A.J. DiCintio
Blowing up a pornographic boycott
By A.J. DiCintio
May 27, 2010

Let it work;
For 'tis the sport to have the enginer
Hoist with his own petard. . .
[Therefore] I will delve one yard below their mines
And blow them [to] the moon.
— Hamlet

In June of '64, liberals could have learned a number of important lessons when Justice Potter Stewart, eschewing any further attempts to define hard-core pornography, wrote simply, "I know it when I see it," a statement with which the great majority of the public still concurs regarding many aspects of human behavior.

However, as expected from true-believing ideologues, liberals didn't learn anything.

That's why the nation's self-proclaimed intellectual giants have remained oblivious of the consequences wrought by their vile, pornographic language, which common sense people know when they see or hear it, whether it is "Gestapo tactics" spewed by Senator Abraham Ribicoff at the Democratic Convention of '68 or one of the million "racists" his modern day descendants have spit since the day Obama took office.

It is no surprise, then, that liberals are responding to Arizona's recently passed "illegal alien" law in the same manner they attack every rational, common sense proposal aimed at solving the border/immigration problem: that is, by bombarding the statute and its supporters (who happen to be a landslide majority of the American public) with pornographic condemnations that charge racism.

But as the stunningly corrupt Obamacare process revealed, once arrogant liberals have become maniacally pride bloated since the moment in '08 when they came to believe the second (greatly improved) coming of "The Revolution" is at hand, a reality that explains why in the Arizona case, they have reinforced their hard-core language with calls for a boycott.

Now, boycotts must never be entered into lightly; for while they represent a welcomed sublimation of the human urge to wage war, they nevertheless inflict suffering upon the "enemy," a fact understood by any person willing to consider the nagging pain a boycott inflicts on a family battered by lessened income or the excruciating suffering it visits upon one whose income has been reduced to zero.

However, liberals find it impossible to consider both facts and principles before they boycott Arizona because of their Boss Tweed/Marxist attitude toward border/immigration issues, which results from their looking upon illegal aliens as a highly useful segment of the proletariat — a behavior, by the way, that puts these self-anointed defenders of working men and women in bed with the kind of employers who would pimp out their mothers if they have the faintest hint that doing so will fatten the Bottom Line.

Moreover, liberals are aware that despite representing only 20% of the public, they have a long history of dramatically shaping our culture — think only of the amount of extremist, federalism-destroying law and puritanical ideological purity imposed upon the nation by high-seated liberal activist Supreme Court justices, high-booted capos of the Liberal PC Police, and high-horsed buffoons of the nation's liberal celebrity culture.

Therefore, they believe they can boycott Arizona with impunity.

But this is not '64, '68, or even '08.

It is 2010, a time when We the People can finally discover something useful in Marx's "Manifesto," if we tweak its opening words as follows:

A spectre is haunting business-as-usual America — the spectre of We the People. All the powers of the Old Order have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise this spectre: Political Bosses and Tsars of Big Business, Brian Williams and Brian Hollywood, Radical Liberals and spies recruited from the nation's Wizard of Oz intellectual elite.

Yes, with the Tea Party movement energizing ordinary Americans who believe, ultimately, not in political parties but in the principles espoused by Democrat Jefferson (Jeffersonian Democracy) and Republican Lincoln (government of, by, and for the people), the stage is set for the formerly silent majority to take up arms against a little gang of bullies and blow up their boycott.

In fact, brothers and sisters in The Grand Canyon State have already joined the battle, as evidenced by reports that many of them have canceled vacations to Arizona-boycotting San Diego, a city visited by two million Arizonans each year.

And we are obligated to give them our help; for Sarah Palin hit the bull's eye dead-on when she observed, "We're all Arizonans now."

So, imagine what could happen if conservative organizations and talk show hosts alone would vigorously publicize the email address of every Los Angeles, Austin, Boston, and San Francisco, as well as every state, municipality, country, or company that may later join the boycott — and then encourage their audiences to return the boycott favor.

Imagine what will happen if 10 or even 20 million Americans sacrifice the few seconds it takes to let the boycotters know they are now the boycotted.

But why simply imagine?

The prince who knew rotten when he saw it would advise us to "let it work" by delving one yard below liberal mines to send liberals flying to the moon on the blast of their own stinking bombs.

As intelligent as the he was, however, there was too much in him of fiery, immobilizing anger that led to periodic bursts of hurtful recklessness.

Therefore, let us not act principally to delight in seeing liberals hoisted with their own petard — though Hamlet was correct to say we are entitled to derive a certain amount of "sport" from such ironic justice — but to behave as true, brave, honest friends, both to our embattled neighbors in Arizona and to our nation, which is desperately in need of our example.

Author's Note:

If you are willing to do your part to let the hoisting begin and thereby blow up a pornographic boycott, you will find the following information useful:

San Diego, CA:
Council President Ben Hueso

San Francisco, CA:

Boston, MA:

Austin, TX:

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A.J. DiCintio

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