Linda Goudsmit
And the Hypocrite Award goes to George and Amal Clooney!
By Linda Goudsmit
July 10, 2017

The do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do Leftist glitterati have a new poster boy – George Clooney. This open-borders hypocrite has determined that the flood of Islamic immigrants destabilizing and destroying Europe is not for his family – just for yours.

George Hypocrite Clooney just got a taste of the real world when he stepped out of the Hollywood bubble of subjective reality and entered the real world of objective reality where his English estate is no longer secure. Clooney experienced the culture shock of objective reality when he confronted the fact that importing masses of Muslims with hostile cultural norms destabilizes and destroys the safety of the host country.

The fiction that the Muslim immigrant population seeks refuge and assimilation is vehemently defended by the Leftist lackeys. Clooney viciously criticized President Trump calling him a "xenophobic fascist" because the President insists that open-borders are an existential threat to America and that building a wall helps protect America. Yet Hypocrite Clooney will be running back to the sanctuary of President Trump's America to find shelter behind the walls of his gated guarded California mansion and safety to espouse his do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do Leftist narrative.

California, the land of subjective reality, will welcome their Hypocrite Hero and ignore the factual reason he left besieged England. In the next few days we will be treated to the twisting and torquing of the facts of Clooney's departure surely to be reported ad nauseum by the left-wing liberal mainstream media instead of the success of Trump's European trip.

The stunning hypocrisy of the Hollywood glitterati is rivaled only by the stunning hypocrisy of the left-wing liberal politicians and pundits. They fly their private jets while lecturing the public on reducing the carbon footprint. They proselytize gun control while surrounding themselves with armed guards who protect them. They make impassioned speeches about social justice and socialism while enriching themselves at public expense. They mock President Donald Trump who built and rebuilt crumbling buildings to restore American cities with jobs. What did Bernie Sanders, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Hillary produce that earned them the obscene wealth they accrued while in office? They sold their influence through foundations, libraries, speeches, and questionable campaign practices that hypocritically enriched themselves and threatened America.

For two generations corrupt politicians, colluding media moguls and pundits, anti-American leftist voices in education, hypocritical Hollywood and television glitterati have successfully stamped out American critical thinking skills and produced a regressed mesmerized audience. News – even fake news – is geared toward a 5th grade level.

Critical thinking – the ability to examine facts – is essential for American democracy where the merits of ideas are debated in a protected forum of freedom of speech. A mesmerized regressed audience is exactly what radical socialist Hillary Clinton meant when she said they (Democrats) need an "unaware and compliant public." Unaware and compliant are the conditions of childhood. Only a child believes everything he/she hears. Adults can distinguish between facts and fiction IF they question what they hear.

It is time for Americans to grow up and utilize their dormant adult critical thinking skills to examine the staggering hypocrisy of the Left and what they are promising. Americans who think that open-borders and socialism will provide the social justice and equality they are seeking will eventually realize like George Hypocrite Clooney did that the subjective reality of fiction is not the objective reality of facts. The safety and freedom of America will be surrendered by the Left in the exact same way that the safety and freedom of Europe has been surrendered by their Leftist leaders.

The safety and freedom of America can only be protected in the real world of objective reality offered by President Donald Trump. George Clooney is not staying in Europe. George Clooney is coming home to the safety of President Donald Trump's America.

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Linda Goudsmit

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