A.J. DiCintio
War irreconcilable
By A.J. DiCintio
March 23, 2010

In the most recent act of a corrupt, unbelievably ugly drama, Obama and his congressional minions succeeded in buying off enough votes to send the abomination called Obamacare to the president's desk, a dissenting public be damned.

However, the most important aspect of the act has nothing to do with a transient political victory and everything to do with the following, which is now undeniable:

President Obama, in concert with his Democratic congressional allies, has decided (in Milton's words) "To wage by force or guile eternal Warr Irreconcileable [against his] grand Foe" — Obama's foe being the American majority, American tradition, and the American Constitution.

To this astounding declaration, a free people must respond in kind, a truth which becomes clear if one considers just the following facts about Obamacare.

. . . From the outset, Obama intended his bill to federalize, not "reform," healthcare, as evidenced by fact that he refused to take ideas that innovative doctors have proposed to restructure the practice and delivery of medicine and make them the centerpiece of a gradually implemented, market based, results oriented reform plan.

. . . After having rejected that sensible approach, which would save hundreds of billions while protecting the excellence of medicine, Obama added insult to injury by refusing to extract even one cent from trial lawyers who rake in billions by slopping at the immensely wasteful trough created by the Healthcare Lawsuit Cycle, a swinish enterprise that is essential to filling the coffers of the Democratic Party.

. . . Obama has engaged in a systematic agenda of lies about the true cost of Obamacare, including being dishonest about the fact that he keeps his estimates low by stealing from Social Security, the Student Loan Program, and his new government-run long term care insurance plan, whose premiums he uses "Madoff Style."

. . . In another insult to the public, Obama has instructed the CBO to estimate the cost of Obamacare by using ten years worth of revenues from cuts in Medicare, increased taxes, and the aforementioned stealing but only six years worth of expenses for healthcare services. (No wonder, then, that those who consider both history and the truths about the plan put the real cost of Obamacare not at the CBO's one trillion but as much as three bankrupting trillion dollars.)

. . . However, even those lies are insufficient to create a suitable fiscal Democratic subterfuge. Therefore, Obama lies this triplet of obese lies of omission as he conveniently fails to mention (1) that his plan forces millions more into Medicaid (2) that this flood of Medicaid recipients, all of whom require government subsidies because Medicaid bills are reimbursed at only 50% of true cost, will cause state taxes to rise dramatically (3) that the new cost of Medicaid will be so huge it will also have to be paid by significant increases (called "cost shifts") in health insurance premiums of every non-Medicaid enrolled citizen.

(The intrusion into state power described above is stunningly profound; for if the de facto control that Obamacare exerts upon state legislatures is declared constitutional, Jefferson's contention that an activist judiciary will usurp power "from the States [until] the government be consolidated into one" will sadly be proved true.

. . . To get his plan passed, Obama has allowed his lieutenants to engage in a series of corrupt political payoffs the likes of which have not been seen since the days of the Robber Barons. In fact, congressional Democrats have employed so many despicable Washingtonian deceptions to stuff thousands of plain envelopes with bribe money that the entire truth about the rodents and their filthy inducements will be dug out only if researchers are aided in their labors by ten thousand forensically trained rat terriers.

. . . When the man who is regarded as The Avatar of Hope and Change by his sycophantic followers was asked to react to his party's perversion of "reconciliation" and the shameless, Constitution-mocking Son of Reconciliation, which Nancy et al. named with the Orwellian title "Deem and Pass," he brushed the question off with an agreeing shrug.

. . . For the first time in American history, Obamacare forces every citizen to purchase a specific product. Thus, the analogy of equating Obamacare's injunction to laws requiring drivers to buy auto insurance is based upon a lie; for a true analogy says this: "Obamacare's injunction is like a law requiring every U.S. citizen to purchase and maintain a car that in every last detail meets current federal standards."

. . . However, Obamacare's unprecedented injunction doesn't end there; for to insure that the dictum is obeyed perfectly, Obama calls for adding 15,000 new IRS agent-enforcers to the federal payroll. Unsurprisingly, the most liberal president in the nation's history is happy to add to the concept of medical science the element of a high-booted National Healthcare Police Force, one of the true beloveds of every politician in love with centralized power.

. . . Obama insists that his healthcare bill contain language requiring "diversity" in medical hiring, audaciously asking the nation to trust him that federal bureaucrats will never use the "diversity mandate" to undermine meritocracy in medical hiring or interfere with the doctor-patient relationship. Moreover, an ideologically blinded Obama defends this stipulation despite the fact that the American public has come to learn a thing or two thousand about the politburo nature of federal social engineering bureaucracies (think, especially, of the EEOC).

. . . Finally, in a particularly ugly rejection of a long established will of the people, the commingling of public and private money in Obamacare means that public funds will be used to pay for abortions, despite what the president has promised in his vote-buying deals.

The foregoing list is certainly not complete. However, it includes enough information to convince every common sense person of good will to join in a war against Obamacare.

Let us, however, accept the challenge with the full realization that the war will not be won easily; for when it comes to bringing 16% of the American economy under the arrogant, disfigured thumbs of federal politicians and bureaucrats, lovers of centralized government will fight like hell — a fact that explains the devilish nature of Obamacare and the war Democrats have declared on its behalf.

Therefore, to defeat Obamacare as well as other aspects of Obama's euphemistically named "progressive" ideology, We the People must offer our voices, our talents, our votes, our time, and our money.

We must educate ourselves about Obamacare's realities.

We must see to it that the sentence "Repeal It!" becomes nothing less than ubiquitous across the nation.

And, most important, we must employ every moral and intellectual fiber of our being to steel ourselves for the long, difficult fight, always finding comfort and strength in the truth that our opponents are neither gods nor fallen angels but merely-human beings who, despite their sneering, power-loving pride, are incapable of creating something that The Spirit of '76 cannot blast into oblivion.

© A.J. DiCintio


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A.J. DiCintio

A.J. DiCintio posts regularly at RenewAmerica and YourNews.com. He first exercised his polemical skills arguing with friends on the street corners of the working class neighborhood where he grew up. Retired from teaching, he now applies those skills, somewhat honed and polished by experience, to social/political affairs.


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