Bonnie Alba column
(Editor's note: Bonnie Alba passed away on February 12, 2017. You can read her obituary here.)

Bonnie Alba is a "politically incorrect" researcher-writer. Since 1995, her articles have appeared in California newspapers. Previously she served in various Department of Defense positions for over 16 years. Now she and her U.S. Army and middle-school teacher retired husband are Grannie and Papa to five rambunctious, but well-behaved, grand boys. She loves to teach others about God through His Word. A patriot, she believes the U.S. Constitution has been distorted and America has diverged from the vision of the Founding Fathers. Comments are welcome at

Two Women, Two Babes -- Mary's Treasures of her heart (Part II)
Bonnie Alba
December 21, 2013

God's timing is not ours. In the sixth month of Elizabeth's pregnancy, emerging from her seclusion and her devotion in thankfulness to God, God purposed what . . .

Two women, two babes -- Elizabeth's Joy! (Part I)
Bonnie Alba
December 20, 2013

Every Christmas morning, as a family, we have heard the biblical story of the birth of Jesus read aloud by our son or grandsons. I always reflect on the . . .

God, please shake the worldly churches!
Bonnie Alba
October 30, 2013

God, Please Shake the worldly Churches! "The Church has sprung a leak and the world is leaking into the Church." A.W. Tozer, 50 years ago Much has been . . .

Tea Party -- the Journey of a thousand steps
Bonnie Alba
October 25, 2012

"We have yet to elect a Congress of which the majority will be intelligently conservative — much though the times cry out for a genuinely conservative . . .

Omitting God is right for Democrats
Bonnie Alba
September 14, 2012

"Every nation divided against itself will be ruined, ...and will not stand." (Matthew 12:25) Reading the Republican and Democratic Platforms was a revelation . . .

Feds' goal: measure your pursuit of happiness
Bonnie Alba
August 30, 2012

When Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke announced that "happiness" measurements should be included in the variables determining economic progress, I . . .

The 4th of July -- teach the rising generation
Bonnie Alba
July 3, 2012

"..Let the Fourth of July always be a reminder that here in this land, for the first time, it was decided that man is born with certain God-given rights; that . . .

America -- still 'One Nation under God'
Bonnie Alba
May 3, 2012

"Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD..." Psalm 33:12 This year's National Day of Prayer is being held corporately across our land with fellowship . . .

'Hunger Games' -- One possible future for America?
Bonnie Alba
April 20, 2012

Courage is the first of the human qualities because it is the quality which guarantees all the others. — Winston Churchill Author Suzanne Collins gave . . .

Easter Bunny happily hops -- Christians walk with hope
Bonnie Alba
April 7, 2012

Is Easter just another holiday to you? Around the globe, Christians will celebrate Easter Sunday as "Happy Resurrection Day." Rituals and rites will be enacted . . .

Retailers ban "Merry Christmas" at their own risk
Bonnie Alba
December 3, 2011

It has become "politically correct" to ban the word "Merry Christmas" from commercials and retail stores during the holiday season. In 2005, there was a big . . .

Another side of Herman Cain
Bonnie Alba
October 22, 2011

Have you heard the name, Herman Cain? Almost a household name, he's the fast-rising star of the Republican campaign trail to the White House. The Republican . . .

Tea party congressmen: hold that line, hey!
Bonnie Alba
August 6, 2011

"We have negotiated with terrorists; this small group of terrorists have made it impossible to spend any money." Rep. Mike Doyle (D-Pa.) in closed-door . . .

Feminism -- Churches bought the lie (Part III)
Bonnie Alba
June 2, 2011

"There's a God-shaped vacuum in every heart." Blaise Pascal, 17th century philosopher In 1993, over 2000 "Christian" women prayed, "We invoke Sophia, Divine . . .

Feminism -- schools are their playgrounds (Part II)
Bonnie Alba
May 19, 2011

"When a crowd adopts a point of view en masse, all critical thinking stops." ~William Powers The Feminist Movement is on the wane. There's a conservative . . .

Feminism -- greatest hoax against freedom (Part I)
Bonnie Alba
May 13, 2011

At the May 5, Fox news Republican presidential debate, Sen. Rick Santorum was asked what he meant when he wrote — "Many women... find it easier, more . . .

National Prayer Day -- America, a Christian nation?
Bonnie Alba
May 5, 2011

This week millions of Americans will attend public breakfasts-luncheons or evening services across America to honor God. This year's theme is "A Mighty Fortress . . .

Congress and Pres. Obama shame us -- is this all they can do?
Bonnie Alba
April 14, 2011

"The farther backward you look, the farther forward you can see." ~ Winston Churchill Looking back: The Debt Ceiling was increased 7 times in 8 years on . . .

EXTREME spending and debt is a CRISIS
Bonnie Alba
March 31, 2011

Overheard by reporters: Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) stated, "Label the GOP spending cuts as 'extreme.' I always use 'extreme.' That is what the caucus instructed . . .

Congress and Pres. Obama: quit living in denial
Bonnie Alba
March 10, 2011

"Last month's federal deficit is nearly four times as large as the spending cuts House Republicans have passed in their spending bill, and is more than 30 times . . .

Union protests differ from the Un-unified Tea Party
Bonnie Alba
March 3, 2011

Some media and political pundits have identified the ongoing public-sector (government) union protests as analogous to the un-unified Tea Party movement. This . . .

Would George Washington recognize God-deprived America?
Bonnie Alba
February 21, 2011

In this month of celebrating presidential birthdays, I wonder how an old speech containing the words of our first president would be received if any post-modern . . .

Civilization's yardstick for civilized behavior
Bonnie Alba
February 17, 2011

With the recent call to cutting the "hate talk" and all the crassness and intimidation with a return to civility, I think this is just the tip of the iceberg. . . .

Progressives FEAR tea party
Bonnie Alba
January 20, 2011

The sordid picture painted by the liberal democrats and media of Tea party citizens as crazed, right wing, radical extremists has offended most Americans who . . .

The Gift who keeps on giving
Bonnie Alba
December 23, 2010

It is said that wonderful things come in small packages. Decades ago, when $100 bills were rarely seen, my husband wrapped taped a $100 bill into a piece of . . .

Ho hum! December is atheists' favorite month
Bonnie Alba
December 16, 2010

This is the annual season of Anti-Christmas sentiment. The naysayers feel they shouldn't have to put up with this traditional nonsense, so they intimidate by . . .

A-N-D, the middle of God's plan
Bonnie Alba
December 9, 2010

The Christmas season finds us all living in a world of uncertainty. Are you worried about your job, your family? Are you concerned about the ongoing corruptive . . .

DEBT dishonors and destroys our nation
Bonnie Alba
November 19, 2010

George Washington once remarked to James Madison, "No generation has a right to contract debts greater than can be paid off during the course of its own . . .

Homogenized & pasteurized church fits the American Dream
Bonnie Alba
October 15, 2010

[A recent book, "Radical," making the rounds in Christian circles is decidedly making people uncomfortable. Written by David Platt, he is the youngest pastor of . . .

American tolerance may be our downfall
Bonnie Alba
September 2, 2010

For almost 1400 years, Islam's response to anyone outside of their religion has been killing or enslaving them if they do not convert to their illogical belief . . .

Heaven -- we were made for planet earth (Part 4)
Bonnie Alba
August 20, 2010

"A modern philosopher had told me again and again that I was in the right place and I had still felt depressed even in acquiescence.... When I heard that I was . . .

Heaven -- God's home and man's destiny (Part 3)
Bonnie Alba
August 12, 2010

"The future is bound up in the past. One's belief concerning his origin will inevitably determine his belief concerning his purpose and his destiny." ~ Dr. . . .

Heaven a secret? (Part 2)
Bonnie Alba
August 5, 2010

"I pity the man who never thinks about heaven." ~ British theologian J.C. Ryle "I thought we couldn't know what Heaven will be." ~ anonymous comment Why . . .

New Heaven and New Earth united (Part 1)
Bonnie Alba
July 29, 2010

"Heaven and Hell are not places far away. You may be in heaven before the clock ticks again, it is so near. Oh, that we, instead of trifling about such things . . .

Fury of HELL denied
Bonnie Alba
July 15, 2010

"I greatly fear that the denial of the eternity of future punishment is one wave of an incoming sea of infidelity." Charles H. Spurgeon If you read beyond . . .

Debt's truth and consequences
Bonnie Alba
July 2, 2010

"No generation has a right to contract debts greater than can be paid off during the course of its own existence." — George Washington to James Madison 1789  . . .

Tea Party -- we are the pruners
Bonnie Alba
June 17, 2010

"The multiplication of public offices, increase of expense beyond income, growth and entailment of a public debt, are indications soliciting the . . .

For such a time as this -- prayer
Bonnie Alba
May 5, 2010

"When we forget the real inner source of our power, our outward physical strength begins to disappear. Before long we become confused and fearful as we scramble . . .

Elect more nonconforming libertarian-Republicans
Bonnie Alba
April 2, 2010

"If you analyze it I believe the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism." — Ronald Reagan Nonconformist: of or characterized by behavior or . . .

Death of the oath and republic
Bonnie Alba
March 18, 2010

"I swear ... to support and defend the Constitution of the United States ... so help me God." Our President, Congress, and Supreme Court Justices do so . . .

Race for San Francisco's 8th District, John Dennis vs. Nancy Pelosi
Bonnie Alba
March 2, 2010

Liberty Republican John Dennis ( is fairly new to active, political involvement. When citizens raised their voices and were ignored by their . . .

For Tea Party citizens, it's 'The American Cause'
Bonnie Alba
February 15, 2010

"What really creates discontent in the modern age, as in all ages, is confusion and uncertainly. People turn to radical doctrines not necessarily when they are . . .

Tea Party citizens -- forces to be reckoned with
Bonnie Alba
January 14, 2010

The Tea-Party movement is holding a February convention in Nashville, TN. Why? As planners put it, to provide information, tools and techniques; help tea party . . .

Hope above all others
Bonnie Alba
December 22, 2009

A glorious song of old came upon a midnight clear from angels above the Earth ... "Peace on the earth, goodwill to men, from heaven's all-gracious King." An . . .

The Bible, just another book?
Bonnie Alba
November 5, 2009

Oprah Winfrey has said it, thus many believe it. She has stated that she cannot believe in a "Jealous God" and declared that "There are many ways to God." In . . .

Nanny government & AARP, both growth industries
Bonnie Alba
October 9, 2009

Who hasn't heard of the American Association of Retired People better known as the AARP? Organized as a non-profit seniors' organization in 1958 to lobby . . .

California's breadbasket drying up for a fish
Bonnie Alba
September 25, 2009

Water is a boring subject until you're without it, isn't it? Herein lies the story: Three years of drought in California threatens the San Joaquin Valley. A . . .

The biggest U.S. business is...?
Bonnie Alba
September 10, 2009

Straight-faced, with neither a blink or a wink, Pres. Obama presented his rendition of Health Care 'insurance' reform to Congress and the American people. It . . .

Obama and God are health care partners?
Bonnie Alba
September 3, 2009

On August 20th, Pres. Obama held a conference call with about 1000 Jewish leaders and a Webcast with an estimated 140,000 religious leaders and people of faith . . .

Bigger picture: "Soylent Green" solution
Bonnie Alba
August 27, 2009

The Obama administration's strident push, along with congressional dem-libs, for their ownership of America's healthcare is not a myth. It is one more step to . . .

Fight for the republic
Bonnie Alba
August 20, 2009

South Carolina's Republican Sen. Jim DeMint has been much in the news these days as he publicly opposes the attempt to push through a muddled Healthcare Bill.  . . .

Prayers of millions a part of history
Bonnie Alba
May 7, 2009

Millions of Americans come together on National Prayer Day to raise their collective, repentant and prayerful voices to God for our country, our leaders, our . . .

We are Americans!
Bonnie Alba
April 18, 2009

Are you a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Constitutionalist, Independent, whatever? Or — are you an American? We appear to be coming out of our closets . . .

"Meltdown" -- Book for all of us
Bonnie Alba
April 2, 2009

Finally, an easy-to-read book for you and me explaining America's "economic crisis." Thomas E. Woods is a Senior Fellow at the Ludwig von Mises Institute ( . . .

America's saving spree -- crime against the economy
Bonnie Alba
March 19, 2009

Americans have retreated from wild spending to prudent saving for a rainy day. Bad for the economy and government, good for America. Or, is it? Many economic . . .

States affirm their rights
Bonnie Alba
March 12, 2009

On February 26, the South Carolina House adopted and sent to the Senate a bill to "affirm the rights of all states including South Carolina based on the . . .

Erosion of the Good News
Bonnie Alba
February 26, 2009

The Southern Baptist Convention has reported a drop in membership in the latest church annual report, "Yearbook of American & Canadian Churches." They're now in . . .

"Living and breathing" vs. original intent
Bonnie Alba
February 5, 2009

In just six months the so-called movers and shakers in our nation's Capitol have managed to, and continue to add to, an impossible burden of National Debt on . . .

Real change: thrift and prudence
Bonnie Alba
January 14, 2009

We Americans have come a long way from the Great Depression — not that we have learned from it. The Federal Reserve and U.S. Government have also not learned . . .

News traveled slow -- 2000 years ago
Bonnie Alba
December 23, 2008

Are you on information overload? It's not surprising. We are constantly bombarded with news, continuously processing what we take in from newspapers, radio, . . .

Retailers say Bah! Humbug! to Christmas
Bonnie Alba
December 11, 2008

At this time last year, I visited our local mall to do a bit of Christmas shopping. Lo and behold! Not a sign, a song, a word of Christmas! All I saw were signs . . .

Hardship results in Thanksgiving
Bonnie Alba
November 25, 2008

America is facing some perilous times. Confronting a worldwide financial tsunami that will affect us for decades to come, with increasing job losses and rising . . .

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