A.J. DiCintio
Washing out dirty mouths
By A.J. DiCintio
April 29, 2010

Late as we were and wanting to avoid losing time in traffic, we headed for the Metro at a Maryland stop, where we noticed a casually dressed middle-aged couple, each with a small U.S. flag that was the only giveaway regarding their most likely activity that morning.

"Been to the Party?" we asked.


"We're on our way. What's the size of the crowd?"


"Thanks for the good news and enjoy the rest of your day."

"You, too."

The memory of that brief encounter has come back to me often since Saturday, September 12, 2009, because the couple were no different from other Tea Party protestors with whom we later spoke on the Capitol grounds — decent, ordinary citizens whose views on Obamacare, for example, are so much in the mainstream that currently a near-landslide majority of the public would rather have the abomination repealed instead of "fixed."

Yet Americans who identify themselves as Tea Party members and, by implication, those who agree with Tea Party positions regarding the desperate need for a vastly more responsible and efficient Federal Government have become the object of filthy attacks fulminated by Democratic politicians and other liberals, all of whom deserve to have their dirty mouths washed out.

Yes, they deserve that good scrubbing, but given the realities of human nature, it can never be done, not by a merely-human being nor even a demigod such as Hercules, who was able to wash the filth out of the Augean Stables by diverting a river but couldn't cleanse the excremental mouths just mentioned if he possessed the power to summon up a tsunami raging with every last drop of water from every one of Earth's oceans.

Happily, there is something that can be done about those filthy mouths. Before getting to it, however, it is essential to make a few more points about the smut issuing from arrogant, hateful demagogues, the first one being that it comes not from a fringe element of the American left but from the Democratic Party's top leaders and other important liberals across the cultural spectrum.

In fact, the revolting demagoguery began with Nancy Pelosi's sliming the Tea Party as an "Astroturf" movement populated by "swastika carrying" fascists and crude, feckless dupes who take direction from "the Republican Party."

And predictably, it has progressed to the Nuclear Option of the Democratic/Liberal Left — a sickeningly dangerous, indescribably irresponsible, stunningly shameless race-baiting that provides testimony to how despicably low people will stoop when they make a religion of politics and gods of politicians.

Fortunately, the technology utilized by the New Media has allowed conservatives to expose this vile, hypocritical propaganda to the world.

Following are a few of the commentaries that can be considered essential reading:

Frank Salvato's "Demonizing the Tea Party the Chicago Way" (NewMediaJournal.us), Kevin Fobbs' "Tea Party Patriots" (RenewAmerica.com), Victor Davis Hanson's satirical "Obama and the New Civility" (NationalReview.com), and James Taranto's "Why the Left Needs Racism" (wsj.com).

However, in addition to shining a powerful light upon the foul political expediency and disgusting hypocrisy that characterize the attacks, conservatives must also take the lead in educating the nation about this crucially important fact:

Ultimately, the demonizing of the Tea Party serves the purpose of advancing a virulently anti-Jeffersonian political ideology that traces its history to the ideas of Marx and other 19th century "philosophers."

That ideology, therefore, looks upon the nation's population not in the light of the Constitution's "We the People" but in the darkness of a vision that perceives only social, economic, ethnic, and racial constituencies which need to be manipulated in ways that lead to centralized rule by a "scientific" leftist elite who deem themselves (pun intended) moral, intellectual, and cultural giants.

That crucial last point having been made, the solution referred to earlier can now be stated:

Although we cannot ever clean up liberal mouths by washing them out, we can wash liberals — mouths and all — out of power.

To accomplish the task, we conservatives must, as stated above, calmly and objectively get the truth out about the arrogant, power-loving, filthy-mouthed nature of liberalism, a labor for which the Obama administration and its allies have provided us with a multitude of powerfully frightening examples.

But all the talk need not come from us; for we must scrupulously allow the sanctimonious hypocrites of the nation's left to smear themselves with the filth of their own bombs, a tactic that requires giving them every bit of publicity they deserve. For example:

. . . Every time a former Democratic president who markets himself as a peacemaking centrist equates honest, concerned Americans who peacefully protest Washington's madness with a terrorist who bombed a federal building, murdering hundreds, including children attending a child care center.

. . . Every time pride-puffed hypocrites employed by the likes of the NY Times and MSNBC spew slurs of racism against white Americans (especially white male Americans, whom they slime with a particularly fetid muck) or heap garbage on the heads of non-whites who, horror of horrors, believe in the wisdom of conservative principles.

. . . Every time a Catholic cardinal who purports to place truth and decency above all else viciously denounces good, honest citizens who simply want secure borders, a secure nation, and sensible immigration/citizenship policies by claiming they support "German Nazi and Russian Communist techniques."

. . . Every time a former head of Obama's beloved ACORN proclaims, "Any of these groups that says, 'I'm young, I'm Democratic, and I'm a socialist,' is okay with me," right before she obscenely insults the Tea Party as "a bowel movement."

Finally, and most important, there is this job which is absolutely essential to the task at hand:

We must be graciously relentless in reminding our fellow citizens that no matter how much they inform themselves, they have no hope of thoroughly washing liberals out of power unless they vote and vote and vote for creative, innovative, forward-looking, Jeffersonian government in election after election after election; for only through a sustained rebellion at the ballot box will liberals (as well as big-money-first Republicans) be forced to understand that We the People despise the aristocratic model of governance in every one of its reeking, dirty-mouthed incarnations.

© A.J. DiCintio


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A.J. DiCintio

A.J. DiCintio posts regularly at RenewAmerica and YourNews.com. He first exercised his polemical skills arguing with friends on the street corners of the working class neighborhood where he grew up. Retired from teaching, he now applies those skills, somewhat honed and polished by experience, to social/political affairs.


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