Stephen Stone column
Stephen Stone is the President and Editor of RenewAmerica – a conservative media site dedicated to restoring respect for America's founding principles.

This purpose includes not only respect for the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, as written, but for the Creator and His laws.

From the time he was a teenager, Stephen has considered himself a born-again Christian, in the biblical tradition. Since then, he has devoted his life to pursuing life's questions and challenges through seeking to know the mind and will of God, and through seeking the sanctifying influence of His Spirit.

As a result, Steve has become somewhat of a religious philosopher – one committed to approaching the truth of any subject by the clear standards of God's Word.

His religious testimony can be found in "What does it mean to be converted to Jesus Christ," a position statement he wrote for RenewAmerica.

Memorable photo of Merkel 'staring down' Trump: Classic media hit job
Stephen Stone
October 29, 2018

Those who doubt President Trump's claim that the media have stirred up "great anger in our inaccurate, and even fraudulent, reporting of the news" . . .

'The fervent prayer of the righteous'
Stephen Stone
January 23, 2017

I understand prayer to be an individual expression of submission to God's will. By that I mean: (1) prayer is a petition to God springing from the depths of . . .

Will Obama be impeached now that Republicans control both houses of Congress?
Stephen Stone
November 10, 2014

[Updated Nov. 22, 2014] Shortly after communist-mentored Barack Obama was elected to the White House in 2008, I asked a brother at a family gathering, "Who's . . .

A path to impeachment
Stephen Stone
August 10, 2014

[Updated Aug. 16, 2014] In his well-reasoned book in support of the movement to impeach and remove Barack Obama titled Faithless Execution: Building the . . .

Is Facebook blocking RenewAmerica's impeachment drive?
Stephen Stone
July 7, 2014

We at RenewAmerica would like to call attention to what appears to be blatant un-Americanism by powerful communication giant Facebook . . .

Candidate tossed for challenging 'blah blah blah' reporter calls for impeaching Obama
Stephen Stone
May 11, 2014

Mark Callahan, the U.S. Senate candidate who was booted from an Oregon editorial meeting for daring to confront a reporter who wrote "blah blah blah" in quoting . . .

RenewAmerica's Facebook surge
Stephen Stone
April 21, 2014

On April 15 – Tax Day, ironically – RenewAmerica reached a significant milestone when its Facebook page surpassed 100,000 fans, and in the week . . .

Do your part to impeach and remove Obama
Stephen Stone
March 28, 2014

As Americans await the most devastating years — still to come — of Barack Obama's presidency, many are resigned to what seems inevitable, bringing to mind the . . .

Stephen Stone
December 23, 2013

A new website calling for the impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama and his inner circle, including Vice President Biden, has taken initial steps to launch.  . . .

Impeachment and removal is the only way to end Obama's tyranny
Stephen Stone
November 11, 2013

Since the Constitution grants the President of the United States the power to pardon himself and all other officers of the U.S. government for any crimes, . . .

'The fervent prayer of the righteous'
Stephen Stone
September 30, 2013

I understand prayer to be an individual expression of submission to God's will. By that I mean: (1) prayer is a petition to God springing from the depths of . . .

Stand up to Obamacare: send a FAX!
Stephen Stone
September 26, 2013

Dear friend of American liberty, As Sen. Cruz and Sen. Lee's effort to stop Obamacare from taking effect Oct. 1 continues to gain momentum among grassroots . . .

Defund Obamacare: fax a petition!
Stephen Stone
September 16, 2013

Dear friend of liberty, As the legislative effort to defund and derail Obamacare continues to gain momentum among grassroots Americans, your senators and . . .

URGENT: The time to defund and derail Obamacare is NOW! Get involved!
Stephen Stone
September 9, 2013

Dear American patriot, RenewAmerica is proud to support, a website created to help stop Obamacare dead in its tracks. The site, . . .

A word about Alan Keyes' "Bucket Brigade"
Stephen Stone
August 29, 2013

Since we posted Dr. Alan Keyes' "Bucket Brigade" plan for saving our nation from the designs of Barack Hussein Obama several weeks ago, the article has received . . .

What does it mean to be 'converted' to Jesus Christ?
Stephen Stone
August 12, 2013

Jesus' first recorded words of preaching were "Repent ye, and believe the gospel" (Mark 1:15). There is no more important message for America today as our . . .

Improved "Ultimate Conspiracy" article available
Stephen Stone
May 27, 2013

Back in October, we ran an article at RenewAmerica titled "The ultimate conspiracy" – which I wrote to warn voters that conspiratorial communists never . . .

The ultimate conspiracy
Stephen Stone
October 8, 2012

[Updated and revised May 26, 2013] I have a theory that's been nagging me for months, and I hope I'm completely wrong. My theory would help explain why . . .

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