Barbara J. Stock
Obama's great lie
By Barbara J. Stock
September 16, 2012

Just 18 short months ago, the people of Egypt loved America and Americans. They knew we were instrumental in ridding the country of Hosni Mubarak, a man most of them hated. Now, many hate us — again. Why? How did this happen? How, in less than two years can America go from savior to goat?

Well, it can be summed up fairly easily. Barack Obama and his total lack of American leadership and guidance. Four years ago, candidate Obama stated: "I truly believe that the day is coming, not only does the country look at itself differently, but the world looks at America differently. If I'm reaching out to the Muslim world, they understand that I've lived in a Muslim country, and I may be a Christian, but I also understand their point of view. ...and so I'm intimately concerned with what happens in these countries........the world will have confidence that I am listening to them...That will make us safer."

Well, Mr. President, you supposedly "reached out you hand" and it seems Islam bit it off. While you and Michelle were off playing golf and taking lavish vacations at taxpayer expense, your lack attention to your job has created havoc in the Middle East. It gave the bad guys free rein to move in and take over. The world is NOT a safer place. In fact, it has suddenly become much, much more dangerous.

The Egyptian people had an election. The man who was supported by the terrorist group, The Muslim Brotherhood, won. A campaigning Mohammed Morsi, now the president, went to great lengths to assure the nervous people that the Brotherhood would not try to impose the stricter elements of Islamic law. Instead, he told them, his leadership would provide "stability, love and brotherhood for the Egyptian civil, national, democratic, constitutional and modern state."

So much for the stability part. They can pretty much forget the democratic part as well. Islam has rode into town on its bloody horse. The election is over. The people were fooled and the Muslim Brotherhood is in charge. The consequences of that election flash across our televisions all day long. Hate, mayhem, murder, fires, and riots are taking place all over the Middle East and have now spread to London, Africa and Australia. One confused group attacked the German Embassy. An easy mistake to make as our flags look nothing alike. But when you are in a killing frenzy, any flag will do.

The majority of the people of Egypt are good people. They like Americans. They thought they would have a non-Islamic government. They were wrong. Most had no part in all the trouble there at the American Embassy. Some are just angry young men, without jobs and they have to blame someone. Many of the men who were there were sent there by the Mulsim Brotherhood, controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood and it is the Brotherhood that controls Morsi. Had Obama been playing president instead of golf, and been more involved in the issues of the Middle East, some of this may have been averted.

Apparently, Obama actually stopped campaigning with show girls in Vegas long enough to get on the phone to Morsi and I can imagine the conversation went something like this: Obama: "What the hell are you doing? Do you realize that I will lose the election here if you let a million crazy men descend on the American Embassy tomorrow and burn it down?" Morsi: "Well, the Brotherhood..." Obama: "You tell the Brotherhood that they have to calm down and be patient. Where will they be if this Romney guy is elected?? Do you realize he will probably take your money away and crack down on groups like theirs? You know he will not tolerate the kind of crap that has happened over the last few days. Remember, HE is a Reagan, like Bush. Remember them? He will not be sympathetic to Muslims and your cause like I am. Just keep that in mind." click

Shortly after that call, the million man march the Brotherhood had planned for the American Embassy was diverted to a nearby square, away from the embassy. Defenses around our embassy were beefed up. Isn't the power of the American presidency amazing?

The sorry case in Libya is even worse. There was loss of American life there. Four Americans died at the hands of a planned and well executed attack. Obama and all his mouthpieces keep insisting it was all because of some silly movie, and not because of the anniversary of 9/11 or revenge for the death of an al Qaeda leader. Obama says the riots are not because of his total lack of involvement in the Middle East thus allowing groups like The Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas and al Qaeda to grow in strength. Americans are not supposed to notice that huge Islamic elephant in the room.

Did the Muslim clerics in the mosque get the feeble minded in a frenzy about this movie? Probably. When the average Muslim is told to go destroy and kill in the name of Allah, they will do it. Their brains are pre-programed to do as they as told. If the Qur'an tells them to kill anyone who is "disrespectful" to the prophet Mohammed, they will do it without question. But they were told to riot so the real terrorists would have cover. The simple fact is, the Obama State Department failed. They didn't act on specific intelligence they were given days in advance. Obama doesn't bother to go to the daily intelligence briefings. It should have been anticipated that the date 9/11 could bring unrest in Islamic states. Obama and his State Department did not allow our Marines, there to protect the Americans in the embassy, to actually have live ammunition for their guns. Obama doesn't even exercise common sense.

In Libya, the people in Tripoli, the capital, were horrified when they heard what had happened. They immediately took to the streets with signs of apology. It was not someone from their group that did the killing. More than likely, an outside terrorist group was brought in and quickly removed. The government there is struggling to gain order in the country and fighting fundamentalists for power at the same time. This is a tall order and even though the deaths took place there, I believe Libya can be saved and we should not abandon them. I have no doubt, however, that Obama will. Not by withholding money, but by ignoring their pleas for help in stabilizing the government there and fending off groups like al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood. It almost makes on wonder just whose side Obama is on.

Worst of all, Obama has thrown the only true democracy in the Middle East under the bus. He is openly hostile to Israel and its leader. He has placated and fiddled while Israel faces being burned. Obama is forcing, out of arrogance and an obvious hatred of Israel (and perhaps Jews in general) to put the entire Middle East in peril, not just Israel. Obama found time to go to Saudi Arabia and bow to a Muslim king, but could find no time to visit Israel. Obama has refused to put his feet on Jewish soil since he was elected and one must begin to wonder why.

Israel's back is against the wall. Requests for an urgent meeting by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have been put off because Obama must go on the Letterman show and campaign. And what might be the results of Obama's Israeli policy? Envision a total and utter disaster, untold loss of life, possible use of nuclear weapons and attacks on Israel from Hamas, Hezbulah, The Muslim Brotherhood, al Qaeda, and probably every Islamic state in the Middle East. Israel may cease to exist. There are 8 million people in Israel. Iran has said, as well as attacking Israel, it would attack the United States and our interests. Is the world a safer place because Barack Obama is the leader of the free world? That doesn't seem to be the case.

Why would Israel take the steps that could well lead to this nightmare scenario? Iran's proliferation of nuclear weapons, unchecked, unmonitored, and unchallenged is the answer. Iran has clearly stated once it has obtained the missile capability to strike Israel with nuclear weapons, it will. We would not allow the Soviet Union to place nuclear weapons in Cuba, but Obama expects Israel to tolerate a known enemy with nukes pointed at them. What choice, without American assistance, does Israel have?

From his apology tour to his apologies for American free speech, Obama's lack of interest in foreign policy is a disgrace. He seemed to think that his winning the election would make the world, suddenly, overnight, a peaceful and loving world. Perhaps if Obama had been the real second coming, as his devoted and mind-numbed followers believed, it would have been, but he wasn't. Obama has made his mistakes out of arrogance and the world is paying the price. Obama can go back to Chicago and oversee the teacher strikes. And frankly, they can have him.

© Barbara J. Stock


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Barbara J. Stock

Barbara is a retired Registered Nurse after over 35 years in the field. She is pro-life at both ends of life's journey. Mother of two, Grandmother of two, she is pro-America and anti-progressive. Absent from writing for too long, she is back and determined to make a difference.


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