Bailey's article addresses . . .

Kim Davis of Kentucky is just the beginning
Sylvia Thompson
September 8, 2015

I penned an article for Renew America a few months ago titled "It Is Now Time for Civil Disobedience." In that article, I predicted that the lawless federal . . .

Some of us do judge discriminately and do not love indiscriminately
Sylvia Thompson
August 31, 2015

If you are tired of observing Christians hide behind their misuse of Christ's admonition not to "judge" and so-called leaders directing followers to "love" any . . .

On milquetoast leaders and the guilt-tripping of Christians
Sylvia Thompson
July 29, 2015

Recently, a group of professed Christian leaders issued what they call "An Evangelical Declaration on Marriage." The statement is in response to the recent . . .

The false comparison that homosexual activists make
Sylvia Thompson
July 15, 2015

I listened during a television news show to a spokesman for the homosexual cause failing miserably to make the case that they (homosexuals) are not against . . .

It is now time for civil disobedience
Sylvia Thompson
June 29, 2015

I posted an article at Renew America several months ago titled "The Coming Criminalization of Christianity in America." I suggested that the outcome of the . . .

A Confederate flag does not divide us; leftist ideology does
Sylvia Thompson
June 24, 2015

If Governor Nikki Haley thinks that removing a flag from a capitol building will do anything to alleviate the racial hatred fomented by Barack Obama over the . . .

Rachel Dolezal is a product of our times
Sylvia Thompson
June 18, 2015

Rachel Dolezal, a white woman who claims she is black, has become the latest bit of strangeness onto which the media can fixate. I am what Ms. Dolezal wants to . . .

On the American Left's embrace of the deranged
Sylvia Thompson
June 5, 2015

Bruce Jenner, the former Olympian athlete, who somewhere along the way was severely scarred emotionally, has captured the Left's attention as a cause celebre. . . .

Racial pandering is detrimental to justice and conservatism
Sylvia Thompson
April 18, 2015

Now that phone cameras proliferate the American landscape, it seems more and more difficult for justice to prevail as blindly as she has in the past. And too . . .

Homofascism has not yet won the day
Sylvia Thompson
April 6, 2015

What biblical Christians must do in response to this latest homosexual activist attack on the State of Indiana and any individuals who openly oppose them is . . .

Make the case for Ted Cruz's eligibility for President
Sylvia Thompson
March 24, 2015

Ted Cruz recently announced his bid for President of the United States. A caller to the Rush Limbaugh radio show questioned Cruz's constitutional eligibility to . . .

What does it take to fix the Secret Service?
Sylvia Thompson
March 20, 2015

Lou Dobbs, the financial commentator on Fox Business News during a recent "Lou Dobbs" show (3/17/2015), posed the question "What does it take to fix the Secret . . .

The coming criminalization of Christianity in America
Sylvia Thompson
February 17, 2015

In a few months, five god-wannabes on the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) will issue an edict that enshrines homosexual sodomy into American law. . . .

'Rules for Patriots,' an instruction manual
Sylvia Thompson
January 22, 2015

For those Americans who have grown weary of the many statements of the problems plaguing our country, there is now a book that offers solutions. It is titled . . .

Race mongers all, with blood on their hands
Sylvia Thompson
December 28, 2014

President Barack Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, and race-hustler Al Sharpton are most definitely complicit in the . . .

Retrain police to do what?
Sylvia Thompson
December 12, 2014

I recently read that Obama, Holder, and their leftist entourage are calling for "police training." That decision is the result of the shooting of a young black . . .

As goes the National Cathedral, so goes the nation...if we allow it
Sylvia Thompson
November 22, 2014

Christians need only look at the travesty of Muslims praying to Allah in a house of Almighty God to understand the degree to which Christian leadership has . . .

Take him down
Sylvia Thompson
November 9, 2014

Barack Obama is a sinister, dangerous person and a detriment to this nation. The elections made it clear that, finally, Americans are not afraid to say, "Stop . . .

The Left's continued destruction of black men
Sylvia Thompson
September 13, 2014

Everybody knows that if Ray Rice, the football player who is being systematically destroyed by leftists, were a homosexual who had decked another homosexual . . .

It's time to wake up, white America
Sylvia Thompson
August 21, 2014

Where are the white residents of Ferguson, Missouri – people brandishing signs reading "Justice for Officer Darren Wilson"? There may be a need to bring . . .

An "activist" attorney general is a lawless attorney general
Sylvia Thompson
August 20, 2014

Attorney General Eric Holder has declared himself "an activist" attorney general. That admission in itself insures that justice will not be applied equally or . . .

Yes, I blame the victim: on women's double standards
Sylvia Thompson
August 11, 2014

Back when our culture (mostly mothers) taught little boys to be respectful of little girls, in the hope that they would grow up to be respectful men, females . . .

"America" the documentary
Sylvia Thompson
July 6, 2014

Recently, I saw the movie "America: Imagine the World Without Her." It is the second documentary of its kind by Dinesh D'Souza, who extols the greatness of his . . .

On Marine Sgt. Tahmooressi and the naivety of so many
Sylvia Thompson
June 23, 2014

Watching Greta Van Susteren of Fox Cable News, of late, has been very touching. She seriously thought that her securing the requisite number of petitions from . . .

Donald Sterling encounters the racialist "lynch mob"
Sylvia Thompson
May 31, 2014

I am not a sports fan, but despite my attempts to avoid the Left's latest racial drama, and all those white folks out there trying so hard to prove that they . . .

Perversion is revolting to those who are not perverse
Sylvia Thompson
May 15, 2014

I was irritatingly reminded, once again, of just how degenerate our nation has become. I read recently that a football player for the Miami Dolphins, Don Jones, . . .

What is the rule of law, anyway?
Sylvia Thompson
April 20, 2014

Talking heads and elitists from both the left and right of the political spectrum are decrying that Cliven Bundy (the rancher who recently defied the federal . . .

I am not an African American: words have meaning
Sylvia Thompson
March 31, 2014

An "African American" is an African citizen who immigrated to the United States by choice and chose to become an American citizen. I am here as the result of my . . .

Obama's destruction of the military is by design
Sylvia Thompson
March 22, 2014

It is patently clear that the Obama administration and the Left have always intended to scuttle the military, and it is irritating to me that so many couch the . . .

Obama owes the American people, not any specific ethnic group
Sylvia Thompson
March 3, 2014

Barack Obama recently announced a program called "My Brother's Keeper." It is supposed to be a privately funded initiative to address the conditions plaguing . . .

The first black president, really?
Sylvia Thompson
February 16, 2014

If you agree with talk radio host Rush Limbaugh, who says Obama will never be impeached because he is the first black president, then that is a problem. It is . . .

Coca Cola's contribution to a balkanized America
Sylvia Thompson
February 6, 2014

Many Americans, and I include myself, are becoming more and more fed-up with the blather about multiculturalism and the fact that we are a nation of immigrants. . . .

The other racism
Sylvia Thompson
January 23, 2014

Americans know of the Aryan Nations, "skin heads," Neo-Nazis, the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), and similar groups of white people who, for any number of reasons, harbor . . .

Why there will be war
Sylvia Thompson
December 27, 2013

As the Left foams at the mouth over Phil Robertson, the Christian man who described Almighty God's take on homosexuality and other gross sins, their fear is . . .

A prediction for activist homosexuals
Sylvia Thompson
November 30, 2013

I recently read that eight homosexuals moved to Tennessee to wage an assault on the citizens of this state. These homosexuals have filed a federal lawsuit . . .

On the impeachment of Barack Obama
Sylvia Thompson
November 17, 2013

For a number of reasons, Barack Obama should be impeached from the American presidency, and understandably, there are rumblings from concerned Americans calling . . .

Sexual totalitarianism vs. Christianity in America
Sylvia Thompson
October 21, 2013

A reader of one of my articles expressed the view that if we could only rid the world of the killing of the unborn (abortion), much of the surrounding evil . . .

Don't tell me that I can say what you cannot
Sylvia Thompson
October 8, 2013

I have been told on several occasions by conservative Caucasians, "You can say..." (fill in the blank with whatever it is they, as whites, are afraid to say . . .

In defense of the new Scouts' stance on identity confusion in boys
Sylvia Thompson
September 23, 2013

I have read a few skeptical comments on the new Scouts (now called Trail Life USA), regarding their position to admit boys who are experiencing same-sex . . .

On the Redskins name controversy
Sylvia Thompson
September 15, 2013

I am not a football fan, but I am an American citizen who is thoroughly fed-up with the progressive left and political correctness. I read that the Washington . . .

Russia on homosexuality: redux
Sylvia Thompson
September 13, 2013

A letter is circulating the Web, interestingly titled "From Russia with Love," purportedly from Vladimir Putin. Kevin E. Lake, an Iraq War veteran and author . . .

This is why Obama gets away with what he does
Sylvia Thompson
September 3, 2013

As a conservative black American who ignores the concept of "self-muzzling" (translated "political correctness"), I have been asked several times why it is that . . .

Cheers to the rodeo clown in Missouri
Sylvia Thompson
August 17, 2013

The hubbub generated by unhinged leftists, especially black unhinged leftists, over the Missouri rodeo clown's act with the Obama mask is breathtakingly idiotic . . .

Russia rejects the homosexual agenda
Sylvia Thompson
August 9, 2013

Finally, a prominent nation is taking on the homosexual agenda and rejecting it outright. A number of African nations have done the same, but third-world . . .

Study reveals why some are leaving the Republican Party
Sylvia Thompson
July 9, 2013

A recent study by a conservative marketing research group, Frontier Lab (, found that Republicans who leave the party are tired of being . . .

Elections have consequences...So?
Sylvia Thompson
July 3, 2013

My question is, do we allow the destruction of a nation because "elections have consequences"? Do we assume that the portion of the electorate who installed the . . .

The inherent racism of liberalism
Sylvia Thompson
June 21, 2013

Congressman Elbert Guillory has eloquently told the American people why he is leaving the Democratic Party. As many now know, Elbert Guillory is a black . . .

The Boy Scouts leadership caves, as expected
Sylvia Thompson
May 25, 2013

The Boy Scouts of America's (BSA) leadership, as many of us who oppose the activist homosexual agenda expected, caved to the pernicious homosexual agenda.  . . .

Those who would protect the children
Sylvia Thompson
May 13, 2013

I heard recently on the news that the Middle Tennessee Council for the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) has decided not to bend to the pressures of the homosexual . . .

On abortion pills for children
Sylvia Thompson
May 7, 2013

Jehmu Greene is a black leftist who often speaks for the liberal position on women. She was on a Fox Cable News show recently with Dr. Manny Alvarez, another . . .

'Political independent' does not necessarily equal 'political moderate'
Sylvia Thompson
May 3, 2013

We hear consistently one Republican operative or another stating the need for Republican candidates to appeal to independents. A candidate must never leave the . . .

Identify the problem
Sylvia Thompson
April 27, 2013

It is time to state openly, often, and unapologetically that Barack Obama is a socialist operator who despises much of what America stands for. His policies, . . .

Marriage cannot be adequately supported outside of Scriptures
Sylvia Thompson
April 7, 2013

Bill O'Reilly, the Fox News commentator, has been in the news of late, because of his demeaning characterization of Christians as "Bible-thumpers." I am not a . . .

A dearth of Christian leadership
Sylvia Thompson
April 4, 2013

In his report "Left alone to defend marriage" (Faith and Action Web site, 3/28/2013), Rob Schenck advises Christians as to how we should proceed. He speaks of . . .

No, we are not all libertarians
Sylvia Thompson
March 30, 2013

In response to an article posted on 3/19/2013, written by Jacob Perry for the Conservative Intelligence Briefing blog, I penned the following statement. Perry's . . .

The views expressed by RenewAmerica columnists are their own and do not necessarily reflect the position of RenewAmerica or its affiliates.

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