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CHAPTER 20: In their own words: The sexual revolution begins in Kindergarten
Space Is No Longer the Final Frontier—Reality Is (Forthcoming release July 2024)
By Linda Goudsmit
May 27, 2024

Globalism is a replacement ideology that seeks to reorder the world into one singular, planetary Unistate, ruled by the globalist elite. The globalist war on nation-states cannot succeed without collapsing the United States of America. The long-term strategic attack plan moves America incrementally from constitutional republic to socialism to globalism to feudalism. The tactical attack plan uses asymmetric psychological and informational warfare to destabilize Americans and drive society out of objective reality into the madness of subjective reality. America's children are the primary target of the globalist predators.

Planned Parenthood[1] is the instrument of "transformative sexual change" in the United States. Marketed as scientificand evidence-based, transformative sexual change advocates changing restrictive laws that hinder the exercise of reproductive rights, and transforming social norms that perpetuate prejudices on reproductive rights. Over 40 percent of the organization's revenue comes from your tax dollars in the form of government reimbursements and grants. Planned Parenthood (PP) is a political organization that disguises its political agenda as health education. My last book, The Collapsing American Family: From Bonding to Bondage (Chapter 10, "The Scheme and the Schemers Determined to Reeducate America"), exposes Planned Parenthood's infiltration of the classroom, and its catastrophic Marxist agenda.

In an August 20, 2020, Daily Signal article, "Problematic Women: Planned Parenthood Ideology 'Killing the Family,' Ex-Volunteer Says,"[2] Monica Cline, former volunteer and "comprehensive sex educator" at Planned Parenthood, is quoted. She explains how children were being pressured and deliberately sexualized in school because no adult was offering them the alternative of abstinence.

At one point she asks a group of thirteen- and fourteen-year-olds, "Guys, do you realize you don't have to have sex? You don't have to have oral sex, vaginal sex, or anal sex. And if you don't, you never have to come in contact with someone else's body fluids." A little girl raised her hand and said, "Ma'am, no one has ever told us that." That was the turning point for Monica Cline. She finally and fully understood:

    There is a "huge movement to normalize childhood sex." The sex education program of Planned Parenthood is "encouraging children to dehumanize themselves and each other, making them sexually active at a young age, normalizing every sexual behavior.... By doing that those children become dependent on getting condoms and contraceptives and getting treated, and yes, even getting abortions. And so, once that dependency occurs, and the parent who is purposely left out of the picture, there's no one else who's really guiding those children.... They empathize with them and say, "Oh, yeah. Your mom and dad would probably be really mad to know you are sexually active. But we know it is perfectly normal, and we're here to help you". ... It sounds so positive. But what they are really doing is creating a barrier between a family and their child, the guidance of a parent.

Cline explains that parents have absolutely no input or control over the sex ed content. PP and other comprehensive sex education organizations consider parents a barrier to services. The goal is to mandate their sex education, which is really an ideology, and change the sexual attitudes of our entire nation by influencing our children. PP volunteers are not supposed to be in schools unless invited, but volunteers are sneaked into schools by sympathetic teachers and administrators. Cline describes the radical sexual ideology being taught by teachers and supported by school administrators and local school boards entrusted with educating America's children:

    They believe that children are sexual from birth. And they use a little bit of truth, and then distort it completely. And just because we're born with sexual parts doesn't mean that we should be sexually active.

    According to Planned Parenthood and "The Future of Sex Education,"[3] (an initiative based on the National Sex Education Standards (Second Edition),[4]) they believe in the sexual rights of children. They do believe that children at any age, even infancy, have the right to sexual pleasure. You can read that in their own mission statements. You can go to their websites and learn that. They're not hiding it anymore. And they believe it's normal, and so they're really trying to change the sexual attitudes of a whole nation and across the globe that this is true.

    And so, you're going to see that they are now creating programs for parents, to start convincing parents that their children are sexual beings, and that they should be able to learn about their bodies and pleasure themselves, or with other children.... They use a lot of Alfred Kinsey's research, which is incredibly unethical and should have been illegal. But yet, Alfred Kinsey has influenced public health education and has influenced our laws in this nation as well.... Kinsey, they consider him a hero because he loosened the belt of people, of sexual repression, and gave people the spectrum of being from homosexual to straight and everything in between.

    And now they are using that same "spectrum" for gender identity as well. So, I think parents need to be very concerned, because even if the curriculum is not in your school, I get phone calls from parents all over the country that progressive teachers are teaching their children this in class, even if it is history, or whatever it may be....

    A big piece of this, which for some people, it's something I think is hard for them to understand, is that there is a huge movement through socialism that really wants to do away with the nuclear family. They want to do away with anything that is of [one's own], whether it's private property, or private family.

    And so, they believe that children do not necessarily belong to their parents, but that they can educate the children in the way that they want them to go. And sex education is a big piece of that, because when you teach children to dehumanize themselves, to take intimacy and family and marriage out of sex, even to the point of killing your own children through abortion, you are essentially killing the family. You're destroying the family.

    And of all the tactics they are using—you can read any curriculum—not only is it going to be graphic, but they will not ever guide a child to talk to their own parent ever. You won't hear a word about the parent. A parent is completely eliminated from this education.

    They want the children dependent on the government, or on public health, whatever it may be, but they do not want the children to be depending on the parent anymore. And so, all of this really is to break down the family. And they're essentially...we're watching it happen...they basically have been given words in school. And they go home and tell their parents, "You're just old fashioned, or you are worshipping a god of hate, or you're very conservative. You don't understand the culture."

    And these kids are learning all this at school.

The primary source of school sexuality education is the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS). The organization was founded in 1964 by Dr. Mary Calderone, then medical director of Planned Parenthood, to be the national resource for teaching sex education in public schools. In 2019 the organization changed its name from the Sex Information and Education Council of the United States, to the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States, to reflect its expanded perspective.

Wikipedia reports[5] that SIECUS disseminates the SIECUS State Profiles, which monitor sex education in all fifty states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the other U.S. territories. Each profile includes an overview of current sex education laws, policies, and guidelines, newly introduced legislation, and relevant action that advocates have taken to advance or defend sex education in their communities. SIECUS funds and manages The Future of Sex Education (FoSE) project, which promotes institutionalizing Comprehensive Sexuality Education in public schools. (Comprehensive Sexuality Education is discussed at length in Chapter 19.)

In 2019, the organization officially rebranded itself and added a tagline to its name, SIECUS: Sex Ed for Social Change,[6] acknowledging that it is no longer a single-issue organization. That same year, it launched the Sex Education Policy Action Council (SEPAC),[7] a movement to have Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE)become compulsory in all fifty states. SEPAC began with twenty-four participating states: Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, and Wyoming. SEPAC lists Planned Parenthood as an active member in almost all states listed.

SIECUS: Sex Ed for Social Change is part of the international consortium of organizations fomenting seismic social change across the globe. SEICUS is working to fundamentally transform America. How can sexuality education fundamentally transform a society?

James Lindsay provides an extraordinary explanation in his series of podcasts on "groomer schools." The first podcast, "Groomer Schools 1: The Long Cultural Marxist History of Sex Education," The New Discourses Podcast with James Lindsay, Episode 54,[8] which aired on November 21, 2021, is introduced with the following:

    Through brand names like "comprehensive sex education" and one of its parent programs, "Social Emotional Learning (SEL)," our government schools have been turned into Groomer Schools, and parents are beginning to notice. What many will not understand, however, is that this isn't just a fluke of our weird and increasingly degenerate times. It is, in fact, a long-purposed Marxist project reaching back into the early 20th century. In this episode of The New Discourses Podcast, join James Lindsay as he explains the long history of the sexual grooming that has come into our schools through Critical Gender Theory and queer theory as they have crept into educational programs. If you want an explanation for how sexually explicit materials, gender ideology, pornography, and strippers have made their way into our government schools, including for young children, this is a must-hear.

One of Lindsay's most profound and shocking insights is that sexualization of children through critical theories of identity is purposely designed to dismantle the innocence of children. Critical theorists see the innocence of children as a fundamental problem that must be overcome in order to achieve their dreams of sexual liberation, gender liberation, and racial liberation. The woke consider children's innocence evidence of a hegemonic narrative that maintains the existing social order and relations of society. Their innocence must be destroyed in order to achieve revolution. The woke intentionally destabilize children as early as possible for maximum political gain. It is horrifying.

Being sexualized is extremely damaging to children, and queer activism attacks a child's most primary identity—his or her sexual identity. Yet queer activists see themselves as righteous. Lindsay explains the definition of queer theory as an identity without essence. This is an extremely important consideration, because the objective is beyond destroying a child's sexual identity; the goal is to literally dissolve self.

Queer theory is by far the most regressive sociopolitical construct imaginable. It advocates the boundaryless existence of infancy as liberation while ignoring the powerlessness and total dependence of infancy. Infantile bliss is appropriate in infancy because the ability to reality-test does not exist in newborns. In adulthood, the inability to reality-test—to perceive reality or experience self, or both—is insanity.

Civilized and sane people have a great deal of difficulty wrapping their minds around such malevolence. Yet in the Orwellian madness of Marxist subjective reality, the justification for the assault on children is that children are being rescued from current capitalist hegemonic normativity. In the perverse spirit of globalism's build back better, the woke are unapologetically destroying children's sexual identities to groom them to become angry Marxist radicals who will destroy capitalist society and its hegemonic normativity.

Identity is the universal conundrum of the human experience. We want to know who we are, where we came from, and if our lives have meaning. So, who are we?

We begin with our most basic identity. "It's a boy!" "It's a girl!" After sexual identity comes family identity, national identity, religious identity, educational identity, professional identity, and so on. Our various identities add up to give us one distinguishing identity.

We have identification cards that verify our identity—passports, driver's licenses, diplomas, marriage certificates, etc. We verify our identity because we value our identity personally, and because ordered liberty requires verification that we are who we say we are. We trust that a board-certified surgeon is operating on us. We trust that a licensed pilot is flying our plane. We trust that teachers are teaching our children fundamental skills of reading, writing, arithmetic, and basic knowledge.

Identity is an integral part of the universal human experience because it defines and identifies reality. We either are, or we are not, who we say we are. In politics and international affairs, identity has both domestic and international implications. National identity is predicated on both family identity and individual identity.

Without an identity, children become depressed, anxious, politically malleable, and groomable. Groomer schools are designed to dismantle children's family identity, individual identity, and sexual identity. Because the earlier that grooming begins, the more effective it is, children in kindergarten are targeted for psychological destruction and build back better educational reprogramming.

The compulsory sex education that George Lukács brought to Hungary is parallel to the Comprehensive Sexuality Education disseminated throughout the United Nations institutions and taught in American schools, public and private, under the umbrella of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), specifically the Marxist version of SEL, transformative SEL.

SEL is an educational method marketed to the public as fostering social and emotional skills within school curricula. It is designed to have the same emphasis as classical subjects such as math, science, and reading. It is important to understand that SEL is not equivalent to what was once called good citizenship in school, defined as cooperative, respectful, courteous behavior. SEL is ideologically driven, and it focuses on feelings.

The program began in the 1960s as an effort to address the poor academic report cards of low-income African American communities in New Haven, Connecticut. Its approach supported a whole child perspective that focused on the social and emotional needs of the children. Over the years the program developed SEL strategies across K–12 classrooms, and its framework was adopted by the New Haven public schools. In 1994, the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) was founded and three years later published its training manual, Promoting Social and Emotional Learning: Guidelines for Educators, which formally defined the field of SEL. The concentric circular framework for applying SEL strategies is called the CASEL wheel.

The CASEL[9] website describes its continued advocacy for expanded systemic implementation of its program through federal policy in the U.S. that supports state-wide and district-wide implementation of social and emotional learning in K–12 schools. CASEL also seeks to expand SEL in support of workforce preparation and career readiness. The website drop-down menu Systemic Implementation[10] directs users to an overview that explains the approach:

    A systemic approach ensures that SEL is woven into all students' educational experiences. More than a single lesson or activity, SEL is integrated across key settings where students live and learn: classrooms, schools, homes, and communities. It also aligns school district and state policies, resources, and actions to support SEL. Federal policies play a role in creating ripe conditions for supportive environments and rich learning experiences.

The "whole child" approach of Social and Emotional Learning expanded again in 2019 to become Transformative Social and Emotional Learning(TSEL)[11] to "critically examine root causes of inequity, and to develop collaborative solutions that lead to personal, community, and social well-being." You will notice the similarity in the language of transformation that describes TSEL, Marxist critical (criticizing) theories, Obama's promise to "fundamentally transform America," and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Goals. TSEL is the parent program of Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE).

CSE is designed to destabilize existing morality, destroy childhood innocence, collapse sexual identity, and tear down the existing culture in the classroom, away from parental oversight. Children are assaulted with graphic sexual literature, including scenes depicting oral sex, anal sex, same-sex sex, and adult-child sex. Monogamous sex is mocked and promiscuous sex promoted as freedom and liberation. It is sexual and psychological grooming to bring about societal destruction. That is what transformative education means to the Marxist ideologues in charge of curriculum content. Let's take a look.

Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) is the most publicized demonstration of queer theory being foisted on children in schools, public libraries, and bookstores across America. DQSH is the creation of San Francisco author and queer activist Michelle Tea. Started in 2015, it is geared toward children ages three to eleven and is disingenuously marketed as promoting reading and diversity. Drag queens, men dressed as glamorous, sexualized women, read children's books featuring LGBTQ characters and themes to the children, and engage in other "learning activities" including nightlife events and sing-alongs.

Wikipedia[12] reports:

    As of February 2020, there are 50+ official chapters of DSH [DQSH], spread internationally, as well as other drag artists holding reading events at libraries, schools, bookstores, and museums. In October 2022, the nonprofit organization officially changed its name to Drag Story Hour, to be more inclusive and "reflect the diverse cast of storytellers."

From the Drag Story Hour[13] website:

    What Is Drag Story Hour?

    It's just what it sounds like! Storytellers using the art of drag to read books to kids in libraries, schools, and bookstores.

    DSH captures the imagination and play of the gender fluidity of childhood and gives kids glamorous, positive, and unabashedly queer role models.

    In spaces like this, kids are able to see people who defy rigid gender restrictions and imagine a world where everyone can be their authentic selves!

Clemson University,[14] a public university in South Carolina self-described as a place where purpose-driven students, faculty, and staff collaborate on projects that impact our state, country and world, promoted its Drag Storytime with the following invitation:

    Beginning with author and activist Michelle Tea in 2015, Drag Storytime aims to "inspire a love of reading, while teaching deeper lessons on diversity, self-love, and an appreciation of others." Gather your friends and family and join us for Clemson's first Drag Storytime picture book reading! Saturday, April 17, 2021 at 1:00p to 2:00p.

Clemson's invitation reveals both the bait, the love of reading, and also the switch, the sexual politics embedded in DQSH. Investigative journalist Christopher F. Rufo's Autumn 2022 City Journal article, "The Real Story Behind Drag Queen Story Hour,"[15] explains:

    Families with children find themselves caught in the middle. Drag Queen Story Hour pitches itself as a family-friendly event to promote reading, tolerance, and inclusion. "In spaces like this," the organization's website reads, "kids are able to see people who defy rigid gender restrictions and imagine a world where everyone can be their authentic selves." But many parents, even if reluctant to say it publicly, have an instinctual distrust of adult men in women's clothing dancing and exploring sexual themes with their children.

    These concerns are justified. But to mount an effective opposition, one must first understand the sexual politics behind the glitter, sequins, and heels. This requires a working knowledge of an extensive history, from the origin of the first "queen of drag" in the late nineteenth century to the development of academic queer theory, which provides the intellectual foundation for the modern drag-for-kids movement.

    The drag queen might appear as a comic figure, but he carries an utterly serious message: the deconstruction of sex, the reconstruction of child sexuality, and the subversion of middle-class family life. The ideology that drives this movement was born in the sex dungeons of San Francisco and incubated in the academy. It is now being transmitted, with official state support, in a number of public libraries and schools across the United States. By excavating the foundations of this ideology and sifting through the literature of its activists, parents and citizens can finally understand the new sexual politics and formulate a strategy for resisting it.

Rufo's article provides a valuable history of queer theory and its stated objective: to destroy that which exists in order to build back better. He begins with lesbian writer and activist Gayle S. Rubin, who launched the academic discipline of queer theory with her 1984 seminal essay, "Thinking Sex: Notes for a Radical Theory of the Politics of Sexuality."[16] In the paper, Rubin compliments Alfred Kinsey's "positive concept of sexual variation," saying, "his scientific detachment gave his work refreshing neutrality." (Kinsey's work is discussed in Chapter 17.)

Rufo quotes Rubin:

    "Modern Western societies appraise sex acts according to a hierarchical system of sexual value," Rubin wrote. "Marital, reproductive heterosexuals are alone at the top erotic pyramid. Clamouring below are unmarried monogamous heterosexuals in couples, followed by most other heterosexuals.... Stable, long-term lesbian and gay male couples are verging on respectability, but bar dykes and promiscuous gay men are hovering just above the groups at the very bottom of the pyramid. The most despised sexual castes currently include transsexuals, transvestites, fetishists, sadomasochists, sex workers such as prostitutes and porn models, and the lowliest of all, those whose eroticism transgresses generational boundaries". ...

    For Rubin and later queer theorists, sex and gender were infinitely malleable. There was nothing permanent about human sexuality, which was, after all, "political." Through a revolution of values, they believed, the sexual hierarchy could be torn down and rebuilt in their image....

    "There [are] historical periods in which sexuality is more sharply contested and more overtly politicized," Rubin wrote. "In such periods, the domain of erotic life is, in effect, renegotiated." And, following the practice of any good negotiator, they laid out their theory of the case and their maximum demands. As Rubin explained: "A radical theory of sex must identify, describe, explain, and denounce erotic injustice and sexual oppression. Such a theory needs refined conceptual tools which can grasp the subject and hold it in view. It must build rich descriptions of sexuality as it exists in society and history. It requires a convincing critical language that can convey the barbarity of sexual persecution." Once the ground is softened and the conventions are demystified, the sexual revolutionaries could do the work of rehabilitating the figures at the bottom of the hierarchy––"transsexuals, transvestites, fetishists, sadomasochists, sex workers."

    Where does this process end? At its logical conclusion: the abolition of restrictions on the behavior at the bottom end of the moral spectrum—pedophilia. Though she uses euphemisms such as "boylovers" and "men who love underaged youth," Rubin makes her case clearly and emphatically. In long passages throughout "Thinking Sex," Rubin denounces fears of child sex abuse as "erotic hysteria," rails against anti–child pornography laws, and argues for legalizing and normalizing the behavior of "those whose eroticism transgresses generational boundaries." These men are not deviants, but victims, in Rubin's telling.

Rubin's prism is thoroughly Marxist. She perceives a Marxist oppressor/oppressed infrastructure of capitalism as the hidden politics of modern sexuality, and insists that both must be destroyed in order to fundamentally transform society. From the conclusion of "Thinking Sex:"

    Like gender, sexuality is political. It is organized into systems of power, which reward and encourage some individuals and activities, while punishing and suppressing others. Like the capitalist organization of labour and its distribution of rewards and powers, the modern sexual system has been the object of political struggle since it emerged and as it has evolved. But if the disputes between labour and capital are mystified, sexual conflicts are completely camouflaged.

Rufo continues his history of queer theory with quotes from Rubin's collaborator, Pat Califia, a sexually confused individual born female in 1954 who became a lesbian until transitioning into a bisexual trans man. From Califia's essay "The Age of Consent: The Great Kiddy-Porn Panic of '77:"[17]

    American society had turned pedophiles into "the new communists, the new niggers, the new witches." For Califia, age-of-consent laws, religious sexual mores, and families who police the sexuality of their children represented a thousand-pound bulwark against sexual freedom.

Quoting from Califia's 1991 article, "Feminism, Pedophilia, and Children's Rights:"[18]

    "You can't liberate children and adolescents without disrupting the entire hierarchy of adult power and coercion and challenging the hegemony of antisex fundamentalist religious values."

Califia is a member of the third wave of feminism launched with Judith Butler's 1990 book, Gender Trouble: Feminism and the Subversion of Identity.[19] Gender Trouble presents Butler's theory of social change based on the concept of performativity. Performativity claims that gender identity results from enforcing a series of repetitions of verbal and nonverbal acts that generate the "illusion" of a coherent and intelligible gender expression and identity, which otherwise lack any essential property. Basically, Butler is saying that gender is a social construct derived completely from nurture, not nature. Performativity is the foundation for using DQSH and its related interactive drag events to collapse the "social construct" of gender.

Rufo's City Journal article beautifully summarizes Rubin and Califia's position, and how TSEL is being used to fundamentally transform America: "All of it––the family, the law, the religion, the culture—was a vector of oppression, and all of it had to go."

Rufo continues his analysis with references to college professor and drag queen performer Harris Kornstein (aka Lil Miss Hot Mess) and queer theorist Harper Keenan. Kornstein and coauthor Keenan published drag pedagogy's manifesto, "Drag Pedagogy: The Playful Practice of Queer Imagination in Early Childhood."[20] Its goal was the application of queer theory to the education system. Rufo continues:

    "The professional vision of educators is often shaped to reproduce the state's normative vision of its ideal citizenry. In effect, schooling functions as a way to straighten the child into a kind of captive alignment with the current parameters of that vision," Kornstein and Keenan write. "To state it plainly, within the historical context of the USA and Western Europe, the institutional management of gender has been used as a way of maintaining racist and capitalist modes of (re)production."

    To disrupt this dynamic, the authors propose a new teaching method, "drag pedagogy," as a way of stimulating the "queer imagination," teaching kids "how to live queerly," and "bringing queer ways of knowing and being into the education of young children." As Kornstein and Keenan explain, this is an intellectual and political project that requires drag queens and activists to work toward undermining traditional notions of sexuality, replacing the biological family with the ideological family, and arousing transgressive sexual desires [those violating socially accepted standards of behavior] in young children. "Building in part from queer theory and trans studies, queer and trans pedagogies seek to actively destabilize the normative function of schooling through transformative education," they write. "This is a fundamentally different orientation than movements towards the inclusion or assimilation of LGBT people into the existing structures of school and society."

Queer theory presents the sexualization of children as a human rights issue—specifically children's human rights. The delivery system is Comprehensive Sexuality Education under the umbrella of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), specifically transformative SEL, the Marxist version of SEL. Drag Story Hour is Marxist transformative SEL that exploits word obfuscation and deconstruction to advance queer theory in public/private American schools, libraries, and bookstores. It is George Lukács's dream come true in America.

In conclusion, Rufo provides multiple examples of the spread of drag events across America and issues a warning to parents never to forget the purpose of DQSH:

    As the movement behind drag shows for children has gained notoriety and expanded its reach, some drag performers have let the mask slip: in Minneapolis, a drag queen in heels and a pink miniskirt spread his legs open in front of children; in Portland, a large male transvestite allowed toddlers to climb on top of him, grab at his fake breasts, and press themselves against his body; and in England, a drag queen taught a group of preschoolers how to perform a sexually suggestive dance.

    Scenes from drag events hosted across the United States in bars, clubs, and outdoor festivals have been even more shocking and disturbing: in Miami, a man with enormous fake breasts and dollar bills stuffed into his G-string grabs the hand of a preschool-aged girl and struts her in front of the crowd; in Washington, D.C., a drag queen wearing leather and chains teaches a young child how to dance for cash tips; in Dallas, hulking male figures with makeup smeared across their faces strip down to undergarments, simulate a female orgasm, and perform lap dances on members of a roaring audience of adults and children.

    Advocates of Drag Queen Story Hour might reply that these are outlier cases and that many of the child-oriented events feature drag queens reading books and talking about gender, not engaging in sexualized performances. But the spirit of drag is predicated on the transgressive sexual element and the ideology of queer theory, which cannot be erased by switching the context and softening the language. The philosophical and political project of queer theory has always been to dethrone traditional heterosexual culture and elevate what Rubin called the "sexual caste" at the bottom of the hierarchy: the transsexual, the transvestite, the fetishist, the sadomasochist, the prostitute, the porn star, and the pedophile. Drag Queen Story Hour can attempt to sanitize the routines and run criminal background checks on its performers, but the subculture of queer theory will always attract men who want to follow the ideology to its conclusions.

Parents must understand that the attacks on their children's sexual, individual, family, and national identities are weapons of war disguised as whole childeducation. The sexual revolution that begins in kindergarten can be defeated only by parents, grandparents, and other concerned citizens who understand the weaponization of education and oppose its sinister ideological and tactical purpose of whole child destruction. We the People must stand up to defy whole child education and prevent whole child destruction by protecting children's innocence.

Our defiance is rooted in education. We fight fire with fire—we protect our children with lessons about secrets. We teach our children that secrets are danger signals. If anyone tells them don't tell your parents, it is the signal that they will be hurt. Children must be taught to tell their parents the secret. Just like a red light means STOP and a green light means GO, being asked to keep a secret means TELL.



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