David R. Usher
Stopping the phony feminist rape riot
By David R. Usher
April 20, 2015

Feminists working to expand social control of education and law have a dangerous new weapon: Phony rape allegations. The last few months have seen a flurry of rape allegations. In short order, almost all of them are found to be phony.

This trick is not new, but a new variation on old feminist themes that all died quiet factual deaths after wreaking havoc on the nation.

In the 1970's, feminists made child abuse a national issue to get power, sue insurance companies, and seize custody of children in predatory divorces. The McMartin preschool day care fiasco, Little Rascals Day Care false conviction, and the Fells Acres Day Care wrongful conviction are just three of the many phony child abuse cases that were tragic feminist abuses of the justice system. The ruse fell apart in big cases, and later family courts when everyone discovered that it is impossible to program kids to say what feminists want them to say.

In the 1990's, feminist adopted false domestic violence allegations in family law cases. They chose domestic violence because it does not require programming of children. A massive feminist psycho-industrial complex emerged producing reams of false science about domestic violence. Despite the fact that domestic violence declined 1/3 since 1976, The Violence Against Women Act of 1994 was born, with $1-billion in annual funding empowering feminists to destroy families and falsely blame all domestic violence on men. The historical rate of decline in domestic violence has not improved, but the numbers of men thrown out of their families has exploded.

But courts learned that phony domestic violence allegations are S.O.P. in divorce petitions, and that women are as likely as men to be the perpetrators of family violence.

Feminists needed another magic bullet to expand political power and federal funding. They picked "rape" as their next power-play and invented the piles of phony studies to power it.

Their first orchestrated "rape riot" was the highly publicized and infamous Duke Lacrosse rape case. Much of the nation piled on to declare the Lacrosse players guilty on day one. I saw through the perfume and mirrors, declaring Duke a hoax within two weeks. After the most thorough rape investigation in legal history not only were the players absolved, but the prosecutor disbarred. Duke University and the City of Durham were soundly sued.

In the wake of the Duke disaster, feminists invented a new broadsword – alleging rape anonymously and not reporting it to police so it cannot be investigated. Phony feminist websites popped up featuring unbelievable stories by anonymous women. The "Take Back The Night" instantly became an annual feminist campus riot.

As in "Lord of the Flies," feminists keep inventing a demon on the hill, appointing themselves the sole protectors, and wreaking havoc.

Feminist power-play themes are essentially identical. All involve bogus "scientific" reports and fear campaigns. All involve federally-funded organizations, advocacy "scientists" cranking out volumes of junk reports, and scurrilous activists who insist they have no responsibility to check case facts before launching serious allegations against innocent men.

In every case, the actors in this machine continue to assert that they are right even after it is proven they are lying. When finally backed into a corner, they simply insist that "something must have happened."

The "1 in 5" college sexual abuse statistic is a mathematical impossibility even by liberal reporting standards. The U.S. Department of Justice nails the facts at 3 rapes per 1000 young adults, or about .3 percent – with rape rates declining significantly since 1995.

The University of Virginia fraternity rape fiasco glorified by the Rolling Stone was a complete hoax. A psychologically-challenged girl invented a false rape at an imaginary fraternity. Activist-writer Sabrina Rubin Erdely transformed fantasy into fact. Then it blew up in their face. Even the girl's friends think it was fishy from the beginning. A male student tried to call 911 at the time, be the "victim" but told him not to. Yet Erdely and the University of Virginia still insist that something must have happened. Today, the entire fraternity system at U.V.A. is still shut down with not one whit of reason for doing so.

After a deep investigation, Florida State football player Jamies Winston was cleared of wrongdoing in both administrative and court proceedings, but at great cost to his career.

Paul Nungesser, a Columbia University student accused of rape and cleared of wrongdoing in a total of three phony rape allegations is being publicly intimidated and harassed by his accuser, who is getting her thesis for carrying a mattress around campus all day. Columbia University is sponsoring organized sexual harassment of men as an academic function and should be sued for Title IX violations by every male student on the campus.

The bright career of Yale Rhodes Scholar and star football player Patrick Witt was destroyed by an "informal" report of sexual misconduct that was leaked by feminists but never formally cleared by Yale. Had the filing and hearing been formal, Witt could have cleared his name. Yale has done nothing to remedy the situation and insists that there is "nothing to clear."

The career of University of Montana football great Jordan Johnson came to a screeching halt when he was hit with phony rape charges that were cleared by a court trial.

Feminists are in trouble at Harvard, which cut corners and dragged its feet clearing a male student of sexual abuse allegations. This finding does not obviate the Department of Education's bizarre edict establishing college campuses as the venue for hearing felony sexual abuse matters.

On other fronts, the military "sexual correctness" pogrom is causing casualties right here on American soil. Between 2009 and 2012, military sexual assault allegations increased 4%, but false allegations are up 35%. Combat readiness and morale are being killed by witch hunts and internal mistrust. Leadership is damned if they do and damned if they don't dealing with this real-life Zombie attack. Never mind the fact that nearly every military court case has resulted in a not guilty finding and ruined careers of good men.

Meanwhile, with feminist approval, universities are now bordellos for "sugar baby" students prostituting themselves to rich geezers on ashleymadison.com (apparently given a free pass by federal law enforcement to run America's largest prostitution ring). This is the next salvo of phony rape allegations and tort suits to be launched when feminists need another demon on the hill.

Despite asserting moral superiority on all matters sexual, feminist lawyers actually defend perpetrators of our real national sexual abuse crisis: female school teachers predating on male students. The first big case was in 1996 involving teacher Mary Kay Letourneau, who confidently had two children with her 6th grade student victim after twice being leniently let loose by the court (at the behest of N.O.W. legal defense fund lawyers). She later married her victim after a miniscule 7-1/2 year prison term. This was actually a long sentence compared to most female sex predators, who often end up with no jail time for taking cushy feminist-organized plea bargains. There are now several new female teacher sexual abuse cases each week now, nearly all proven in advance with cell phone records and by being caught in the act by police or other teachers.

The smoking hot pink gun is California's "Take back the night" campus feminists who insist on teaching kindergarteners how to consent to having sex (apparently with their Mrs. Robinson remedial education teachers). Albert Kinsey's feminist sexual liberation daughters and the North American Man/Boy Love Association have got to be drooling over this pederasty project. You can expect this to become another edict from the Department of Education (as ordered by the lesbian-run White House Office on Women and Girls), followed by federal legislation from Claire McCaskill.

What can we do about this? The problem comes from women's studies departments on college campuses. They generate reams of unscientific advocacy studies presented as fact, organize students to wage war on the rest of the campus and the nation, and grant them college degrees for doing so. Feminist social and legal terrorism must be stopped – NOW.

All reports generated by women's studies departments must be rigorously and independently reviewed for scientific credibility before publication or release. Women's interdisciplinary studies – the vehicle feminists use to force feminist advocacy principles into other areas of core academic coursework – must be shut down. Feminists have no business controlling our college campuses with hard core anti-marriage, anti-male, anti-Christian, pro-abortion diktat.

To get out of the firestorm, colleges must require reporting of all allegations of felony behavior by student(s) to police and prosecutors, with the University taking action under advisement from law enforcement authorities. Rape, murder, and all other felonies unquestionably are the jurisdiction of law enforcement, not University academic disciplinary organizations. When this is done, the era of phony feminist rape allegations on our campuses will come to a close.

© David R. Usher


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