David R. Usher
Republican establishment endorses the Communist Party
By David R. Usher
August 30, 2017

A shocking event took place after the University of Virginia Charlottesville protests. Establishment Republicans including Mitt Romney, John McCain, Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Gary Cohn, Fox C.E.O. James Murdoch, and many other Republicans endorsed Antifa, the radical paramilitary wing of the Hitler-era Communist Party.

It all began with President Trump correctly saying, "I think there is blame on both sides. You look at both sides. I think there is blame on both sides".... "You also had some very fine people on both sides." President Trump understands that the main players in the recent spate of protests are Leftists and Anarchists – a fact also noticed by observant writer Dave Urbanski.

Antifa aggressively calls for "pre-emptive violence," including gun violence, property seizures, and "all out revolution." Antifa appears to be the unofficial "jackboots" of the Communist Party U.S.A (but liberals refuse to admit it yet). The CPUSA party platform boldly endorses violence to achieve party goals. There is some evidence that Antifa may also be a multipurpose ACLU tool to paint immigration enforcement as fascist. Antifa is the Alt-Left, not the Alt-Right, as falsely alleged by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

So who were the "very fine people" on both sides? I attended Knox College with John Podesta in the radical days of the early 1970's. Our campus was occasionally lively due to Saul Alinsky community-organizing military exercises (seizing and "liberating" a large Freshman women's dormitory was one of them). Whenever something happened, a lot of us normal college kids not caught up in "Revolution for the Hell of It" went to see what was going on. My friends were mostly unimpressed and though the ruckus to be rather idiotic.

Who are the Leftists raising "Cain" all over the country? They range from socialist, Marxist, Communist, to Fascist. They are all headed for Hell, but fight about the best way to get there.

White supremacist leader Jason Kessler, a leader of the Occupy movement and leftist organizer, ran a chat server and was aware of the plan to run over Charlottesville protesters. Leftist street gangs such as Identity Europa, Traditionalist Worker Party, & Vanguard America were instructed to take orders from Kessler.

Richard Spencer presides over groups of white nationalists at these events with folks waving Confederate or "Kek" flags (an imaginary Egyptian throwback based on the Nazi flag). Confederates are leftist, but these "confederates" are also hard-core Marxist.

The radicals at these staged university protests have four things in common. They are leftists, mostly men, mostly white, and often feminist. They are powerless liberal males scrambling for power in a Democrat party that has been controlled by radical feminists for decades. But where are the women? Campus feminists are the organizers. Feminists also organized Occupy, Black Lives Matters, gay marriage, lesbian rights, transgender, Ferguson, Baltimore, and hundreds of other viral power memes since the early 1960's. Feminists control every piece of the campus pie via the campus "Students Against Sexism" office, a funded conglomerate of all things Leftist on campus.

With the rise of Donald Trump, feminists have seen a string of recent failures. Illegal immigration went down in flames. Black Lives Matter, the U.V.A./Rolling Stone fake rape power grab, and transgender hijacking of administrative policy backfired badly. Campus feminists (especially at U.V.A) are rattling cages to ensure continuing chokehold control of academics.

Marxists have been steadily goose-stepping across the United States since the 1930's, and now have control of our major institutions. Race, sex, gender, and economic disparity are their lightsabers – all of which have been swung full-force since Donald Trump entered the Presidential arena. The powerful feminist grip on politics, academics, law, psychology, government, military, and most notably "the swamp" (which revolves around feminist policy) is threatened by President Trump. That makes our quivering claque of politically-correct feminist Republicans very nervous.

The rise of multi-issue Marxist/Communist/Fascist/"Anti-fascist" protests has been very effective keeping the President and Republicans disoriented, distracted, divided, and conquered. We must strictly and quietly enforce federal protest laws, ignore the hysterics, and they will go home.

House and Senate Republicans are making a fatal mistake opposing President Trump. The "swamp" is run by liberals who will never vote Republican no matter how much money we throw at them. Trump is a wizard dealing with political correctness. Liberals threw the book and him and lost. Republicans should trust the President and stay out of these necessary battles with the "alt-swamp."

The Republican base is very unhappy with Congress. Republicans will be facing an angry and vindictive voter base in 2018 and 2020 if they continue sandbagging the President. Republicans are repeating history – they foolishly lost the House and Senate in 2006 and gave Obama a truculent victory in 2008 because they achieved nothing impressive with the 1994 Republican landslide. Republicans are in far worse shape today because the only people they are making happy are Democrats.

Removing disruptive illegal immigrants is a minor problem compared to extensive internal damage to society, government, and law wrought by revolutionary radical feminists in government and law. In "The New Politics of Sex," Dr. Stephen Baskerville proves that "The potential of sexual politics therefore is not the extremists, but the steady erosion of family integrity, personal privacy, critical thought, and civic freedom, through the relentless politicization of private life by an ideology to which we are now so acculturated that we are largely immune from realizing its effects."

I urge President Trump and Congress to de-fund and dismantle feminist control over academics and law schools. Women's studies, women's interdisciplinary studies, women's jurisprudence sections, racial studies, psychology, and media are implicitly discriminatory sexist institutions causing widespread anomie. This Machinery is how Marxists seized control of everything from our universities to the Supreme Court. They are the radical Leftists who replaced marriage with big government – the primary factor killing the American family – driving uncontrolled deficit spending and high taxes . The Fascist Feminist Revolution must be "deported" to Make America Great Again.

© David R. Usher


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